The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 2012 – We’re seeing the effects of that X Class solar flare. I expected to see big earthquakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the M 5 + events continue for longer than people expect. We may see more events like the flurry of M 6 quakes, that happened today. When I saw M 5 earthquakes in the polar regions, that set off my alarm bells. It took my mind off of the European debt crisis. Everything that is being thrown into that breech is behind the debt curve. Bailouts will be swallowed whole, devoured by banks that won’t be satisfied. News about Greece will quiet down, only to make room for Italy, Portugal and Spain. In any case, there’s nothing to be shocked about. It’s just more of the currency collapse. It ends when everything goes to zero.

If people didn’t know that there is a connection between solar activity and earthquakes, they should, now.

The question will become “Who runs Barter Town?”. This debt crisis won’t be solved in the Thunderdome.

With the news of a thermometer at the Daichi # 2 reactor reaching it’s limit of 400 deg. C, there is no way to monitor the situation, unless the temperature comes down. Another large earthquake could alter the situation, suddenly and dramatically.

On the heels of the vote announcement came the news that the next bailout wouldn’t be enough. revolving debt is revolving trouble.

The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. The restoration of the United States as a manufacturing exporter would take much longer than it took to dismantle manufacturing capacity. decades before significant change in exports could occur, a significant increase in domestic activity would have to occur. With the prospects of future economic policy against such development, the goal would be delayed by decades.

I’m still hearing the “head in the sand” mainstream mantra about monetary policy. Praying people still believe that they are going to be blessed through the gambling house at the Federal Reserve. Those who sow in debt, shall reap poverty.

With the recent flurry of larger earthquakes around the world, the relationship with solar flare activity was clearly demonstrated. This cycle of earthquakes can’t be assumed to be finished. Future activity will bear watching.


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