The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2012 –  One day closer to currency collapse. One day closer to escalating war. One day closer to poverty. One day closer to an election that doesn’t mean anything. If there is anyone that doesn’t understand what is taking place, it isn’t like they weren’t told and warned. the central banks play a cat-and-mouse game, with imaginary money. Politicians speak in promises that can never be. Everyone talks about jobs that don’t exist. It’s quite a remarkable fantasy world that people live in. The combination of frustration with conditions that are plainly wrong and injurious just continues to build.  How people can expect a better tomorrow defies rational explanation. Delusion is the new sanity.

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The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012 –  For 50 years, the accepted “truism” has been that the economy runs on credit. That isn’t entirely true. That only describes the instrument and says nothing about the process. The rest of the story is that the economy runs on insider trading. The workings of the double satandard are obvious. When individual figures get caught in the practice, the result is a contentious trial, and prison time. When public institutions and private banks collude in the practice, it’s called “monetary policy” . the daily headlines in the financial news are filled with events describing “most favored” institutions. Occasional disclosure of improprieties by public officials depend on which faction is currently in power. The final tally of the books is that they are all thieves. Never before in history have people been so dependent on being on the right side of wrong. Entire nations have tied their future fortunes to corruption.

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The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012 – When we look at the past, we describe it in terms of change. The present headlines about the near future also talk about change. They also talk about apprehension and anxiety. The news is a vortex of shifting alliances and changing landscapes. We hear of geological instability, as well as political uncertainty. It is as though they all have the same script, and the details are changed to fit the event.  An earthquake in one part of the world, a financial crisis in Europe, China running a trade deficit for the first time in their history. pour into the news vortex and pour out of a blender, into our eyes and ears. Money doesn’t make the corporate world go around. Strife and contention do.

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The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 2012 – We’re seeing the effects of that X Class solar flare. I expected to see big earthquakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the M 5 + events continue for longer than people expect. We may see more events like the flurry of M 6 quakes, that happened today. When I saw M 5 earthquakes in the polar regions, that set off my alarm bells. It took my mind off of the European debt crisis. Everything that is being thrown into that breech is behind the debt curve. Bailouts will be swallowed whole, devoured by banks that won’t be satisfied. News about Greece will quiet down, only to make room for Italy, Portugal and Spain. In any case, there’s nothing to be shocked about. It’s just more of the currency collapse. It ends when everything goes to zero.

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The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012 – We should have a good understanding of how the wealth transfer mechanism and debt slavery works, by now. For those that haven’t learned the lessons of history, Greece is a refresher course. We are watching institutionalized loansharking. The situation is not even close to the end. The point will be reached when the interest on the debt alone, will collapse the Greek economy. That may be several bailouts down the road. this is a serious warning for the world. Borrowed debt becomes an invading dictator.The protests may continue, but will produce nothing. While everyone is distracted, the same process is working, in the United States. Critical infrastructure is being sold off, to foreign interests. Nations are devoured by multiple predators. The debt burden increases, while the means to generate wealth are exported. it proves my point. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

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The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 2012 –  U. S. citizens must feel like Curly, in the Three Stooges movies. They get treated as imbeciles and morons. By the time the media gets through with them, they’ve gotten the noses tweaked, been bopped on top of the head, poked in the eyes and on and on.  Yet, they keep coming back for more.  In any other area of life, politics would be recognized as an abusive relationship. There is the entire spectrum of addictive behavior in it. As with all such dysfunctional relationships, no one can just step in and fix it. No one can help anyone who doesn’t want help. No one can force a slave to be free. That is where the situation sits. U. S. citizens don’t want solutions that work. They want what’s behind Door #2.  They want this corruption. They want it so bad, that they go along with a debt explosion that will cost them the future they hoped their children and grandchildren would have. Government finds a way to give away the store. The question is, at what cost? The canswer is, everything.

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The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012 – Changes. They are a fact of life. Personally, I’m getting ready for life without Facebook. If Facebook is serious about making the Timeline page format mandatory, and I’m convinced that they are, I’m serious about moving my activity to Google + . The page layout there will fit my content much better. I’ve always been a homebody, but Facebook is blowing up the house. When the change goes through, there will be nothing left for me, there. My friends can still find me. The changes aren’t all that drastic. Depending on when the change to Timeline affects me, the process will be simple and easy to follow.

First, I’ve removed the link to my Facebook Group Page, Georgesblog – for Social Conscience from my blog site, georgesblogforum, at

and replaced it with additional RSS feeds from blogs that I follow. I will still comment on them and link them in “The Daily Climb”. Readers will have much more flexibility in searching their content. That is a “win – win” situation. The lead story on each one updates cas the blogs add content. That should make things more interesting.

Second, I have been posting my Facebook content on Google + , at the same time that I post on Facebook. The URL for my Google + page is

Connecting with me there is simple. Just set up a Gmail account, which is needed to sign up with Google +. Then, fill out a profile to create a Google + page. If anyone has difficulty, send me a message on Facebook with your email address. I can help you through it. 

Now, out of the virtual world and into the fire. The world is walking down the train tracks and ignoring the horn sounding, behind it. Europe is being conquered, Asia is positioning to pick up the pieces, and the central banks are reaping the harvest of debt. Other than that, we’re living in Utopia. At least, most people are hoping so. They should send me an email in about 100 years, and let me know how it worked out. I don’t share either the optimism or the delusion.

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