The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 9th, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 9th, 2012 –  Ok, let’s see if I understand this. We’re supposed to look to the trends to understand where the economy is going. Please bear with me, while I try to get through this, without losing any vital bodily fluids. I’ll start at the beginning.  The first trend I see is that more people now work in government or government subsidized jobs, than not.  The second trend is that almost 50 million people now receive food stamps. A growing number of people are on the edge of poverty. These are the trends that underly the financial crisis.  The only statement I can make is this:

The “recovery” will be paid for by a currency that points to declining GDP and export figures, for it’s justification. An impoverished populace will pay it’s “fair” share of the burden out of declining incomes and purchasing power. No one has figured out how to pay for the last 20 years of war, but the budget for the next war still has to be met. In the face of impending financial doom, the answer seized upon has been to just raise the debt ceiling. This is an open admission that the currency has failed and is only useful as a public relations tool. People who live in the real world just know that their resources can’t pay for their present lifestyle.  If someone figures out how to live without food and shelter and get where they need to go without buying fuel, then we’ll be able to accept the official statements about the economy. Real life is not the board game that children play.

This must be that audacity that everybody was talking about.


The stories coming out of Greece are a warning to the world. Getting out of the debt trap will take years of hardship. the world will learn to never be at trhe mercy of a banker.


A suit and tie won’t get anybody an inch off the ground, come dying time. If a church looks too much like a social club, it’s not a church. It’s a business.


Homelessness never leaves someone who has lived those empty days. I watch the weather back in Colorado. when I see that the temperature is going to be under 25 degrees, I know that my friends will be sleeping indoors, thanks to the outreach programs.


I just need to hear something to make the day better. I need a break.


This isn’t a settlement. It’s a betrayal of public trust. Now, the government has made it’s bed of corruption. The road of fraud leads to poverty.


The message is repeated, over and over. The most important factor in dealing with local issues are local relationships. It’s the people on the ground that do the work, that get things done. They eliminate a lot of misery.


The earthquake map is starting to jump. There are 3 M 5 + quakes on the map, within the past hour.


When I speak about the homeless experience, it’s usually among people who have had some experience with the hardships of the days we live in. It always comes down to finding things that work. Obviously, people have different standards than the politicians they elect. The world is so compromised in their complicity that they are silenced in the face of injustice. In this society, people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain. That is the just reward for voting for the one that promises the most largess.


There isn’t much to like about homelessness. As more people are squeezed out of the economy, more people will experience the dead end of zero dollars. It is the people that put themselves into the better community that they want to live in, that make the difference between hope and despair.


An important principle is illustrated by outreach programs, every day. That is, local relationships are the most important factor in building support structures Homelessness is a life of endurance. In the coming days, many are not able to survive the hardships. Living requires us all to come to the aid of our neighbors.


This is how Corporatism works. That’s the United States’ way. It’s about eliminating competition, by whatever means necessary.


Reports like this are going to snowball. Crime and punishment should go together.


Before the dust settles, there will be a lot more than 12 reasons to hate this settlement. This settlement is less than a license fee for institutionalized corruption. The public backlash won’t be pretty. This issue won’t see closure until the mortgage industry collapses.


Trust has been broken with this settlement. Clear title is so broken in this debacle. Letting the banks and mortgage brokers off the hook will be paid for dearly, in the future. The fallout from this could spread to other areas of the economy. Europe doesn’t have a step on the United States. This isn’t a haircut It’s a fleecing.


This is a travesty. Equitable restitution should be in the area of $2.7 Trillion. Letting the banks off the hook for less than one tenth of one percent is a gross miscarriage of justice.


This is what happens when people don’t own anything and are in debt up to their eyeballs. They trash the place. Social upheaval may mean that there is nothing left, after they toss the government out, on it’s backside.


According to some figures I’ve seen, a just settlement in the fraudclosure issue would be more like $2.7 Trillion. Letting the banks off the hook fort less than one tenth od one percent is a gross miscarriage of justice. If ever in history a legal system heaped to itself damnation, it is here and now.


There are so many conflict of interest stories in the news, it’s difficult to make a statement that describes the depth and reach of the corruption. In Medicine, Banking, Real Estate, Agriculture …… the list goes on into a fog on the horizon. This isn’t an economy, in the traditional sense of presenting a working model. There is no restraint in any of it. This example seems to point to an obvious new rule. In instances in which a lie won’t cover for it, withholding information, does.


