The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 27th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 27th, 2012 –  That word, “mandatory” comes up more often, these days. We have a long history no indoctrination. It begins with believing a lie, and goes downhill from there. It begins with the lie that the currency is money. Over the last 100 years, the iron fist is coming out of the velvet glove. The list of “have to’s” has been growing, ever since. The Bible refers to this as hard bondage. It becomes more severe with time. We are told that we have to have a S. S. number. The demands go on to the expanding mountain of paper agreements that we “have to” sign. The United States has chosen to serve another god, since 1860. The result is the debt slavery that we live in. Eventually, everyone will “have to” take a mark in their right hyand or forehead, and bow their knee to the Beast.

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The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2012 –  Today was unusual. The days we live in are unusual. My theme in writing tonight has been to keep it short and simple. In the “Two Masters Update”, I presented the choices, allowing the possibility that people can still make a choice. In the “Commercial Identity Update”, I presented the consequences of those choices. Now for the Public Service Announcement: Picture two eggs, sunny-side up, sizzling in a skillet. This is the human brain on fiat currency, artificial sweeteners, toxic herbicides and pesticides, and GMO crops. Any questions?

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The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2012 –  The pattern is set for this year. Greece has conceded to dictated terms. They get more borrowed debt. That’s this round in the currency collapse. We will see this repeated in other countries. The systemic problems still exist. The currency itself is an economic disease. Debt is it’s intrinsic nature. Debt problems don’t get solved with more debt. I’m seeing so many comments from people who just want the madness to stop. That is a dangerous frame of mind. It is very possible that everything looks good, compared to the present situation. The answers have always been there in history. The problem is that people don’t want answers that work. They want what is behind Door # 2. But then, that’s how we got into this mess.

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The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012  – The world is still playing games. If it were just a board game, played with little toy tokens and play money, it would be meaningless. It’s not that simple. How much innocent blood is in the currency? There will be a lot of people trying to toss their wallets in the weeds, to get rid of the evidence. The Eternal consequences don’t wash of with earthly soap and water. The guilt sticks to them. When the truth comes out in the open, there is no place to hide. The rich men of the earth will call for the mountains to fall on them. Misplaced trust will be rewarded with despair and torment.  Before that happens, there is still a choice. We don’t have to participate in, and consent to this madness. People would be shocked at the simple things that are accepted as prayer.

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The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 10th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 10th, 2012 – I wonder if people see the progression of events to their logical conclusion. The analogy in the financial world would be solving the Titanic’s problem by hitting the iceberg, harder. The central banks have only one chance to try it, and they are taking it. We’ll see how that comes out. For me, there are no options in that scenario. There is only one way it can come out.  I know that people disagree with that statement and adhere to their optimism. That’s nice. I’ll save a place for them in line, at the soup kitchen. Starvation shouldn’t be a penalty for misjudging decisions. That’s the general public view. Perhaps public opinion errs on that point. Famine is a common condition in the world. Life doesn’t work, the way people expect it to. It’s a simple choice. Some things work. Some things don’t. The choices produce the circumstances. I can agree with the position, to each their own. It’s not my job to run the rest of the world. The other side of that coin is that everyone is without excuse.

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The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 3rd, 2012

Friday, Feb. 3rd, 2012 – We know that there is a lot wrong with the world. The news, filled with trouble, surrounds us. Yet, we still have choices. We don’t have to give place to trouble. We can oppose trouble. I once observed that experience was learning what I don’t want. If I hear of trouble, that is too close to me. If trouble is within my sight, that is a lot too close to me. I want the trouble to go away. We measure life by consistency and accomplishment. We recognize things that work. In all circumstances, we can still stand for what we know to be true, and put trouble away from us.

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The Daily Climb-Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 2011

Thursday, Dec, 22nd, 2011 – I’m tired of this debt crisis/bailout cycle. It is conflict, without resolution, a constant state of war. The blogs that I read tell me that a lot of people are tired of it, too.  A million reasons are given for it. Blame is quickly assigned, fingers pointing. I can’t give you a date for when it will end. I can tell you how it will end, and why. It is not our fault that we were born into a trap that was set, before we were born. Yet, if we continue in our present ways, we will suffer the consequences. This is where life gets real Biblical, real fast. Whether or not anyone believes it or not, opinion will change nothing. In a comment on a blog earlier, I went over just a few of the points in this issue. I said this:

“The Bible certainly does have a great deal to say about Finance. In particular, this fiat currency system is condemned as an abomination. It will be destroyed. Compounding the condemnation is the fact that the entire system is based on pledging men as security for debt. Furthermore, the means of making a living, the tooling of industry, is pledged as security for debt. Another abomination. The world certainly is under a curse. The Bible says that those who do these things shall surely die.”

That is just a few of the transgressions, just dealing with the commercial system. I’ll leave it at that. One thing at a time is enough to take on. We absolutely must return to a system of just weights and measures to even think about putting this right. We get what we agree to.

“Money From Nothing, And Your Perks For Free”

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