The Daily Climb-Sunday, Dec. 25th, 2011

Sunday, Dec. 25th, 2011 – Little kids, fighting in the sandbox. The European situation is becoming pathetic. The rhetoric going back and forth isn’t addressing the problem. It’s like arguing over the best stateroom on the Titanic.

Last week, I wondered how many more forks could be stuck in the Euro, before it croaked over. At this point, I don’t know what’s holding it up. The stories about secret or not so secret plans to return to national currencies don’t inspire confidence.


It is sad and tragic. It does happen. I remember missing seeing someone in a day shelter, and asking about him. He usually brought a newspaper with him, and I had become accustomed to the regular routine of trading conversation back and forth, while we traded sections of the paper. After that second morning, the news reached us that he had passed away. At least he had a room, and was indoors. It’s winter, and I’m thinking of my friends, who are sleeping outdoors, in Colorado


I  too, have a strong preference for several blogs. In total, I’m probably following 130 blogs. They all give me a ground level account of places I’ve never been. Since I write primarily about the dark side of human nature, some of my friends call me The Doomsday Preacher. I never expect to be nominated for any awards. I don’t write entertainment. The fact is, without the blogs I follow, it would be very difficult to write anything, without plowing the same old ground.


Thank God for the homeless shelters, food banks and outreach programs. Without them, life would be miserable. I’m thinking of my friends who are probably sleeping outdoors, tonight.


The best I can say is that this doesn’t come as a surprise. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. Not only is China’s export market declining, but manufacturing decline now feeds into the decline of the domestic market. It’s a vicious circle. The global economy is based on another vicious circle, the fiat currency debt system. Where does it come out? History says it never comes out, as good as it used to be.


It’s so simple, a caveman should be able to understand it. Substituting fiat currency for money is fraud. The problem is that everyone is involved in committing the same crime.


It’s not just for Zimbabwe, anymore. Deleting zeros won’t change anything. The new currency won’t have the purchasing power of the old currency. “New and improved?” I don’t think so.


That reminds me of the Rich Little “America is having a going out of business sale” Richard Nixon impression, in the 1970s.


If it’s any consolation, the debt situation in the United States isn’t any better. People just seem to ignore it here. It is very well disguised and hidden. People don’t recognize it, because the packaging looks the same, but their money doesn’t buy as much.


For whatever reason people fall into the snares that weaken them, they can’t free themselves without help. Dumping a man on the street, near a shelter, is a failure to complete their duty. I do realize that emergency services are not a taxi service for the homeless. If the hospital treated him, they have no justification in placing him in harm’s way.


This is reality, and there are no expectations that it will get better. There are 1.7 million homeless children, in the United States. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.


Aside from the characterizations of French and British authorities, the report does convey a distinct air of misrepresentation and suppression of the facts. There are so many valid studies finding the adverse effects of GM foods, that claims to the contrary should be easily refuted. The report is obviously a false instrument, filed with false intent. Whether they knew it or not, they were under oath. They can admit the falsehood, or answer to it, in Eternity.


This is what Color of Law produces. The militarization of law enforcement transforms peace officers into prison camp guards and eventually, executioners. This deputy allegedly made the jump directly to the end result. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


If people understood this, they would know that the end of consensus is genocide. Silence is consent. In the 20th century, silencing the voice of conscience meant killing 140 million people. The result of the consensus was the United Nations. Now, that central authority continues silencing the voice of conscience through it’s “aid” programs. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank spread debt slavery throughout the world, silencing dissent. The Hegelian Dialectic is the operative mechanism of corporate consolidation of the world. Mussolini’s word for Fascism was Corporatism. That term perfectly describes the Communitarian Third Way.


Any fallback position from a solution to the problem is failure. What is lost in the transition to national currencies is that there will be an intrinsic need to defend those national currencies. It could be no-holds-barred conflict in the global markets.


Protection of anything DHS wants to invade, is apparently a red flag.


Yes, the estimate is high. In 2012, the world may have trouble hanging on to the word, “growth”.


It is obvious that the War on Terror is really a war against U. S. citizens. The militarization and regimentation of this society has come to suppress dissent and recognizes no accountability to the people. We say “representation”. They hear “management”.


When the issue is economic recovery, the check is not in the mail. The check has never been in the mail. A lump of coal has more intrinsic value that a Federal Reserve note.


The crisis isn’t over, and it’s not going away. The efforts to hold the debt together with more debt, are doomed to failure. The question is whether or not the move to national currencies will involve defaults on Euro denominated debt.


We have to go back 3 or 4 generations to find words to describe the players in this crisis. They would have been called pikers and poltroons, back then. They make promises they can’t keep, with money they don’t have. One lies, and t5he rest swear to it. One transgression piles on top of another. The crushing weight of debt will collapse the paper empire.


We are seeing the corporate consolidation of the world. The compulsion toward world domination, in which the Federal corporation is a willing conspirator, will run it’s course. As it is written, destruction is coming.


It is a drop in the bucket. They are talking billions, when they need trillions. The easy loan terms only delay the collapse. It is only a matter of time before the next crisis brings the banks back to the present liquidity problem. It hasn’t gone away or been solved.


We can’t avoid hard questions, because the conflicts are always right in front of us. Wherever we turn, we have to address the questions. We can look at how societies have done in the past. One thing we do know. When these questions are decided on purely commercial terms, millions of people die to save the bottom line. Whether it be casualties in war, or genocide in internment camps, the corporate structure is a dead thing, with the priorities of a dead thing. It has no room for positive human attributes.


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