The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012 –  With all of the financial uncertainty in the world, it is understandable that people feel victimized by circumstances beyond their control. Yet, there are things in the control of the people. People can still vote with their wallets. That would be the method that confronts the biggest betrayal of public trust, in United States history. The root of the problem is in the system that distributes the currency. If people refused to do business with institutions that practice fractional reserve banking, the tide would turn, immediately. Many people will still pursue east credit and limitless currency leverage. They will get exactly what they bargained for, in the bank failures and market collapses that are coming. If institutions that accept the limitation of being restricted to loaning deposits in equal measure, they should flourish. The debt spiral of fractional reserve banking is a death spiral. No one wants to die, physically, financially or spiritually. Honest weights and measures are security.


4 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012

  1. 2012 3 2

    Dear sir or Madame.
    Respectfully, I agree and question some of your reasoning.
    Agreed : fractional fiat systems levered 70 X – 1000 X per MBS + layers of derrivatives = disaster.

    We may also agree – it appears the U$D is working very hard with EUR to put the entire planet into the consolidated hands & control of fewer bankstering psycho’s and thieving politicians.
    Banksters inflate /deflate economies for their advantage – ALWAYS at comoner expense.

    IMO – it has long been time to fight-back with what I believe is possibly the most potent weapon banksters feel and respond to – LOSS OF CONTROL and DIRECT LOSSES OF PROFIT.

    One possible way for individual commoners to collectively fight banksters is : JUST SAY NO !!
    1. perform a financial analysis of your family needs to survive 1 year camping trilp.
    2. sell or stay in robo-house – with a view to relocate in a smaller dweling to cut cost/raise funds
    3. sell all superfluous toys, tires, TV’s, cars, motorcycles, furniture – to raise cash.
    4. rack-up as much debt as possible on as many credit cards as are available.
    5. use funds to purchase beans, bullets, bullion, seeds, gear, meds, etc – in prep for camping.
    6. after preparations are completed – walk away from ALL DEBTS
    7. refuse to pay mortgage, credit cards, property / water / school taxes, income taxes et al.
    8. refuse to move from underwater robo-houses – ignore collection letters.
    9. do not engage in street demonstrations – quietly protest from comfort and safety of home.
    10. WAIT

    My speculation is – when at least 25% of the remaining 130 Million mortgage holders in the U$ refuse to pay taxes, services and loan obligations – it will not be long before 35% refuse, then 60% – which will contemporaneously bring down both the psychopathic banksters and corrupt politicians to their knees.

    If another 30 M mortgage holders refuse to fund monthly payments – banksters are screwed.
    Same with student loans – tell banksters to screw-off, collectively renegotiate principle / terms.

    Please feel free to correct my ASSumptions and conclusion – predicated on the fact there are many scales of magnitude more common debtors – THAN BANKSTERS OR POLITICIANS.

    IMO : commoners have never had a more powerful hand of cards to play in this fractional casino. Banskters are resetting the entire system to their sole benefit regardless – so why not take full advantage of the situaton by simply following prescient words of Nancy Reagan :
    JUST SAY NO !!! – no more payments to bankster funded politicians and many other CHANGES !!

    Look forward to your RSVP

    Peter Carson

    • The fly in the oiuntment is that the end of debt is slavery. An armed confrontation with the Federal corporation is lunacy. That didn’t work out very well in 1860, in WW I, WW II, or any of the myriad of “police actions” in the Wars of Corporate Conquest.My reasoning comes from decades of searching through historical records, biographies, statements from public figures that are archived in their official books, biographies and news articles. The bottom line is that there is no defensible place to run to.


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