The Daily Climb-Monday, Jan. 30th, 2012

Monday, Jan. 30th, 2012 – Choices. The most complex problems are either avoided or created with simple choices. Is the currency, money? Is “the way it is”, the law? Do we live in the country, America, or do we occupy it as alien shareholders in the United States? They seem to be simple questions. The same yes or no answer to the first two questions decides the answer to the third question. If the currency is money and and “the way it is” is the law, then there are no choices left. That answer is a voluntary submission to being property of the United States. The result is to be managed to the maximum benefit of the Federal corporation, the United States. It means taking on the yoke of perpetual debt slavery.  It means that a commercial action has been taken. It means support for actions that the individual may object to, on moral issues of conscience. In the end, it means suffering the consequences of actions by people that act by presumed Power of Attorney. The individual is legally incompetent and a proxy renders decisions for the individual. This is the road that people have taken. It leads to a bad end.

The difference is in choice of law. I wrote about it in the intro to today’s “The Daily Climb”

The central banks want dictators doing their bidding. They always have. They are just more open about it, now that debt slavery is firmly in place and secured by fiat currency systems. They will achieve the global domination that they lust for. It will be short – lived. There is a house cleaning coming.

Just for fun, let’s play this out. Has anyone thought about the economic fallout from such creditor concessions? The first result would be that the losses would immediately translate into less available future funding for business activity. Lower economic activity, fewer jobs and the inevitable lower consumer confidence would only accelerate the collapse.There is no solution. The bailout plans only add paper to the debt fire that is consuming Europe.

People know that the future has already been used up, as collateral. Consumer spending is a battlefield, littered with maxed out credit cards, defaulted mortgages and declining incomes. What they have today, they might not have, tomorrow.

If this were 100 years ago, it would be a slam dunk that the principal parties involved in the transfer of investor funds would be facing court orders suspending their business activities. Since JP Morgan benefited from the bankruptcy fallout, those assets should be frozen and liens filed against their company assets. Since the TBTF comprise the tail that wags the dog, that isn’t likely to happen.

The squeeze between the rock and the hard place makes hard choices, easy. Since the best that Greece can get from the ECB is the hard way to go, they have no choice but to paddle the same boat as their depositors. Obviously, this is a long term survival decision.

That’s what I’ve been saying for 30 years. Get away from the cities, grow your own food. Get away from the government programs that create a society built on dependency.

Yet, the central banks get what they want. They and their agents are amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. There are no human considerations in any nation’s foreign policy.

It comes up, over and over again. We have government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys and for the Banks. It isn’t just looking that way. That’s what those 1.5 million + statutes in U. S. Code say.

The whole world is Socialist. The United States has been Socialist, since 1933. There are more Socialist billionaires than Capitalist billionaires. One reason is that Capitalism must have real money, gold and silver, in general circulation. Fiat currency is an instrument of Socialism.

I’m interested in seeing how this system is not Socialism. I’m not sure where this goes, from what I read in the text. The description, as written, can not exist in a fiat currency environment.

There isn’t as much pie as they thought there was. Extortion doesn’t work, after the money is all gone. Now, that the reluctance to touch more debt is growing, it is inevitable that creditors will want collateral. Countries will sell off industry and infrastructure to get relief.

One of the unpublicized and little known aspects of these phones is their tracking capabilities. They are literally ear tags for the livestock.

After my homeless experiences over the past 30 years, I assume nothing, and expect less. The only certainty is that I will do something, for even inaction is something. Trying to do something has better consequences than not trying.

Frustration is just one of the experiences of homelessness. The harsh reality is that people are being squeezed out of the economy. I know people who have never been homeless, before. Suddenly, at age 50 or more, they have no job, no housing, nothing that supported the lifestyle they were accustomed to. The world they knew, is gone.

Of course, the root of the problem was stated by Thomas Jefferson:

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. The people shall wake up to find themselves homeless, on the land that their fathers settled.”

That defines the times we live in.

Nothing is safe. They talk in Trillions, now. Pretty soon, that will only be a figure of speech.

Of course, they will. Politicians know that they are swimming with sharks, just like themselves.

No nation has ever printed it’s way to prosperity. The Federal Reserve note is borrowed debt. It is borrowed into circulation. It is exchanged for another debt instrument, a U. S. Treasury bond. The currency is not money, and it is historically proven to be headed for destruction.

The conflicts of interest should be obvious. Military activity in civilian business environments raise many corruption issues. We have enough political pandering and influence peddling, without the military direct involvement. The military access to the public treasury is already a compromising condition.

The conclusion is both logical and Biblical, as far as it goes. That one world system will be the last straw. The fiat currency system isc an abomination, condemned in Scripture, and prophesied to be destroyed. Right now, who is the world going to believe?


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