The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2012

Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2012 – In all of the speculation about the global economy, and the European debt crisis, there is a question that I haven’t seen asked.

“What would happen if all of the currencies of the world collapsed, on the same day?”

With all of the apocalyptic speculation about 2012, I see the answer being between the extremes. Of course that would mean a period of civil disruption. Some places would be worse than others. But what would people do to transact business? I see it coming out with commodities indexed to each other, in parity pricing. Currency would be replaced by private contracts specified in quantities of commodities.

An ounce of gold = so many ounces of silver, so many tons of coal, a set quantity in bushels of produce, a specified amount of crude oil, on through equivalence in manufactured goods. A stabilized economy would of course be subject to the unforeseen. That’s what keeps life interesting.

Human nature is more comfortable with the enemy it knows, than with the one it doesn’t know. The imagination is where the worst nightmare3s live. The more they are avoided, the bigger and stronger they become. Avoidance breeds fear.

Whenever a Global Socialist speaks, gold and silver should rise. It is a sign of the times that China ignores the monetary policies of the West, and buys every ounce of gold and silver they can get their hands on. Socialists aren’t stupid. It’s their ideology that is defective. They still know what real money is.

The Fed can’t change horses in midstream. The commitment to manipulating inflation figures and market indicators risks exposure with any other course of action.

The unmentionable dirty little secret of fractional banking is that debt service destabilizes economies. For at least two generations, we have been sold the notion that inflation is normal. The historically proven fact is that compounding interest on the debt is poison to the increase of real wealth in the hands of the population. The banks become bigger and stronger while the population becomes poorer and weaker. Independence builds an economy. Debt slavery breaks down constructive economic activity.

I watched the video of the press conference. Inflation must be really low, for people who don’t have jobs. It must be that they’re already deflated and they don’t count in the statistics.

We always knew that the fox had the run of the hen house, at the “Just Us” Dept. I’m just waiting for the currency to collapse and whether or not they’ll all skip the country.

‎”Deleveraging” is just a polite term for deflation. It’s just sugar coating for a liquidity shortfall. When the Fed starts talking about giving out zero obligation grants, then I’ll listen about “deleveraging”.

I have a movie for Helicopter Ben. “Invasion Of The Mattress People”. The movie reaches a crisis when the Mattress People give up on the currency, and cut up newsprint to hide in the bedding.

Legal Reality Newsletter 25 January A. D. 2012

There is a right way to assert State Nationality. There is a lot of legal and historical research on the subject. I have links in my list that deal specifically. with this issue. The Red Amendment site of L. B. Bork is most helpful.

The Red Amendment

It’s bad enough that they really believe what they’ve been saying. We shouldn’t have to believe it, too.

I have to wonder at what point, seeing that these law firms are trying to prevent recovery of funds by investors, do they step over the line, into obstruction. With the compromising connections to outside parties, such as JP Morgan, I can see that a law firm could be an accessory after the fact, to embezzlement. Wouldn’t that be nice, if that smoking gun evidence turned up?

We must be toddlers, in Goldman’s estimation. creating a market where there isn’t one, inflating a bubble on their word, and pushing paper has all of the integrity of a crack dealer. I hope they don’t find any takers, at anything near that price.

I’m setting up the move of my activity to Google + . With the report from CBS San Francisco that Facebook is changing over to mandatory use of the Timeline page format, I’ll be deleting my Facebook account, when that happens. If you send me a message in Facebook, with an email address, I can send you an invitation to Google +. Signup requires a Gmail address, but that is quick and easy to set up. For those already on Google +, I’m at

The walls are closing in. If Facebook goes forward with a mandatory change to the Timeline format, I’m deleting my Facebook account and moving all of my activity to Google + .

It looked good on paper, and actually worked for a while. Then, along came Abraham Lincoln, the War of Corporate Conquest, and the 14th Amendment. America died, before we got the chance to live in it

It’s like watching Pro Wrestling.

Today, it is trading wealth for debt.

If Facebook follows through on this, I will be inviting my 3900 friends to delete their accounts and join me on Google +. I’m at on Google + .

The piper will be paid. The currency can be land, resources, flesh and blood …… but not that worthless paper.

In the world as it was created, all blessing comes from the land. In the world that the Federal corporation is reconstructing, all blessing comes through the bureaucracy. If someone is a U. S. citizen, they are created by the State. The Federal corporation is their god. I especially enjoyed the “all for one, and one for none” tone of the speech.

The rich men of the earth may control the wealth, but they need social compliance to keep it. That is the motivation for the Draconian edicts inflicted on populations. Their greatest fear is losing control, and their fraudulently acquired wealth, with it.

The same issues and arguments go around and around. They usually come out in the same place. It comes down to the basic choice, liberty or tyranny.

All blessing comes through the land. That is why United States citizenship severs the connection to the land. Government presents itself as the final authority, a false deity, and demands worship and tribute.

Real Capitalism doesn’t exist without real capital, real money. This paper debt instrument is not money. It is not capital. It exists for the purpose of transferring wealth to the corporate structure. The crisis in Capitalism in the U. S. began in 1913, and it’s been downhill, ever since.

A few are dictators, and the rest take dictation. The EU situation is a memo to the world, in itself. These cycles of debt inflation and austerity collapse destroy nations.

Preparation begins with a plan. Meeting a crisis without a plan is a panic response. Those of us who are not physically tough still have to be prepared in advance. Avoiding trouble is the best way to survive it.

Corporations are intend on stalling past generations and burying the truth as long as possible. They hold the public off long enough to reap the profits. then pay the government a small percentage in handling fees. The fines levied, if at all, institutionalize corruption.

Sounds like a plan. Unfortunately, civilizations in ndecline never follow it, until the fruit of their folly is harvested.


5 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2012

    • It is a civil rights issue. The best way to confront it is to cease using their facility. Just as moving accounts out of the big, multi-national banks and into local credit unions turned BoA’s, Citi Group, etc, around, FB will wake up and smell the coffee. If millions of people walk away from FB, they’ll lose advertising revenue.


  1. Real Capitalism doesn’t exist without real capital, real money. This paper debt instrument is not money. It is not capital. It exists for the purpose of transferring wealth to the corporate structure. The crisis in Capitalism in the U. S. began in 1913, and it’s been downhill, ever since.

    True. Here’s the answer.

    Here’s how it happened

    In this book are the gradual first steps to take to fix our economy.

    And here is another good article touching on this subject.

    • Thank you, Henry! All very good reference materials. I was fortunate to be in a position to talk off-air with G. Edward Griffin, a few times. He pointed me in the right direction, on a lot of issues.


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