The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 20th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 20th, 2012 –  I’m normally not excited about the political process. I’m not excited, now.  I just want people to understand that the whole spectacle is nonsense. There have been some relatively significant points that have nothing to do with selecting the overseers on the Federal Debt Plantation. Basically, the choices break down into two factions. One faction promises the most candy to the corporations, the little debt farms of sharecroppers, on the big plantation. The other faction promises the most candy to the fielde workers, the masses. It comes out the same way, no matter how anyone votes. The master of the plantation remains the same. This is why the conversation and reality never meet. Every interaction is “working within the system” of Commercial Identity. I would rather use that term. People understand that. They have no clue about citizenship or legal standing. Talking to people about this subject is sometimes like a conversation with the Pod People, from the movie, “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”. The response sounds like a high – pitched siren.

The government has been doing this, anyway. Political parties are meaningless. They collude in the interests of the corporation. People are livestock in their eyes, dumb cattle to be penned up and inspected. The only dispute in this video is about which faction gets your money. They all work for the goal of enslaving you.

One factor that should be included is a parallel index of how many watch cable financial news, how many don’t, and how many watch other drivel on TV.

Somebody should have have asked Yeshua, the King of kings. His answer is always, “It is written …..”. You would see that there is a very big surprise for the world in Ezek. 37 & 38, and in Isa. 17.


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