Short Sabbatical

I’ve been away from my usual activities for a little bit. I picked up the materials to start a drafting project. I’m going to draw an engine that I’ve designed, over the last 40 years or so. I’m drawing it to demonstrate two principles. The first is to get around the pressure and fuel limitations in conventional engines. The second is to create a way to contain combustion in a small zone in the combustion chamber. This engine would have both a load sensitive compression ratio and output speed. What I would do with it, beyond my own amusement, I don’t know. Yes, it would get as lot better gas mileage, perhaps double.

I’ve read so many articles and papers about altering the pressure curve, and they seem to be a partial answer, not really changing the curve that much. I also want to beat the pressure limit at which detonation and pre-ignition occurs. If the pressure level is physically altered after the fuel is burned, there can be no damaging uncontrolled reactions. It’s just hot, inert gas.

The U. S. Patent Office has always been the most corrupt agency in the U. S. government. It’s that little clause about awarding patents to the applicant “best able to bring a product to market”. That’s why the man who invented the intermittent wiper blade system had to fight Ford for years, and spend 5 million of his own money to get a judgment. At the last that I heard, he hadn’t gotten a dime from Ford. The highest proprietary interest is served. I would rather put it in the public domain and have a thousand little cottage industry shops build it. That can’t be stopped.

This looks more like the engine I was describing. At least it looks clearer. It would require special assembly techniques, just because the secondary crankshaft is there.

Either the main bearing webs would have to be a modular pre – assembled unit, or the dimensions would have to be changed, to allow assembly by conventional means. External dimension limitations suggest that the first option is best.

 It appears that I wasn’t clear in my explanation and description. This engine has cylinders paired together, in common combustion chambers. It is not two separate engines. This is just one possible layout. Next, is an idea for a flat 8 cylinder layout, again with 16 pistons in pairs, and without cylinder head gaskets, just because I don’t like the concept of cylinder head gaskets.


The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012 – When we look at the past, we describe it in terms of change. The present headlines about the near future also talk about change. They also talk about apprehension and anxiety. The news is a vortex of shifting alliances and changing landscapes. We hear of geological instability, as well as political uncertainty. It is as though they all have the same script, and the details are changed to fit the event.  An earthquake in one part of the world, a financial crisis in Europe, China running a trade deficit for the first time in their history. pour into the news vortex and pour out of a blender, into our eyes and ears. Money doesn’t make the corporate world go around. Strife and contention do.

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The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 10th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 10th, 2012 – I wonder if people see the progression of events to their logical conclusion. The analogy in the financial world would be solving the Titanic’s problem by hitting the iceberg, harder. The central banks have only one chance to try it, and they are taking it. We’ll see how that comes out. For me, there are no options in that scenario. There is only one way it can come out.  I know that people disagree with that statement and adhere to their optimism. That’s nice. I’ll save a place for them in line, at the soup kitchen. Starvation shouldn’t be a penalty for misjudging decisions. That’s the general public view. Perhaps public opinion errs on that point. Famine is a common condition in the world. Life doesn’t work, the way people expect it to. It’s a simple choice. Some things work. Some things don’t. The choices produce the circumstances. I can agree with the position, to each their own. It’s not my job to run the rest of the world. The other side of that coin is that everyone is without excuse.

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The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2012 –  The theme for 2012 seems to be the self-destructive streak in human nature. The only activity seems to be planting the seeds of a bigger crisis, in the future. There is no understanding of the enormous harvest of corruption that is still coming in. The damage has already been done. The constants in life in the United States, are now gone. Peace and prosperity have been replaced with perpetual we and debt. People don’t remember that war is one of the four Biblical plagues, a punishment for disobedience. Many don’t believe that anything Biblical is important, anymore. The world is about to get an education.

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The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012 – Changes. They are a fact of life. Personally, I’m getting ready for life without Facebook. If Facebook is serious about making the Timeline page format mandatory, and I’m convinced that they are, I’m serious about moving my activity to Google + . The page layout there will fit my content much better. I’ve always been a homebody, but Facebook is blowing up the house. When the change goes through, there will be nothing left for me, there. My friends can still find me. The changes aren’t all that drastic. Depending on when the change to Timeline affects me, the process will be simple and easy to follow.

First, I’ve removed the link to my Facebook Group Page, Georgesblog – for Social Conscience from my blog site, georgesblogforum, at

and replaced it with additional RSS feeds from blogs that I follow. I will still comment on them and link them in “The Daily Climb”. Readers will have much more flexibility in searching their content. That is a “win – win” situation. The lead story on each one updates cas the blogs add content. That should make things more interesting.

Second, I have been posting my Facebook content on Google + , at the same time that I post on Facebook. The URL for my Google + page is

Connecting with me there is simple. Just set up a Gmail account, which is needed to sign up with Google +. Then, fill out a profile to create a Google + page. If anyone has difficulty, send me a message on Facebook with your email address. I can help you through it. 

Now, out of the virtual world and into the fire. The world is walking down the train tracks and ignoring the horn sounding, behind it. Europe is being conquered, Asia is positioning to pick up the pieces, and the central banks are reaping the harvest of debt. Other than that, we’re living in Utopia. At least, most people are hoping so. They should send me an email in about 100 years, and let me know how it worked out. I don’t share either the optimism or the delusion.

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The Daily Climb- Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012

Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012 – So far, 2012 is the Year of the Mismatch. Perception does not match up with reality. The economy doesn’t match up with money. Politics doesn’t match up with social stability. Of course, we never expect anything honorable from politics, anyway. It is what it is. My definition of politics is that it is the constant search for another human being to worship. Failure and disappointment are built into the process. Oh, and before I forget the big picture, production doesn’t match up with markets. That will be the common thread through every economic story of 2012.

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The Daily Climb-Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012 –  The news over the past 48 hours was a surreal fog, imposed against the dark shadows of global social forest. With the State of the Union Address followed by the Federal Reserve activities, and underscored by developments in Europe, it just looked like shaky steps on an uncertain path. The same foreboding gloom hung in the air as a rumor of con artists and organized shoplifters in the area. Lock up the house, know where your children are, and stay away from the windows. At least zombies look like walking dead people. These days, you can’t be sure of what “normal” people will do, especially if they’re wearing suits and ties. They may not be the kind of help you were hoping for.

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