The Daily Climb-Friday, Feb. 3rd, 2012

Friday, Feb. 3rd, 2012 – We know that there is a lot wrong with the world. The news, filled with trouble, surrounds us. Yet, we still have choices. We don’t have to give place to trouble. We can oppose trouble. I once observed that experience was learning what I don’t want. If I hear of trouble, that is too close to me. If trouble is within my sight, that is a lot too close to me. I want the trouble to go away. We measure life by consistency and accomplishment. We recognize things that work. In all circumstances, we can still stand for what we know to be true, and put trouble away from us.

When I learned that my entire working life had been a lie, I had to walk away from it. I haven’t looked back, haven’t gone into those agreements that compromised my integrity. Now, I’m walking in the right direction, after 40 wasted years.

Some Plan “B” s are more elaborate than others. In any case, an exit strategy is good to have ready.

It makes a lot more sense than going into debt slavery for decades. Eliminating monthly expenses is going to be the way to go, especially as the economy gets worse.

There are very distinct points in legal definition, in this discussion. Creating “value” is a nebulous and unspecified expression. Refining the definition by making the distinction between perceived value and intrinsic value is critically important. First, currency is not money. Gold and silver are money. Second, printing currency. legally or illegally, does not create wealth. We see this every day, in the behavior of fiat currency markets. Whether the people know the difference or not, doesn’t matter. In all of the debate over monetary policy, the discussion gets around to a nation’s gold reserves. That is what private banks have always wanted. They want the real thing, not the worthless paper that they use to inflict poverty on nations, with.

The Fed has the long end of the stick on this deal, and always has. We know how loan sharking works. The fed has refined it to an exact science. They would never let anyone walk away, free and clear.

There is a lot of incentive in the world to seek independence from the central banks. The local autonomy and investment that goes with it are the first and most obvious benefits. In the United States, the actions in the state of Montana are getting a lot of attention.



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