The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012 ¬†– The world is still playing games. If it were just a board game, played with little toy tokens and play money, it would be meaningless. It’s not that simple. How much innocent blood is in the currency? There will be a lot of people trying to toss their wallets in the weeds, to get rid of the evidence. The Eternal consequences don’t wash of with earthly soap and water. The guilt sticks to them. When the truth comes out in the open, there is no place to hide. The rich men of the earth will call for the mountains to fall on them. Misplaced trust will be rewarded with despair and torment. ¬†Before that happens, there is still a choice. We don’t have to participate in, and consent to this madness. People would be shocked at the simple things that are accepted as prayer.

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