The Daily Climb-Friday, Dec. 23rd, 2011

Friday, Dec. 23rd, 2011 – Here it is, the end of the week, and I feel that I’ve accomplished nothing. I know that’s not true, but this lingering debt crisis lets the air out of everything. Not being one to let those thoughts rule over me, I have to put the thing in perspective. I took the claims that have been made, and measured them by the actual results. That raises pertinent questions about the outlook for the future. Taking the statement that 2011 is 4 times worse than 2008, can we expect that 2014 will also be 4 times worse than 2011? If so, the $16 Trillion that the Fed printed out of thin air, to get into this crisis, multiplied by the projective factor of 16 times the amount of Fed issued bailouts, we can ask if it will require $256 Trillion to “fix” the inevitable 2014 crisis. That’s a fair question, since real people have to do real work and never see unthinkable numbers like that,  on their paychecks. The Fed painted the economy into a corner with a broad brush, in 2008. In 2011, will U. S. taxpayers stand in the corner, while Ben Bernanke empties the paint can on their shoes?

Everything is under Color of Law, now. It appears that they have authority, but thast authority is illegitimate. It is dictatorship from the Federal corporation, a corporation foreign, to the states. The sovereign States were conquered and replaced with subsidiary corporations, in 1867.


Corporations respect no national boundaries. Corporatism instigated and manipulated wars for it’s gain. The world is being consolidated into one corporation.


Oh, yes. This looks like a prison camp guard, just following orders. We should go back and revisit the transcripts of the Nuremburg Trials


It is a sad fact of the times. Government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks


We watch and we report. We know there is a war. We know that a battle is coming. We do not hide in fear, but sound the shofar. These are the days that men have watched for, for almost 2,000 years. The King is coming.


Thank you for going the extra mile. Too often, that man’s situation is reality in the street. People can’t imagine the quiet and emptiness of waking up in the middle of the night, in a sleeping bag, in the snow. I am blessed that I am an excellent reader and have no alcohol or substance issues. I know many people who are in a hole they can’t climb out of.


The world, and all of it’s “isms” , is being consolidated under Corporatism. That was Mussolini’s word for Fascism. The Corporate structure that brought us the World Wars, is still in place, doing the same old thing. These wars of conquest are a continuation of FDR’s telling statement: “If you see something happen in the world, you can be assured that we planned it, that way”.


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been resisting the release of information, all along. Everything that has come out has been as bad or worse than expected. The behavior is obviously quite desperate. With the foreclosure fraud issue up in the air, we have the setting for a perfect storm, in the housing market.


Now, that is an insight into where this economy is going. The drop in wages isn’t being met with a drop in prices. As for the temporary employment, there are are lot more people in day labor than I can ever remember. The inconsistent employment and no full work weeks are putting people in the streets.


This is reality. This is what debt does. The reality gets more severe. Any future debt incurred to keep the system going will add to a burden that can never be repaid. Debt is a loss based mechanism. The debtor is always behind on the interest payments. The United States needs to learn this, as quickly as possible.


Messing with Keynesians isn’t the same as messin’ with Sasquatch. You have to provoke Sasquatch.


Since I’m opposed to a central world government, no man should be in that role.


Call up your credit card company and make the person on the other end listen to you cut up their card. It’s one of the most satisfying things you can do.


The preferred business model of central banks has always been slavery. The debtor is servant to the lender. They know that. Debt slavery gives them mastery over everything and everyone.


The influences in the debt bubble work toward the same end. The banks are in the wealth transfer business. Their goal is to acquire title and / or possession of all wealth.


We are witnessing the corporate consolidation of the world. Corporatism was Mussolini’s word for Fascism. In Corporatism, human beings are property of the State. With passage of the 14th Amendment, under Reconstruction, the Corporatist ideology became the defining change in American law. Now, the same forces are Reconstructing the world under one government, economy, currency and religion.


