The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2012 – When we look at the past, we describe it in terms of change. The present headlines about the near future also talk about change. They also talk about apprehension and anxiety. The news is a vortex of shifting alliances and changing landscapes. We hear of geological instability, as well as political uncertainty. It is as though they all have the same script, and the details are changed to fit the event.  An earthquake in one part of the world, a financial crisis in Europe, China running a trade deficit for the first time in their history. pour into the news vortex and pour out of a blender, into our eyes and ears. Money doesn’t make the corporate world go around. Strife and contention do.

Changing the meanings of words is what corporations and their advertising agencies do. “Biodiversity” now means taking over the environment with GMO crops. “Environment” now means markets that are the exclusive property of multi – national corporations, like Monsanto. “Sustainability” now means universal and uniformly dispensed and regulated poverty. On and on the deception goes.

Whitewater was just a practice run. This is an opportunity to play with bigger stakes.

Having lived in the street or searched for any other arrangement from the end of 2008 to the present, I’m well aware of the underemployed and homeless. This story is exactly the way it is in the streets.

Toxicity is not an On / Off switch. Advertising and marketing emphasizes toxicity to insects, and largely ignores the damage done to human beings. Since the Global Eugenics agenda sees 90 % of humanity as vermin, decision makers see the anti – human agenda as a good thing.They call evil good, and good, evil.

The pressures growing around the Ring of Fire have been popping out in many places, for quite a while. Nothing can be taken for granted. The unexpected may become commonplace.

Quiet is just the time period before the next shoe drops. There are plenty of shoes, hanging by laces caught in windblown branches. The next financial storm is never far away.

Human nature gets in the way of the discussion. In many instances, anarchy has been a tool of religion. Protest and civil disorder have always been used to advance private agendas. Religion is just man’s effort to enforce the edicts of open rebellion against the Creator. They end up being more tyrannical than their adversaries.

The longer that information is vague or not forthcoming, the more suspicion is created. Someone has to know something about the cause.

If the Constitution, in it’s 1789 form, was voided and / or modified, then we can see that a different choice of law was made. Think of Amendments as a codicil to a will. The 14th Amendment elbowed the Creator out of our legal standing, under the Constitution. Government presents itself as G-d, demanding obedience, worship tribute and sacrifice.

40 years ago. I sad that budget deficits should be paid for out of the salaries and pensions of politicians that voted for the legislation that produced the deficit .In hindsight, I have to admit that politicians would find enough corruption to make their salaries and pensions irrelevant.


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