The Daily Climb-Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012 –  The news over the past 48 hours was a surreal fog, imposed against the dark shadows of global social forest. With the State of the Union Address followed by the Federal Reserve activities, and underscored by developments in Europe, it just looked like shaky steps on an uncertain path. The same foreboding gloom hung in the air as a rumor of con artists and organized shoplifters in the area. Lock up the house, know where your children are, and stay away from the windows. At least zombies look like walking dead people. These days, you can’t be sure of what “normal” people will do, especially if they’re wearing suits and ties. They may not be the kind of help you were hoping for.

Oh, yes. Appoint a commission. I don’t expect anything to come out of this, any more substantial than the Warren Commission Report. The Kennedy assassination will see justice before the foreclosure fraud scandal does.

The new boss is the same as the old boss. The Bait And Switch and the Shell Game still work. People are cheated out of all they possess. Agents have been sent forth, to devour all of the people’s substance.

That looked real close. What are thew details on the asteroid?

The instant that my pages change to Timeline, I’m deleting my account and moving to Google + I’ve begun posting on Google + , as I do on Facebook. For any of my friends who still want to see my content, you just need a GMail account and then sign up on Google +

Eventually, the madness does stop. There are good reasons why there are 13.5 million unsold, existing homes. Those reasons aren’t going away. The housing market has so many negative issues that it really isn’t recognizable as a market, without government intervention. That takes it back to the root of the problem. Government “fixes” things, but only to the extent that the taxpayers can pay for it. That isn’t an economy. It’s a nameless, faceless bureaucracy. Corruption and waste finishes off everything it touches. If bureaucracy had iit’s way, everything would be subsidized housing.

Loan sharks only care about their economy, not yours. they don’t allow anyone to look for a better deal, either. It’s a strange set of circumstances that give people good reason to want to see a global collapse. Perhaps a commodity driven currency would set the thieves in their place. Exchange rates set by real things would take a lot of the wiggle room out of the Ponzi. Hard goods becomes the currency and the paper follows that. Turn the shills and shysters into beggars.

It’s what I always called the Whistling Past The Graveyard, At Midnight mentality. It’s the illusion of safety without the support of evidence to support that expectation. They all play the same debt game, are caught in thew same conditions, and none of them sees the end of the road coming.

The addiction to the fiat debt paper is getting fierce. The whole world is getting the chills and shakes.

When we understand that the currency itself, is debt, then we understand debt. When we understand that interest must be paid on the debt, twice, then we can see the depth of the fraud. The Federal Reserve and the U’ S. treasury gets the profit. The taxpayers get the liabilities.

That’s how the Prussian Education Model works. It does a fine job of turning out good little corporate widgets. My notions about homelessness come from 30 years of personal experience. I’ve been there, and done that. It shaped my view of social structure. I’ve written a great deal about it. It’s in my archives.

Looking all the way to the bottom of poverty, we find extermination. 140 million people were murdered, by their own governments, in the 20th century. To ignore that is to whitewash the dark side of human nature.

Oil generates more excitement than a loose football near the goal line, in the Super Bowl. It becomes every man for himself, and ignore the penalty flags and whistles.The situation with Iran is deja vu, all over again. Before Iraq got bombed senseless, they announces that their oil would no longer be sold for USD.

Most people have never been sound asleep, in a sleeping bag, and punched at 3 AM by a drunken individual. I have. In that incident, it was another homeless man, that did it. In the same city, there was a rash of incidents in which homeless men were assaulted by teenagers using skateboards as weapons. The danger of the streets is very real.

Almost every homeless shelter I’ve ever seen goes to great lengths to keep alcohol and drugs out. I’ve also seen the great lengths that people go to trying to get those things in the shelter. It is a disaster if there is an intoxicated person in a shelter.


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