The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2012 – When do people dig in their heels and say that enough is enough? 2012 now is identified as a turning point in history. As conditions exist, destruction is the destination, unless a drastic change in direction is taken. Lip service and legislation won’t get it done. No election will change it.

The environmental movement has done as much or more to promote the slavery of Corporatism as any social movement in human history. Yet, I have to concede one point to that humanistic philosophy. The accusation has always been that the environment gets no rest from the abuses from mankind. That much is true. It is the duplicity of Environmentalism’s attention that I object to. Saving the whales and seals isn’t the same thing as stopping Monsanto and Dow Chemical from rendering the food supply unfit to eat and spraying dioxin on the farmland of the U. S. Preserving habitat from human activity is just a pretense for ending private property rights, when release of radiation into the environment goes on, unchallenged. 40 years of evidence condemns the environmental movement as corporate shills, doing public relations work for the structure that finances it’s activities. Fines in millions mean nothing, in a world of profits in trillions.

Central bank monetary policy couldn’t operate a convenience store on a street corner. This fantasy world of paper and imaginary currency is a carefully managed failure, in progress. There is good reason for it. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

Livestock walk nose to tail, unconscious of the destination and unaware of the plan at the end of the journey. When the legislation of the past 50 years is considered, it is obvious that U. S. citizens are doing the same thing.

With the financial turmoil in Europe, the war drums beating in the Middle East and the legislative turn toward tyranny here in the United States, it would be a good idea to go back and read “Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction”. It all makes perfect sense.

The worst is yet to come, because the worst has already been done. The debt was a festering sore, long before it became an unsavory mess.

The United States is a corporation, not a country. This is why corporate entities enjoy the partnership with government. They are all the same crowd.

Until and unless the 13.5 million unsold homes in inventory are dealt with, new home starts will be a pointless figure. recovery in the housing market will be a pipe dream.

Yes, war is a commercial action, and the action that changes the commercial world. In effect, governments operate in the belief that they have to assault people, take their stuff, and provide it at a cost that people are willing to pay.

Perhaps the United States should pay attention to this ruling in India. The legal system here is decidedly in favor of corporate immunity from prosecution.

If someone kicked your door in and destroyed the food in your house, that would be a serious crime. Yet that is exactly what Monsanto and Dow Chemical are going to be allowed to do, with government blessing.

This brave new world that is being formed in laboratories isn’t a very good idea.,1518,811560,00.html

Changing genetic structure to create an exclusive market should be a crime against humanity.

Now, we’ll see how the shoe fits, on the other foot.

Gold and silver have been winning in return on investment since the beginning of time. That won’t change. Right now, the only U. S. coin still being issued into general circulation that has a higher melt value than face value, is the Nickel. The rest are pot metal.

The rubber doesn’t meet the road, anymore. Auto industry labor unions don’t have the clout they had, 40 years ago. Labor unions in the U. S. in general provided the financial incentive for outsourcing. Labor unions will either take it, and like it, or lose more of what they have, right now.

There are two very different definitions of “safe” in play. It depends on which environment is the object of discussion. In this case, the safety issues are a non issue, in the corporate environment. The natural environment exists to be mined and harvested. Environmental groups, financed by the corporate structure that they claim to monitor, are strangely silent. When Dow Chemical and Monsanto want to spray a component of Agent Orange over widespread areas of the U. S. , there is no opposition. In this case of radiation release, regulatory agencies just raise the safe limits, and call it good. People wonder why I insist that destruction is coming.

Today, we could bury currency and call it fertilizer. It’s not money. A talent is a weight measure of real money, gold or silver. The same can’t be said for paper currency.

Money doesn’t get any easier to understand, than this. Currency is not the same as money, unless it can be redeemed with real money.

Follow the bouncing Ponzi, and sing along …. “I owe you, you owe me, we’re one flat broke family ….”

Export of raw materials is not the same as exporting manufactured goods. That is the difference between the First World and the Third World.

Increasing trade tensions are the inevitable result of currency collapse. No production economy can prosper in selling into declining markets.The resulting downturn produces conflict.

This is a manifestation of the Elitist position, stated by Robert Reich, then Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. He said, “Those who work with their hands and make things, have no future”.


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