Operating costs are friction in the economic machine. The fastest growing components in that drag and decline are taxation and regulation. The only thing government produces is an expensive bureaucracy.


That is basically the story that has been implied, if not directly stated., concerning the real estate market. The whisper has been for at least 5 years, that the United States does not have the employment / production / export combination to support the debt service on the housing inventory. Bulldozing the excess inventory would be a very expensive ditch to fill in. The construction industry built it, and no one came. There won’t be any joy in Mudville.


If the button hasn’t been pushed. the finger is on it. Bluffs have been called. Does the raise and call make it another trip around the table? It’s fold time for the faint – hearted.


This is important information that people should be aware of. Knowing the risks and acting accordingly is better than dealing with surprises.


I needed an RSS feed with the range of content that fits my interests. I’ve added your feed in the header on georgesblogforum. I just checked to make sure that the feed is working, properly. I’m sure I’ll see stories that I want to read. I’m sure that my readers will agree.


To say that Bernanke made a “biblical mistake” in his testimony is putting it mildly. Bearing false witness, perjury, lying …. whatever term you use, carries a penalty. Judgment is coming. This is the way that a society, a corporation and a nation sows the seeds of it’s demise.


It may be half time for America. It depends on your choice of law. If you say that the currency is money, the game was over and America lost, in 1867. If you say that gold and silver coin are money, you know that the Federal Reserve note is down to it’s last play.


10 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Thursday, Feb. 9th, 2012

  1. “It depends on your choice of law.”
    You evidently understand that we live in a commercial (contracts & trusts) system and that the constitution is NOT the law of the land.

    Hence, there are no political solutions – only commercial. Funny money vs. honest money.

  2. There is no law. The settlement of robosigning including NY and CA puts the final nail in the coffin for the rule of law where every citizen has the same standing. The elites run this country by making a debacle of every issue we face while papering it over with deficit spending that exponential math says cannot continue to infinity. They are stealing the last real nickel from the American Treasury while providing bread and circus with the crumbs.

    What the elites fail to understand is that God says for everything there is a season, and the elites have winter coming just like everyone else. Watch Greece because as Celente says, “when a man loses everything, and he has nothing left to lose, he loses it”. Never have truer words been spoken.

    The elites have made their bed. They tell the common man to eat cake probably because food and fuel are not part of CORE inflation, and the elites are as clueless as Marie.

    I read a line the other day from a Hemingway novel that really stuck in my mind. The person asks, “how did the country go bankrupt”, and the reply was, ” two ways. Slowly at first and then all at once.”. Elites, the bell will toll for thee.

    • We were warned about these days. Lawlessness abounds. I’ve been saying that we are living in the film, “Rollerball”, for a long time. It s government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys and for the Banks. The Preamble to the Congressional Record officially changed the purpose for the Federal War of Corporate Conquest from Preservation of the Union, to conquest. The die was cast, in 1867.

    • History repeats. People think they can make up the rules as they go, but agreement doesn’t make fraud, lawful. The Bible says that, though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.

      • I say that same thing over and over, but nobody seems to listen or understand. :>)! Einstein had it right concerning doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        We seem incabable of learning from our mistakes, and you can’t outrun exponential math or maximum potential. It’s why Empires come and go with currency debasement playing a very big role in their destruction.

      • It is obviously a natural cycle. On the up side of the cycle, there is no material incentive toward righteousness. Until the peak of civilization is reached, prosperity and peace seem to last forever. There is always a time lag between transgression and judgment. The exception is the wilderness experience during the Exodus. Judgment was immediate, on the spot. Our present day lack of sound judgment and obedience is a direct result of failure to keep the commandments of YHVH and execute His judgments. The end of America was decided when the people abandoned what is written. The mainstream churches present a savior that can not be found in the Biblical description of the Messiah. America has chosen to come up another way, as a thief and robber.

  3. “It is the people that put themselves into the better community that they want to live in, that make the difference between hope and despair.”

    Great quote. Walking with someone out of poverty and despair will be infinitely more effective than just telling them to get out from a distance.

    • The thing that always irritated me, over the last 30 years, has been the people who are full of bright ideas that someone else should do something with. Fortunately, I know many people who put there time, energy and resources to work in the community. The bottom line is that it takes all of us, to get it done. Thank you for your service to your community.


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