The Daily Climb-Monday, Jan. 6th, 2012

Monday, Jan. 6th, 2012 – Now that the Super Bowl is over for another year, we can all get back to the real world. Our decisions are in the present. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will get here, soon enough. I know that some people don’t realize that some places in the world had more immediate issues than a football game. I know that there are homeless people, people who are facing eviction or foreclosure and people who’s days on earth are numbered by terminal illness. In those circumstances, people just want there to be a tomorrow without trouble. We’ll see what can be done about making the trouble go away.

I’ve known Stuart Best for more than a decade and been familiar with his materials, from working in talk radio.

We’re seeing catastrophic events that Stuart Best and his guests have been talking about, for years. Solar flares and their relationship to global weather, volcanic activity and unusual weather events, are all topics of conversation. The destruction that we see today, wasn’t imaginable, even a decade ago.

I’ve been watching for news on this event. I have friends in that area.

Prayer time, for all of us prayer people. M 6.7 earthquake in Negros – Cebu Region, Philippines. I have many friends there.

I’ve found that I’m pretty sure that people will get over their issues, in 100 years. In the meantime, it’s not my job to run the rest of the world. We can only succeed by doing things that work. We either press forward, stagnate, or slip back down the hill. That’s how we find out what we really want. keep at it. Surviving is always better than the alternative.

People across southern Europe were already opposing financial conquest. Bank runs and food riots were the most visible expressions. Resources in the hands of the people, however meager, still speak very loudly, when people vote with their wallets. The demonstrated fact that governments suppress reports of dissent and opposition just adds width to the gap between government and populations. Replacing elected governments with central bank puppets just destabilizes governments. It’s a no win situation. The banks win, people lose.

A single earthquake of that magnitude, in that volcanic area, would be cause for concern. An eruption would not be outside of possibility.


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