The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 2012 –  U. S. citizens must feel like Curly, in the Three Stooges movies. They get treated as imbeciles and morons. By the time the media gets through with them, they’ve gotten the noses tweaked, been bopped on top of the head, poked in the eyes and on and on.  Yet, they keep coming back for more.  In any other area of life, politics would be recognized as an abusive relationship. There is the entire spectrum of addictive behavior in it. As with all such dysfunctional relationships, no one can just step in and fix it. No one can help anyone who doesn’t want help. No one can force a slave to be free. That is where the situation sits. U. S. citizens don’t want solutions that work. They want what’s behind Door #2.  They want this corruption. They want it so bad, that they go along with a debt explosion that will cost them the future they hoped their children and grandchildren would have. Government finds a way to give away the store. The question is, at what cost? The canswer is, everything.

I’m sure that the technology developed at TerraResearch to detect emissions of scalar resonant energy would add greatly to these findings.

Terra Research

Yes, show me the law.

With the administration’s desire to establish a civilian force, equal in size to the military, the whole country has been sentenced to mandatory community service.

Declaring incompetence and appointing (voting) a proxy to manage is just one of the percs of U. S. citizenship. Why would anyone want to be the property of a politician?

You have a rule and keep it, or there are no rules, at all. The Eurozone is about to wake up to a bad case of the hershey squirts.

The costs and risks are outweighing the benefits. The debate over nuclear facility maintenance and safety is a never – ending circular discussion. The industry insists that nuclear power is safe. I think we know by now, that it’s not.

After all these years of downplaying the importance of GDP, the cookie jar is empty. The social engineers and their nanny state benefit programs say, “Yes we can!”. GDP says, “No, you can’t!”. The only thing they find to grab in the cookie jar is each other’s fingers.

Last one out of the restaurant, pick up the check. People don’t sit still for being buried in taxes. The problem will be that the places to emigrate to will close up. The debt issues will multiply as markets decline and revenue shrinks.

The videos on the history of the Exchange Stabilization Fund were most revealing on this subject. They confirmed what was common knowledge, 40 years ago. The biggest trafficker in contraband in the world is the United States government. The history is that elements within government agencies have acted outside the laws that the people must abide by.

This is an area in which the facts don’t match up. There is no support for the conclusion. Any conclusion that excludes torture practices in recent incidents is invalid, on it’s face.

This is the first part of the documentary, “Fed Up”, about modern chemical farming and GMO adulterations.

That means that the taxpayers pay the operating costs, and both ends on the interest in borrowing the currency into circulation. It takes a lot of confusion in the chain of custody, to run a Ponzi scheme.

The crisis could be as simple as a local bank failure. It could be as far away as another lowering of credit ratings in Europe. Tracing the causes through the maze of economic numbers is always a contentious and agenda driven process. Regardless of the motives or details, a lot of people are in trouble.

That is the nature of bureaucracy. If the messenger can’t be confined or discredited, he usually disappears. Institutional corruption is intolerant of constructive criticism.

The taxpayers get torpedoed. That’s how everything else works, on the Federal Debt Plantation.


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