The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2012 – A quick run through the news shows how far the fabric of society is being stretched. It could be argued that, in some places, there is very little evidence of civilization. The situation illustrates why I believe that a key step in survival is getting away from the cities. In my blog notifications, I see that someone gets shot almost every day since September, in Oakland, CA. I’m persuaded to never go there, for any reason. Government uses these conditions to push for gun confiscation. The root cause of the problem is the environment fostered by the lawless legal system constructed by government, itself. Municipal police departments are becoming standing armies for private interests. We must call the Public / Private Partnership what it is: Fascism. This arbitrary legal structure, built around corporate indentured servitude, is the mark of a Third World dictatorship. Political enemies lists, unrestricted detention, military activity in civilian environments and no legal protection for the accused describe every genocidal Police State in history. We have returned to the days of British corporate rule in North America. This sad consequence is the result of bad decisions by people who abandoned their connection to the land, to serve the historical master of their bondage. U. S. citizens chose the chains that bind them.

War and Politics work in the same brothel. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue. Since war is one of the four Biblical plagues, politics is a social disease.

The choice is either to let the banks off for pennies on the dollar, or live with further collapse of the housing market. Or, is it? The banks, in their supreme arrogance, believe that they can dictate terms with control of available mortgage money. Yet with the legal environment they are creating with their lawlessness, the trust that supports the housing market, is gone. They can’t have their cake, and eat it, too.

As location sensitive as security decisions are, I have never seen urban environments as defensible, in the long term. Cities are by design and policy, internment camps.With the way that government seizes property, these days, nothing is safe.

It isn’t difficult to see where the world is going. There is only one pie, and everyone wants a bigger slice.

The question from the Nuremburg trials is, “Who is guarding the guards?”. Obviously, checkpoints are visible manifestations of a Police State. This internal security system is a duplicate of occupied nations under martial law. 1930’s Germany would call this, “normal”.

Sometimes, a writer is bound by conscience to say the things that others are afraid to say. It is common knowledge that the marketplace is motivated by the balance between feer and greed. Unfortunate as that is, we must confront reality and take a stand. My archives show that commitment. It cost me the world that I once knew. My archives are at:

I write for the people who are trying to make sense of the world. My drive to know why things are the way they are , fits into that. It keeps me pushing forward, every waking moment. the study of Human Nature, expressed in History, is a fascinating study.

That is how the wealth transfer system works. Land, resources, manufactured goods and agricultural harvest have intrinsic value. The currency does not. People can’t know the value of a dollar, if they don’t know what a dollar is.

Thank you for your prayers for the people in the Philippines after the earthquake. I just got a message back from one of my friends.

Hello George,

Thank you for the prayers… my hometown in which my mom and 4 sisters are still there were hit at 6.9 magnitude yesterday but by GOD’s GRACE they are all alright so are my friends and some relatives….. but on other parts it,s devastating just like what happened just a few month ago due to typhoon.. well…. we could not complain but just have FAITH since GOD know’s what HE is doing. Thank you for the concerns my friend GOD BLESS always and take care.

The simple fact that U. S. citizens are by legal definition, not Americans, would put any real State Nationals on the list.

The negotiations are just one crew digging a ditch, and another crew behind them, filling it back in. The ditch will be finished when the Eurozone is managed from a board room at the ECB.

I keep coming back to the question of how production economies deal with shrinking markets. For the past 40 years, the answer has been to open up new markets and broaden the monetary base and resulting revenue. Unless they open up another planet, there aren’t any more new markets.

The last report that I saw confirms 43 dead, 20 of the fatalities in a landslide. I’m watching for news because I have friends living in the Manila area.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2012

    • There isn’t anything that anyone can say. we are repeating the period from 1900 t0 1946. The economic turmoil, the civil disorder, the fake money, the dysfunctional government, and the internment camp mentality of society are all there. The first half of the 20th century brought us the United Nations and at least 140 million dead people. The present lawless Corporate Oligarchy has bigger plans, than that.

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