The Daily Climb-Monday, Dec. 26th, 2011

Monday, Dec. 26th, 2011 – Watching the global debt crisis is a lot like watching the presidential campaign debates. It isn’t that the personalities are all that important. Because I’m fascinated with history and human nature, I pay attention to it. I understand that in every statement and action, it is commercial identity that is speaking. With that understanding, I don’t get caught up in the intrigue of personality clashes. I understand that the circumstances on display are bigger than the people involved in them. I understand that the Corporatist position holds them replaceable, expendable and disposable. People can go from being a central figure to a “used to be”, very quickly.  This week should define where events go, next. We know that everything on the table is too little, too late. It couldn’t be any other way. Debt feeds on real wealth. It isn’t satisfied with more debt. Think of all of those pieces of paper as cockroaches or termites. More of them doesn’t increase the food supply. The food supply is you and everything you possess.


Now, that is a young lady who put her mind, back and hands into a solution. I like things that work,. We have to survive, to have hope.

Phew !!!! I thank God you came along! Most people don’t care enough to even check on someone in that position. Death and mourning are high on the list of causes of depression. In his case, circumstances emotionally beat him to a pulp. A few days ago, I wrote in another comment, may we be the help that God sends, when people cry out for help. I know what it is, to live in the streets.

Quantifying the content of the articles is brilliant. Most of the time, I just look at who is being quoted, and their position / status. I have never kept count. You developed very revealing statistics.

At some point in life, everyone has been in a game of Monopoly in which one of the players wants to change a rule, in the middle of the game. What follows is dissension, followed by accusation and recrimination, followed by the breakup of the game. This is the pattern of the Euro collapse. We should take notes. The USD can’t be far behind.

One of  the refinements to come out of the World Wars was the technology of espionage and surveillance. We see it applied against civilians, today. Government now has the weapons that tyrants dream of.

The “safety net” is an expansion of the 14th Amendment debt slavery system. We now have a culture of dependency, too fearful to leave the Federal Debt Plantation.

Prohibited Material + Captive Audience = Instant Market.

I’ve been following stories of unexplained mass deaths of animals for a long time. This seems to be an unusual episode of toxic contamination or an unknown pathogen. The question is, will the cause be publicly identified with anything close to the truth?  This blog has a large archive of such posts. I also read several posts about contagious disease outbreaks on this site. The posts I read go back a long ways. The world is poisoned. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago.

The repercussions are happening. They just aren’t bureaucratic and judicial. Europe is in a world of hurt, of their own making. Sow in debt, reap poverty. The USD is following right along. This blog has a large archive of such posts. I also read several posts about contagious disease outbreaks on this site. The posts I read go back a long ways, Arlene. The world is poisoned. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago.

There are a lot of good things learned in humility. Nothing is ever a total loss. No human being is worthless. I could have frozen to death in 1982. I’m just happy to be alive. If I had died back then, the past 30 years would never have been for me.

It’s bad that we are poked, groped, scanned, prodded and watched by other people. It’s worse that there are going to be machines that do the same thing. I don’t believe this has anything to do with product sales. This is tracking technology, plain and simple.

A couple of years ago, I had a layover in a bus station for about 5 hours. I had nothing better to do, so I observed the conversation between a security guard and his supervisor. It was most revealing. The supervisor was fresh back from something like his 3rd tour in Iraq. He was explaining the differences between what could be done in Iraq, and what could be done in a civilian situation, in the United States. The interesting point was that it is the judgment of security on site, to determine the level of response, in a given situation. I wonder if they lapse into combat mode and forget where they are.

Scattered crisis are also scattering crisis. Economic collapse, civil disorder, shortages and government intrusion all produce displaced and disenfranchised people. I see 2012 becoming very nomadic.

Charlotte is such a great lady. I was on the board for many interviews on “Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Montieth”. I was on the board when she filled in for him, for a week.

The boom is going bust, all over the world. Now, it’s a question of who picks up the pieces.

I saw early stories about GM soybeans causing ulcers and tumors ib laboratory rats. I’ve always been looking for the study, confirming the reports.

This is fascinating history. We know that Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy, for his business relationship with Hitler, before and during WW II. Watch the videos.

What better way to highlight the expansion of the TSA VIPR program? Issuing a security alert terrorizes travelers, making them more compliant with the unlawful violations of civil rights. It illustrates my point. Only the Federal corporation and it’s agencies can legally own slaves.

We also know from other sources, that Leon Trotsky left NYC to return to Russia with $8 Million that he had raised while in New York. He was detained on board ship in Canada. President Woodrow Wilson personally intervened to accomplish his release. He returned to Russia with the finances for the Bolshevik Revolution. Corporatism is the inclusive “ism”.

Fiat currencies are fictions, created by the deceptive and dishonest hand of human nature. It is the foundation of the something for nothing mentality. It begins as nothing, and evaporates into nothing. It deceives the whole world.

Control and manipulation are seen in every area of commerce. Control of the necessities of life is a dangerous power. Water, food and shelter are the areas where we are seeing great and evil intrusions. Globalism has a plan for the future. That plan includes only 500 million people. Jacques Co0usteau knew there was a plan. At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero in 1993, he said, “For Earth to survive as a planet, 350,000 people must die each day, by whatever means necessary.”

I wrote about these commercial conflicts in the. intro for today’s “The Daily Climb”

We should never be surprised that banks and politicians never do as they say. It is the nature of the commercial environment.

Under normal circumstances, denial of the facts is simply delusion. When government tries to legislate the quirks of human nature, issues are raised that perpetuate in endless conflict. I like the Jack Nicholson line. Government should take it to heart. “Go sell crazy, someplace else. We’re all full up, here.”

That is the perplexing aspect of human nature. When we state the obvious, most people don’t want to hear it. If they hear it, they won’t receive it and act upon it. People are content to be sitting pigeons. No one can force a slave to be free. They just go looking for a new master, if their present situation falls apart.

The last century, and particularly the period following WW II, mirrors the decline and disintegration of the British Empire. That nonsense about “spheres of influence” that I was taught in high school is contradicted, ever day. No one talks peace, unless they are prepared to back it up with war.

War is a commercial action. It naturally follows that Advertising and Public Relations promote that action. There is nothing about defending any country or anyone’s freedom in war. It is corporate conquest, and nothing more. Bearing false witness about the nature and reasons for war brings it’s own condemnation.

If there was any doubt about the dysfunction of perception in this crisis, that has been dispelled by now. Clearly the world has been sent strong delusion. Fiat currency has drugged people into stupor.

This control issue has a long history. In 1979, the city of Cleveland, OH tried to pass an ordinance requiring fireproof or fire resistant furniture in all residences. Verification would require access and entry be granted to city inspectors. It would have been government sanctioned home invasion. People saw the invasion of privacy for what it was, and soundly rejected the measure.

We’re thinking in the same direction. I said the same thing in my intro for today’s “The Daily Climb”. This situation doesn’t have an upside.

The behavior in banking today reads like the ’20s and ’30s Gangster days. They should be called Banksters. They’re just working the old street cons, the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game.


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