The Daily Climb-Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012

Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012 – We should have a good understanding of how the wealth transfer mechanism and debt slavery works, by now. For those that haven’t learned the lessons of history, Greece is a refresher course. We are watching institutionalized loansharking. The situation is not even close to the end. The point will be reached when the interest on the debt alone, will collapse the Greek economy. That may be several bailouts down the road. this is a serious warning for the world. Borrowed debt becomes an invading dictator.The protests may continue, but will produce nothing. While everyone is distracted, the same process is working, in the United States. Critical infrastructure is being sold off, to foreign interests. Nations are devoured by multiple predators. The debt burden increases, while the means to generate wealth are exported. it proves my point. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Anybody taking short positions on the reactor temp? Probably not. Currencies are just numbers on paper. Nuclear fuel is a lot more real. What’s next ?  Unplanned and unexpected steam venting? Do we have real numbers on radiation levels in the area?

6 months from now, this may have blown right through Italy and Portugal, on nit’s way to France. Surely, Germany will prop up France, right?

Commercial identity, expressed in commercial action, defines commercial character. this commercial kingdom is weighed in the balance, and found wanting.

We have to look at who and what is talking, to know what is being said.

The circus must be in town. Goldman Sachs and JP Mporgan must be the ringmasters. If not them, then I don’t know what corruption is manipulating these unnatural circumstances. It has to be corporate chicanery, to load the big payout, up front.

We know that the reality won’t be as good as the fantasy presented by the official numbers. The latest bailout in Greece will disappear into the fog. with negligible results. They should wait for the fires to go out, before adding all of that paper to it.

In the 1920s, there was a man who tried to warn people about what was coming in Western Europe. No one listened to him, either.; The issue is sounding the alarm and giving the warning. That is the watchman’s duty. Some hear, some don’t. Some could, and some won’t. Our responsibility. is to clearly give the warning.

Every step we can take in finding alternatives to the financial and delivery systems is a plus. Independent water, food and shelter options minimize the effect of systemic collapse. Our survival and comfort depend on developing local relationships and the agrarian skills that we were never taught.

Greece is a beginning. The whole world is headed into the pit of debt slavery.100 years ago, bankers couldn’t sell their fake money. People had more common sense than to into the lie of fake money.Today, the lure of money from nothing has sprung the trap that took decades to set. At this point, very few have refused the advances of the central banks. The grip of debt is expanding.

The European debt problem just took another step down. We will see the symptoms of debt addiction escalate. The corporate conquest of the world marches toward universal debt slavery.

That’s been my question, for a long time. We have to remember that distortion and deception is the stock and trade ofr bureaucracy. A farmer wouldn’t expect a cow to understand economics. Bureaucracy doesn’t expect you to understand it, either.

 I’m sure that the graph of M 5 earthquakes for the same time period would show an even wider disparity. Such earthquakes are like popcorn, in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is how Corporatism works. People and their possessions are resources, to be monetized and harvested. The mechanism of conquest is debt slavery.

Corporatism, the ideology that conquered America in 1867, and brought tyrants to power in the 20th century, is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. It is government by threat of assassination. It is so ingrained in our culture that dissent elicits an immediate and threatening response. This is the nature of the Beast. By our education and culture, we have all been indoctrinated into the process of the Beast.


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