The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb 22nd, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 2012 –  We should see these things coming. Syria looks like it’s setting up as an instant replay of Libya. The Greek bailout plan is designed to fail. The same old story, repeated over and over, just gets old. Default, already. The continuing adventures of Monsanto both corporate credibility and consumer gullibility. GMO corn in Wal-Mart stores? Boycott Wal-Mart. That’s a simple solution. It reminds me of an incident in a service station I used to work in. One of the regular customers walked in, looked out in the shop, and didn’t see anyone. Without turning around, he asked of no one in particular, “Who’s running this whorehouse?”. I’m always reminded of that time, when I read political headlines. I don’t think that government is as honorable as a brothel. At least a brothel wouldn’t be operating more than a trillion in the red, every year.

The statement in the original version of the documentary, “Fed Up”, which contained a Dow Chemical promo film, was most enlightening. “Modern chemical farming was developed in Nazi Germany” What a statement! In the video, a swastika sprouted out of the middle of America. The history is that chemical companies are very accomplished at killing things. The toxins are so resilient and the contamination periods so long, that the final target becomes human beings.

Those familiar with the history of the New Madrid seismic zone know the name of Sikeston, MO, well. I’ve seen magnitude estimates above M 8. The earthquakes of 1811 & 12 should be the most famous in American history. The damages in the San Francisco earthquake may have been greater, but a repeat performance in the New Madrid zone woul;d be in na completely different circumstance than in 1811. I saw a documentary in which the estimation was that 80% of the structures in old St. Louis would be reduced to rubble.


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