The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2012 –  This being Super Bowl Sunday, I know that a lot of people want to be absent from reality long enough to enjoy the game. Reality will still be there, on Monday. the security measures in place in and around the game site should give us a good measurement of how much abuse people will tolerate. Being poked, prodded, groped and microwaved would be way over the line, for most people. Yet, the attraction of the game will still draw people through the cattle inspection and into a glorified stockyard. If that’s what people want, let them have it. We still have to face the real world, even in our diversions. If people can’t find enough distraction, they always have politics.

Having been homeless in Colorado, I was aware of violence against the homeless, years ago. I am also aware of the lifeline provided by the O. U. R. Center, the H.O.P.E. Ministry and The Well, all in Longmont, CO. I’m very thankful that my friends will be sleeping indoors, tonight.

I really appreciate the library. For a very long time, it was my only Internet access.

People in the soft world have no idea what the real world is about. They don’t see the end of their ease and comfort coming. They have the expectation that things will get better. There is a very rude awakening, coming.

I’m glad you posted this. From working in talk radio, I learned some important principles. They serve me well, in blogging. I never get personal with anyone. I describe current events with historical background. And of course, I expect people who tell me I’m wrong and call me derogatory names. They can call me back in 100 years, and let me know how it worked out.

Nullification is a subject that people need tom know more about. It goes far beyond the state level. It actually begins with lawfully seated jurors.

This is good. Fiat currency can’t compete with real money.

I’ve seen many similar testimonies such as this, over the past few years. They confirm what I always knew. Our Creator knows how to introduce Himself.

If you write a blog, the truth will come out about it. It’s unavoidable. If you search the world for people to tell you that you are wrong, as I do, grow a thicker skin. You will get anything and everything in the responses.

People can only disagree with this expectation if they ignore reality. There are entire nations having going out of business sales. The European debt crisis is only the beginning.

The corporate takeover of America began in 1860. The States were conquered by the Federal corporation and abolished, replaced with subsidiary corporations. Since that event, the country has been reconstructed into a corporate oligarchy. The corporate structure is now conquering and reconstructing the world.

This is the madness that results from living in perpetual debt and war. People don’t know what to think or believe. There are no standards. Sound judgment is impossible without those standards.

As has been pointed out many times here, Greece isn’t the only one. Many countries are upside down on Debt-To-GDP ratio The clock is running out on the debt pyramid. The global currency exchange system can’t continue sowing the seeds of it’s own destruction, forever.

The reports that some areas of the park being closed to visitors because they are too dangerous was one indication that I found alarming. At the time, while living within the kill zone, a 350 mile radius around Yellowstone, I was aware that an eruption would leave only about 8 hours to escape before the pyroclastic flow spread and incinerated everything on the surface. I’ve seen articles citing computer models describing surface temps in the 15 to 1900 degree range and surface winds of 300 mph.

With me in one part of the country, and most of my family in another, It’s very difficult to keep in touch on a daily basis. We do the best we can.

The public has no idea what Planned Parethood is about. Everyone should watch this video.

The government will stop putting out fraudulent employment statistics when there isn’t any money to pay to put out the report. We can just talk to people in the street and get better information, for free.

Now it comes down to throwing bad money after worse. “Bailout” is now just a figure of speech. Let’s not kid ourselves. Italy and Spain are waiting their turns in the woodshed.It’s haircuts on the installment plan.


4 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2012

  1. What a very, very interesting article. You were homeless 😦 I am very sorry to hear this. I can’t even imagine, although I know it could happen to me in the wink of an eye. A very scary thought. Re-blogging.

    • Thank you! As I’ve written in the past, I hope that my experience make someones experience, easier. It is very, very hard to be non-commercial. My understanding requires me to do so. I see what is coming. This corporate debt plantation doesn’t see people as human beings,k only as property. We see people in positions of authority who openly and publicly hate the Creator, and His creation. Government presents itself as G-d, and demands worship. Unless that changes, destruction is coming. I know the Bible says that these days will come, but I don’t have to comply with it. Thanks again, for reblogging!

      • No, they do not see people as human beings, only the means to an end, to get rich. That is it. I know what you mean about the government representing themselves as the highest authority, such a shame. They could do so much if only they opened their eyes, don’t you think? I don’t think that will ever happen.

        You are NOT suppose to go “quietly in to the night.” Don’t you know that? 🙂

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