The Federal Reserve note would not be in circulation, without debt. It is borrowed into circulation in an exchange with U. S. Treasury bonds. Both must be repaid, at interest. Before the debt could be retired, there would be no Federal Reserve notes in circulation. Debt takes on a life of it’s own, and demands to be fed.


I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. I tend to get bogged down in the same old stuff. The tedium of plowing the same ground makes me fidgety. The blogosphere is a great place to explore.


I almost never think of writing as art. I certainly don’t write entertainment. Yet, the content that I write does require a certain level of dedication and discipline. We can’t all be celebrities, but that’s not the purpose in writing. In fact, public notoriety contradicts so much about what I write about.


Spammers will tell you anything to get you to click “Approve”. You’re wonderful. No one writes as well as you do. They’re so happy they found your blog. You changed their lives. The truth is that getting their link into your comments makes them money. It also damages your standing in search engine rankings. Approving Spam messages gets a warning from WordPress about allowing Spam messages on your blog site. Read the comments, but finish with “Delete Permanently”.


The connection between the brain and fingers is sometimes erratic, at best. Many times, I’ve had the content and purpose clear in my mind, only to segway into tangents. When I hand write a draft, the finished work never comes out the same when posted. After 4 years, the process has smoothed out and I hope I make more sense.


First, I like the title of your blog. When I grow up, I want to be 5. Life was perfect when I was 5. I could make a toy out of anything. Every time I went out the door, it was an adventure. School eventually developed into that regimentation/indoctrination thing. I never fit “in the box”.


I’m still figuring that Facebook question out. At one point, I reached thr Friend limit of 5,000. I started a group page. Over the past 2 years, I found that most of the people in my Friends list never messaged me, never visited my blog site or group page. On my Wall, I would see so many posts selling products or soliciting funds. Last summer, I made several announcements about editing my friends list. Some reactions were very negative. I unfriended 1,000 people. Now, the only way into my friends list, is through subscription to my blog site.


Writers write to be read. As time goes on, people discover you are there. I’ve found that people regularly visit if the content is fresh and relevant to their interests. After 6 months on WordPress, My blog site is approaching 25,000 views. You will find that making an honest effort to communicate with people results in more than visitors to your site. I have friends on 6 continents. That means more than any statistical measurement.


Interesting blog. I remember the frustration of my school years. I have demonstrated a functional form of ADD, over the intervening 40 years.. I’ve been a photographic speed reader, since the age of 4. I’m able to read multiple books, at the same time. Yet, I have always been the classic underachiever. Ive joked about it, saying that I have no industrial application. It’s taken a lifetime, but I understand why I shouldn’t want to fit into the commercial world.


Over the past 4 years, the biggest adjustment for me was to write what needed to be written, without apology or compliance with popular opinion. At times, the responses can range from benign condescension to vitriolic inference of possible retaliation. It’s all part of human nature, and writing has moved me along that learning path.


Congratulations on your 100th post. When I came to WordPress, I had more than 3 years of archives on another site. Out of almost 300 posts, perhaps 100 of them were not time sensitive and the topics remain currently relevant.

May you enjoy all of the blessings of Chanukkah.


40 years ago, I was approaching the end of high school. I was just beginning my learning curve. Trying to understand the world, filled with contradictions and dysfunction in the early ’70s, proved to be a task that is never finished. Back then, I observed that life cwas becoming more chaotic and nomadic, over time. It was obvious to me that the urban mentality was completely out of step with human priorities. The sum total of my wanderings and experiences have coalesced in my blog posts over the past 4 years.

It is a natural fit, but people don’t call the Public/ Private Partnership what it is. It’s Fascism. Mussolini called it Corporatism. Upon investigation, that term is the most legally correct term.


The hypocrisy of eliminating risk is the financial expression of natural disaster avoidance. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that fiat currency allows opportunity for manipulation that gold and silver as currency, do not. The fact that fiat currency exists for the sole purpose of depriving people of liberty and property, is hidden. This is the fundamental denial of informed consent that the Federal Reserve is founded on.


