The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 17th, 2012

Friday, Feb. 17th,  2012 –  When we hear the word, “war” , we think of military operations conducted with hardware and ordnance. That’s the old – fashioned concept of war. There is another war that has been in progress, for a long time. It is the war against 90% of humanity. We are watching the engineering of an environment that is too toxic to survive in. Every day, we see toxic chemicals sprayed in the air. The trails spread and don’t evaporate. The become an overcast of marshmallow colored clouds, too white to be natural.  we are told that the purpose is to combat global warming, now renamed climate change. That does not justify filling the atmosphere with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Now, we are seeing war time chemical weapons in application documents for use on America’s crop lands. There is a war. This war has a purpose. That purpose is to reduce the world’s population too 500 million people. That means that 6.5 billion people are targets.

I know what I believe about genetic engineering. I urge everyone to watch this video, do their own research and assess the risks for themselves.

This is nonsense. Quoting Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the purpose of the organization is the elimination of undesirable genetic traits.

I know the time limits. I already get thousands of email notifications from the 200 + blogs that I follow. I don’t have time to lose to formatting issues. I’m not very aware of the plugins that would help make my blog pages more visible. Most of the things I get about that look like spam. I haven’t seen an SEO plugin offered, absolutely free. I’m just trying to avoid the scammers, spammers and hustlers. The free themes that I use, “Clean House” and “Twenty Eleven”, do an admirable job of displaying my content in an uncluttered and easily navigated format. It just isn’t a critical issue for me. Like you, my budget is extremely limited. There are things I’m thinking about doing, but I don’t lose anything by sticking with what I have.

Without getting into political and religious semantics, we can agree that homeless people have one aspect in common with everyone else. They also have a pulse and can perceive the world around them, in whatever capacity they have. As all human beings have the same needs, all are required to do good by each other. We are in this world to do better than take up space.

As I have written many times, Government deifies itself, presents itself as a god, demanding worship, tribute, service and sacrifice. That is the nature of government. I contend that slavery is the natural end of increasing government activity and growth.

I have to keep it simple, to avoid writing nightmares My goal is always to write things that I would want to read. Sometimes, I go overboard. I overthink everything and reference materials in my mind, without stating those details, to the readers. Even my closest friends have difficulty understanding what I’ve written. A friend once asked me to explain a paragraph in one of my posts. Off the top of my head, I gave him a verbal bibliography. The books I referenced could not be physically carried by the average man.As I listed the references, I quoted the relevant passages, from memory. Until I do that, I risk being dismissed as a loon.

Since these bailout funds only circulate between bank vaults and investment banks, the public shouldn’t get to excited about this monetization of debt. It isn’t money, and the general population never sees it, anyway. People get the poverty, banks get the liquidity.

People get the things they agree to. The first and most basic choice of law is the currency. Fiat currencies are built on unjust weights and measures. They continue in a series of lies and transgressions to perpetuate their existence. They depend on monetizing and harvesting people. The examples are abortion and U. S. citizenship. Both are death to humanity. The currency itself is filled with innocent blood.

 If the Constitution, in it’s 1789 form, was voided and / or modified, then we can see that a different choice of law was made. Think of Amendments as a codicil to a will. The 14th Amendment elbowed the Creator out of our legal standing, under the Constitution. Government presents itself as G-d, demanding obedience, worship tribute and sacrifice.


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