The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012  – The world is still playing games. If it were just a board game, played with little toy tokens and play money, it would be meaningless. It’s not that simple. How much innocent blood is in the currency? There will be a lot of people trying to toss their wallets in the weeds, to get rid of the evidence. The Eternal consequences don’t wash of with earthly soap and water. The guilt sticks to them. When the truth comes out in the open, there is no place to hide. The rich men of the earth will call for the mountains to fall on them. Misplaced trust will be rewarded with despair and torment.  Before that happens, there is still a choice. We don’t have to participate in, and consent to this madness. People would be shocked at the simple things that are accepted as prayer.

The Federal corporation claims right of conquest, as expressed in the Preamble to the Congressional Record for 1867. Furthermore, by an 1873 Supreme Court ruling and the 14th Amendment, all are presumed to be United States citizens, property of the Federal corporation.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. Jefferson and Jackson had personal experience in opposition to the war of the private central bank. We were warned about the days we live in.

This is what fiat currency, an unjust weight and measure, produces. It fertilizes and seeds the land with the Biblical plagues, Famine, Pestilence, Plague and War. Fiat currency is a covenant with death.

They’re all guilty. The rich men of the earth and their political lap dogs have been drinking the wine of financial fornication, for a long time. It didn’t start with Clinton. The fiat currency brothel has been running for almost a century.

There is nothing I could add to this post. All of the bases are covered. The best I can do is repost it.

Fiat currencies have no intrinsic value. They are a tool in the wealth transfer mechanism. 40 – some years ago, in high school, I understood that the corporate structure had mechanisms in place, to take back everything that it pays out. In the process, populations surrender their land and resources.

There are no political solutions to commercial problems. Politicians just get together to decide what to do with other people’s money.

The aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars was that a banking cartel gained control of ther French currency. France had to by their own money back, at a premium. This pattern has been repeated, endlessly. The present currency devaluations are more of the same.

Secular Humanism is the State mandated religion. It is rigorously taught in the public indoctrination centers. It is open rebellion.

The wages of debt is poverty. this system of unjust weights and measures is an abomination.

Pesticides and herbicides are known carcinogens and nerve toxins. Kidney failure is just one ofr the symptoms. I’m sure the long range risks are worse than this.

Greece has been waiting around for the undertaker to show up, for months. The choice is no choice, at all. It is either corporate submission in debt slavery, or functional bankruptcy.

The corporate consolidation of the world continues. Portugal is next.

The wages of sin is death. The verse quoted says, “Thou shalt not murder”. The consequence for disobedience is death. Justice demands that the punishment fit the crime. The prohibition is against the shedding of innocent blood, which the economic system of the world is now based on. To suggest that mankind is more just and forgiving that YHVH, is a lie. The allegation that human sacrifice is intrinsic to His nature, is also a falsehood. He is indivisible. In the role of the Son, he laid down His life, in our place. We all deserve death. That is what disobedience brought. The very atoms under our feet are held together by the surety of His Word. To hold to your position, you must create your own world, by your own word. You have to create it out of nothing, as He did. Then, you can make the rules.

The duality and conflict in human nature is very well documented. The carnal, expedient and self – serving nature is in a constant battle with the higher ideals of conscience. The first man born of woman, Cain, was a murderer. In my writing, I make the distinction between conscience and commercial identity. It is a question of which identity rules the mind, at the moment a decision is made. When the restraint of conscience is suppressed and the commercial identity rules, the result is fraud, theft and ultimately, genocide. That commercial identity is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic.

I don’t know if the last decade will ever be completely behind me. There are parts of it that were necessary to change both my understanding, and direction. That, I can accept. The things that I can not excuse, remain. Learning from those experiences does not add value to the specific activities. Learning does bring me principled conviction. Today, I can describe that resolve. Yesterday, I couldn’t.


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