The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012 –  With all of the financial uncertainty in the world, it is understandable that people feel victimized by circumstances beyond their control. Yet, there are things in the control of the people. People can still vote with their wallets. That would be the method that confronts the biggest betrayal of public trust, in United States history. The root of the problem is in the system that distributes the currency. If people refused to do business with institutions that practice fractional reserve banking, the tide would turn, immediately. Many people will still pursue east credit and limitless currency leverage. They will get exactly what they bargained for, in the bank failures and market collapses that are coming. If institutions that accept the limitation of being restricted to loaning deposits in equal measure, they should flourish. The debt spiral of fractional reserve banking is a death spiral. No one wants to die, physically, financially or spiritually. Honest weights and measures are security.


The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 27th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 27th, 2012 –  That word, “mandatory” comes up more often, these days. We have a long history no indoctrination. It begins with believing a lie, and goes downhill from there. It begins with the lie that the currency is money. Over the last 100 years, the iron fist is coming out of the velvet glove. The list of “have to’s” has been growing, ever since. The Bible refers to this as hard bondage. It becomes more severe with time. We are told that we have to have a S. S. number. The demands go on to the expanding mountain of paper agreements that we “have to” sign. The United States has chosen to serve another god, since 1860. The result is the debt slavery that we live in. Eventually, everyone will “have to” take a mark in their right hyand or forehead, and bow their knee to the Beast.

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The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2012 –  One day closer to currency collapse. One day closer to escalating war. One day closer to poverty. One day closer to an election that doesn’t mean anything. If there is anyone that doesn’t understand what is taking place, it isn’t like they weren’t told and warned. the central banks play a cat-and-mouse game, with imaginary money. Politicians speak in promises that can never be. Everyone talks about jobs that don’t exist. It’s quite a remarkable fantasy world that people live in. The combination of frustration with conditions that are plainly wrong and injurious just continues to build.  How people can expect a better tomorrow defies rational explanation. Delusion is the new sanity.

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The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012 –  For 50 years, the accepted “truism” has been that the economy runs on credit. That isn’t entirely true. That only describes the instrument and says nothing about the process. The rest of the story is that the economy runs on insider trading. The workings of the double satandard are obvious. When individual figures get caught in the practice, the result is a contentious trial, and prison time. When public institutions and private banks collude in the practice, it’s called “monetary policy” . the daily headlines in the financial news are filled with events describing “most favored” institutions. Occasional disclosure of improprieties by public officials depend on which faction is currently in power. The final tally of the books is that they are all thieves. Never before in history have people been so dependent on being on the right side of wrong. Entire nations have tied their future fortunes to corruption.

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The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 2012 –  The wheels on the train go round and round, before they fall off. That’s the story, in Europe. This obvious stage play of meetings and bailouts doesn’t mask the real objective. I’ve said that the goal all along was seizure of national gold reserves. Once nations are stripped of their real wealth, all they have left to sell, are people. Populations will give up the best of the next generation for cannon fodder in the wars of corporate conquest. The end of it goes beyond Europe. The United States has been on a “break the piggy bank” debt spree such as the world has never seen, before.

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The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb 22nd, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 2012 –  We should see these things coming. Syria looks like it’s setting up as an instant replay of Libya. The Greek bailout plan is designed to fail. The same old story, repeated over and over, just gets old. Default, already. The continuing adventures of Monsanto both corporate credibility and consumer gullibility. GMO corn in Wal-Mart stores? Boycott Wal-Mart. That’s a simple solution. It reminds me of an incident in a service station I used to work in. One of the regular customers walked in, looked out in the shop, and didn’t see anyone. Without turning around, he asked of no one in particular, “Who’s running this whorehouse?”. I’m always reminded of that time, when I read political headlines. I don’t think that government is as honorable as a brothel. At least a brothel wouldn’t be operating more than a trillion in the red, every year.

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The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 20th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 20th, 2012 –  I’m normally not excited about the political process. I’m not excited, now.  I just want people to understand that the whole spectacle is nonsense. There have been some relatively significant points that have nothing to do with selecting the overseers on the Federal Debt Plantation. Basically, the choices break down into two factions. One faction promises the most candy to the corporations, the little debt farms of sharecroppers, on the big plantation. The other faction promises the most candy to the fielde workers, the masses. It comes out the same way, no matter how anyone votes. The master of the plantation remains the same. This is why the conversation and reality never meet. Every interaction is “working within the system” of Commercial Identity. I would rather use that term. People understand that. They have no clue about citizenship or legal standing. Talking to people about this subject is sometimes like a conversation with the Pod People, from the movie, “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”. The response sounds like a high – pitched siren.

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