The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012 –  For 50 years, the accepted “truism” has been that the economy runs on credit. That isn’t entirely true. That only describes the instrument and says nothing about the process. The rest of the story is that the economy runs on insider trading. The workings of the double satandard are obvious. When individual figures get caught in the practice, the result is a contentious trial, and prison time. When public institutions and private banks collude in the practice, it’s called “monetary policy” . the daily headlines in the financial news are filled with events describing “most favored” institutions. Occasional disclosure of improprieties by public officials depend on which faction is currently in power. The final tally of the books is that they are all thieves. Never before in history have people been so dependent on being on the right side of wrong. Entire nations have tied their future fortunes to corruption.


By the time the central banks get finished swindling, ….. er, “inflating” everybody out of their real wealth, the U. N. will be teaching everyone Esperanto.

More of Monsanto’s end game. You should subscribe to this newsletter. I do.

It’s just more of the same promotion of the human trafficking and monetization practices of the abortion and adoption industries. “Human Resources” are livestock, just like beef, in the supermarkets. Selling and killing people has always been big business.

Planned Parenthood Wants MANDATORY teaching of ‘Pleasures of Sex’ to 10YR OLD KIDS…


2 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012

  1. You’re pretty blunt. Of course, you usually are.

    I never have liked the term Human Resources. Like you said, it makes us cattle. We did we ever switch from the term Personnel?

    As for the financial institutions — it’s up to the individual as to how he/she is going to use the service that are available. I have 3 credit cards. None have a balance that has interest on it. I use the cards for convenience and speed when buying whatever, not to get what I can’t afford.

    • The dehumanizing influences in society have been debated for longer than I’ve been alive. I remember an article in the 60s that laid out a Utopian view of society in which menial tasks are completely automated, freeing humanity to devote attention to “higher purposes”. It hasn’t worked out, that way. Access to debt is a very danmgerous game of Monopoly. The invasions of privacy are very chilling, under the best of circumstances.

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