Life is becoming much more real. The contrived and arbitrary dictates of commerce are crumbling. Independence is becoming an increasing issue in survival.


The examples of lawlessness fill the news, everyday. We now have a nation under the boot of Corporatism, the ideology that brought Hitler to power. The basic rule is the rule of Thunderdome. In every conflict, two men go in, two agendas enter, but only one comes out, alive.


Poverty is a weapon. We see it in the people isolated and moved from the land they once produced the necessities of life. I’ve written many posts about the role of government in managing the spread of poverty. They are all contained in my archives.


Thank God for the homeless shelters, food banks and outreach efforts. Without them, life would be miserable for many people. Thank you for your efforts. I’m thinking of my friends, sleeping outdoors, in Colorado.


I’ve been telling people for 30 years to get away from the cities and acquire their water, food and shelter, as independently as possible. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Commerce has taken us far from human priorities. We must separate ourselves from this artificial structure that monetizes and harvests human beings.


The homeless do need to be heard, on their terms, and not used as political currency.


The concept of “purchasing loyalty” raises serious moral issues, but the dark humor that it has inspired is illustrative.of the destructive flaws in human nature. Al Capone said that he rented politicians, because they don’t stay bought. That is getting dicey in international affairs, because everyone is finding out that the currency is no good.


Speculation and leveraging are dangerous, no matter who does it. Both the U. S. and Europe are caught in a maze of Catch-22s, without confessing to any of them. Fraud is now acceptable in the fiat currency system. This is the inevitable consequence of taking the money supply further afield from the narrow path of real money. The debt problem can not be solved with more borrowed debt.


They open the floodgates, and a babbling brook trickles out. When the ears were being passed out, the banks thought they said “gears”, and they just wanted the one they already had. Now they hear “billions” when they really need trillions.


It used to be that the most important thing about a press pass was access to the media buffet. Now, there is the unspoken obligation to present the story as government agencies spin them. The media now operates in the gray area between pandering and prostitution.


Unemployment numbers have been manipulated the serve political agendas for at least 3 decades. This is just more of the same. I like the quote from John Jennings.

“The problem is that we have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money, and subject to fake laws.”


This won’t last long. People are also reminded constantly by the media that they’re running out of time to get out there and spend every last dime they can beg, borrow or steal. This artificial stimulation of consumption can only carry the market so far. Pack a parachute. The downside is going to be steep. Since fictional and false deities are about as legitimate as the Federal Reserve, I won’t interfere with public delusions.


I’m really trying to avoid sarcasm, here. I’ll just stick to the facts. The contamination has to be many more times as dangerous as the Salk vaccine, contaminated with the carcinogenic virus, Simian Virus-40. We have to remember that regulation is about the economy, not about life. The corporate priorities are anti-human.


Since this isn’t a holiday that I observe, I’m not as distracted as most people. I do observe that this time of year is a time of false sense of security. People mention peace a lot, around the Winter Solstice. There is no peace. But, let people have their distractions. The calamity that is coming will be very real and very sudden. We’ve already seen runs on bank deposits. It won’t take very many bank failures to accelerate the withdrawals.


These days, the only word you see “collateral” connected with, is “damage”. The subterfuge and perjury in the bailout process is matched only by the recent history of the mortgage industry. I was right 40 years ago, in high school. Government kills everything it touches.


Thomas Jefferson is a good example of a lifetime of observation of human nature, condensing into concise and memorable quotes. If only people would take those quotes to heart, today.


Now, tell me again, which is the dog and which is the pony in this show. None of the banks or countries have a pot or a window, but they all talk bigger than their wallets. That goes double for the Federal Reserve. All that ever comes out of these meetings is a rush to stick the taxpayers for it.


Disaster teaches us about community and mutual vulnerability. In a crisis, all we have is the people immediately around us.


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