The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 29th, 2012 – Changes. They are a fact of life. Personally, I’m getting ready for life without Facebook. If Facebook is serious about making the Timeline page format mandatory, and I’m convinced that they are, I’m serious about moving my activity to Google + . The page layout there will fit my content much better. I’ve always been a homebody, but Facebook is blowing up the house. When the change goes through, there will be nothing left for me, there. My friends can still find me. The changes aren’t all that drastic. Depending on when the change to Timeline affects me, the process will be simple and easy to follow.

First, I’ve removed the link to my Facebook Group Page, Georgesblog – for Social Conscience from my blog site, georgesblogforum, at

and replaced it with additional RSS feeds from blogs that I follow. I will still comment on them and link them in “The Daily Climb”. Readers will have much more flexibility in searching their content. That is a “win – win” situation. The lead story on each one updates cas the blogs add content. That should make things more interesting.

Second, I have been posting my Facebook content on Google + , at the same time that I post on Facebook. The URL for my Google + page is

Connecting with me there is simple. Just set up a Gmail account, which is needed to sign up with Google +. Then, fill out a profile to create a Google + page. If anyone has difficulty, send me a message on Facebook with your email address. I can help you through it. 

Now, out of the virtual world and into the fire. The world is walking down the train tracks and ignoring the horn sounding, behind it. Europe is being conquered, Asia is positioning to pick up the pieces, and the central banks are reaping the harvest of debt. Other than that, we’re living in Utopia. At least, most people are hoping so. They should send me an email in about 100 years, and let me know how it worked out. I don’t share either the optimism or the delusion.

The CPI makes me want to bang my shoe on the table. I really need to learn how to shout “Nyet!” , in Polish. I’ll ask my mother. In ’62, I was 9. It was the first year that I helped change an engine in a car, a ’56 Chevy Bel Aire. That winter, I swung a 5 Lb. sledgehammer, to split firewood. Good, honest work, which is more than I can say for the Fed.

This is one for the “It can’t happen here” people. Oh, yes it can.

Ahhhh ….. so talented. He’s making the transition from POTUS to Refi Pimp, a whole year before he’s booted out of office.

Building a firewall with paper just builds a bigger Bonn fire

The debtor shall lick the hand of his master, turn around, and go lick up his own vomit.

This confrontation is a precursor of what is coming. Whether the war starts with Iran or Syria or in another location, the world as we have known it, will be gone. Future history is written and recorded. Most people won’t see it, until after the dust settles.

The decline in purchasing power makes currency bailouts more ineffective, with each passing day. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the world wants real money, gold and silver.

Good afternoon! These songs and memories are reminders that there are better times than the hard times.

When Facebook imposes Timeline on my pages, I will delete my account and move my activity to Google +

Events are narrowing down, to a bad end. Warnings have continued for more than a century, followed by increased rebellion against the natural law. The consequences are certain. Only a return to that natural law and a confession of past transgression can avert the obvious end.

Mr. Griffin answers the Conspiracy Theory accusation with Conspiracy Fact. Defining a conspiracy is the beginning. Recording the activities of conspiracy is the definition of History.

By the time the election rolls around, the news will be about increasing the debt ceiling to $18T. Of course, the administration will be talking about supporting the recovery”. The scare tactics are well developed. It’s the same old story. Without the debt increase, more people will lose their jobs and homes. Never mind that the monetary policy for the last 40 years guaranteed a depression.

All through high school, I saw various social studies experiments that illustrated Socialism, Trade Unionism, Monopolies vs. Free Markets, etc. The simplistic and biased nature of the experiments were designed to promote the importance of government regulation. They never told us that the richest people in the world are all Socialist. They couldn’t have acquired their wealth without protection from a corrupt government.

The supreme audacity in this is that the 14th Amendment made Federal slaves of everyone, regardless of race. Only the Federal corporation and it’s subsidiaries and agents can legally own slaves.

There is a general objection of byproducts from the nuclear and aluminum refining industries. Flouride in drinking water and radioactive contamination of manufactured products is intolerable.

I’m sure it wasn’t that polite, behind the scenes. There is no polite response to blackmail and extortion. Central banks fed and encouraged the debt monster. The ultimatums won’t end with Greece. Greece will either be independent in poverty, or enslaved in externally managed poverty.The banks will be the Sovereigns and the nations, their colonies.

The corporate conquest of America in 1867, and the resulting 14th Amendment, made Federal property of everyone, not just black people. Today, debt slavery is the new freedom. The most effective form of slavery is that in which the slaves believe they are free. The right to own property, independent of the corporation, no longer exists. This is the first mark of a slavery system.

At least one state acknowledges the Biblical foundation of the United States of America. The Federal corporation, created by the States, became a monster when it began a war of conquest over life outside of it’s defined and specified commission. That war against the Natural Law continues, to this day.

I like it ! The foxes have their dens, the birds have their nests. We should learn from them.

It goes beyond physical description. A corporation is a fiction. U. S. “citizens” are a legal fiction. The currency itself is a fiction, circulated under license. Inn the Administrative Law system, the highest proprietary interest is served. That would be a corporate entity, a legal fiction.

The reserve currency of the world is a side issue. The real issue is that the currencies of the world are not money. They can not be made money by either treaty or war. There is no negotiation that can set aside the consequences of fraud. All we are seeing is that the USD is coming to the end of a period of domination in directing the fraud. Any national currency that comes in to this position will find itself right here, in the same eventual position as the USD.


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