The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2012 –  The pattern is set for this year. Greece has conceded to dictated terms. They get more borrowed debt. That’s this round in the currency collapse. We will see this repeated in other countries. The systemic problems still exist. The currency itself is an economic disease. Debt is it’s intrinsic nature. Debt problems don’t get solved with more debt. I’m seeing so many comments from people who just want the madness to stop. That is a dangerous frame of mind. It is very possible that everything looks good, compared to the present situation. The answers have always been there in history. The problem is that people don’t want answers that work. They want what is behind Door # 2. But then, that’s how we got into this mess.

Thank you for following my blog. I’m always proofreading. I despise typos. No matter how careful I am, I still find more of them.

Volumes have been written about the causes of the Great Depression. The agreement on the role of leveraging in precipitating the collapse is settled. Government programs didn’t bring recovery War production did. We are seeing the same process, today. The problem is that there is no balance in financing war with borrowed debt. This collapse will be deepened and extended by monetary policy.

Debt is the same poison, everywhere. The banks don’t want the principle amount repaid, anyway. It is the interest that is their income. The goal of fractional banking is a perpetual state of debt.

This is how loan sharking works. Bowing and groveling are never enough. Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. We will see this scenario played out repeatedly. Italy, Portugal, Spain eventually, the rest of Europe will be in the spotlight.

It’s divide and conquer, now. Greece can’t resist debt slavery, anymore. It’s on to the next weakest link. The coming months will certainly see the degradation of the Eurozone. It is doubtful that Europe will recognize itself, before the year is out.

It depends on how long Greece will be propped up, to be a punching bag. Obviously, the debt load is being increased to levels that are not survivable

I wrote about some of the most glaring defects in human interaction in “Commercial Identity”. I probably should have gone a lot farther with it. As it is, it’s a good start.


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