The Daily Climb- Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012

Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012 – So far, 2012 is the Year of the Mismatch. Perception does not match up with reality. The economy doesn’t match up with money. Politics doesn’t match up with social stability. Of course, we never expect anything honorable from politics, anyway. It is what it is. My definition of politics is that it is the constant search for another human being to worship. Failure and disappointment are built into the process. Oh, and before I forget the big picture, production doesn’t match up with markets. That will be the common thread through every economic story of 2012.

That’s good to know. It will be important when the issue of who is holding the bag on this mess, turns into the collapse of currencies.

This is the conquest of Europe, a continuation of WW II. This is the commercial fulfillment of a shooting war. We can watch for the U. S. and UK, acting as agents of the central banks, to seize control from Germany. History repeats.

Illinois isn’t portrayed as big a problem as Greece because the Federal corporation has the deal that Europe can’t agree on. We already saw that one increase after another on the Federal debt ceiling is coming. The issue isn’t about states failing. It’s about defending the USD position. There will be no idle printing presses.

Going public is all well and good, but I question how much of Facebook’s user base will remain, after the dictatorial imposition of the Timeline page format. When that happens, I will delete my account.

This is one of my roomies, Rich Ashby. Sometimes, life is more real than we want to know.

My, my, my …. aren’t they kind? The Georgia Guidestones say that the world population has to be reduced to 500 million people. At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, Jacque Cousteau said that, for the Earth to survive as a planet, 350 million people must die each day, by whatever means necessary. The Eugenics agenda is still out there.

The cautionary note is that, in the event a shooting war breaks out, it won’t matter who fired the first shot. Armed conflict takes on a mind of it’s own, and damage goes further than intended.

The earthquake map is jumping, now.

The size of these events was put in perspective, a few years ago. I remember an article that stated that one X-Class solar flare involved more energy that all that has been generated by human activity, in all of recorded history.

Combined with the claims on DNA made by the corporate structure, we see a deliberate effort to monetize and harvest human beings.

The Wars of Corporate Conquest are on a different agenda from any national population. Corporations act as agents of central banks, dominating country after country.

The printing presses may signal the run in the physical market, before any official announcement of QE. I expect the news in Europe to let the cat out of the bag.

150 years of bad choices of law have brought us to the brink of destruction. Continued practice in the direction of corporate consolidation would finish the decline all the way to the eulogy. Righting the wrongs means being assaulted by the corporate structure. Central banks and their agents go to war to protect their position.

This can’t be good news. Good thing it wasn’t shallower.

This is the inevitable result of U. S. debt. The United States has the right to do as it is told.

Obviously, printing more currency has just created bigger future problems. Cleaning up the mess is part of getting the financial house in order. That just isn’t being done. People abdicate their responsibilities to keep that worthless paper coming.

The legally correct term, United States person” is important. U. S. citizens volunteered to be shareholders in the Federal corporation. They receive “benefits”. They are obligated to fulfill the obligations, including paying the debts of the corporation. That’s just one of the percs of U. S. citizenship.

Biometric identification is the end of privacy and human rights. The tracking capabilities make livestock of everyone.

Another measure of an economy is purchasing power. Service and logistics are not hard, tangible assets. The revenue in service does not match the costs of durable goods or daily necessities. A service economy is an underemployed economy.

Another measure of an economy is purchasing power. Service and logistics are not hard, tangible assets. The revenue in service does not match the costs of durable goods or daily necessities. A service economy is an underemployed economy.

Playing the debt game is not living the good life. It is really creating future burdens in exchange for a comfortable present.

Wealth is not keeping pace with currency expansion. This accelerates the intensity of competition. There is only one pie, and no nation is satisfied with the portions. The basic conflict always remains. Production economies and declining markets equal economic collapse.

I hope that your blog develops as quickly as mine has. The constant search for material that brings reality to the forefront is a never ending mission.

Parity pricing in agricultural commodities made the United States the breadbasket of the world. It was the most prosperous time in history. There is a group that accurately tracks production in the U’ S. Their figures are far more reliable than the government’s. If you do a search for the National Organization for Raw Materials, (N. O. R. M.) , you will see eye – opening summaries of economic activity.

It takes a lot of funny money to keep a Pomzi scheme going. It provides the mechanism to deprive populations of wealth and increase from labor.

Corporatism is about control and management. The corporate culture monetizes and harvests people.

Just as the Big Six oil companies divided the U’ S. into six regions, so the planners have divided the world.

Commercial Real Estate was one of the hot topics on the talk radio programs that I worked on, 5 years ago. It’s an issue that’s been hiding in the shadows that I talked about in yesterday’s “The Daily Climb”.

It would be nice to see Monsanto get what they deserve. It just isn’t very likely. In the Administrative Law system, the highest proprietary interest is served. In this case, that would be Monsanto.

Government grants are a festering sore. They’re a leak in the tank of the economy. The examples of political payoffs and politician buying are disgusting.

Investment is now more about manipulating public perception than anything built in reality. Few things approach the lunacy of the bubble, but the sovereign debt bubble will dwarf anything before it. This snare is so much more effective. Nothing servives without government intervention. That could mean that nothing survives, period.

Thomas Jefferson was well acquainted with the evils of private banks. The Corporatist example was fresh in everyone’s minds. The abuses from the British crown came through their private bank and it’s agents, including mercenary foreign troops. History is coming to the end of the present repetition. We are once again at the mercy of private banks.


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