The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 2012

Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 2011 – We’re barely into the week, and the economy is desperately trying to find  good news. In the past, overstating the numbers or their importance has caused big trouble. Too often, we have seen the positives floodlit with attention from mainstream media. The negatives get swept under the rug, until they end up in court, cause a bank to fail, or a developer files for bankruptcy. While the housing industry is gamely trying to save face, loet us not forget how widespread and tangled the foreclosure fraud issue has become. Courts have declared mortgages invalid, in many places. In many cases, clear title is broken. Under these circumstances, it has become more difficult for the mortgage industry to put anything under valid contract. No matter what the new housing starts are, building something into a strangled market is pointless. There are 13.5 unsold homes, as it is. “If you build it, they will buy it” no longer works. The point is that until this problem is resolved, contractors won’t be working very much, either. What goes around, comes around in the economy.  This can’t continue or the decline into recession is inevitable


When economic indicators are as manipulated as they have been, it couldn’t be -proven by evidence that there has been any recovery, except for the banks.

Markets are driven more by avarice than need. The belief that the need will provide the resources to satisfy avarice is rampant in the world. Supply band demand have become extortion and racketeering.

They’ve tried every imaginable way to integrate the currencies of the world. Obviously, the only option left is to collapse all of them, leaving a vacuum to fill with a global currency. All political dictatorships began with an economic dictatorship.

Toxic ingredients in vaccines have no moral justification. There is no question that pharmaceutical companies have caused more autoimmune disease and damaged more lives than all wars, combined.

Repression always seems to be a stronger motivation than encouragement, in human nature. There is just something about being aware of the presence of another human being that sets that off. In a cultural context, any change in circumstance is counted as danger, until proven otherwise.

The links break down because much of the data is not reality, but a derivative representation meant to mimic reality. The decoupling is the end result of separation from reality. I take this as proof that the markets do not represent the real economy any more than professional sports gambling represents what happens on the field of play.

A major concern is that markets don’t respond in the direction that public policy wants to go. The reaction to austerity and conservation is always a run on available supplies.

This contrived and illusory system is doomed to fail. The currency is not money. Government is not God. Products are shipped an average of 1,000 miles to get to us. This is so far removed from working the land with our own hands. It is inevitable that the future of survival is local.

In a crowd situation, rumor becomes as good as fact. It runs it’s course, leaving people wondering what happened, if anything. Men’s hearts fail them, for fear.

The Federal Reserve note itself, is white noise. If it were not for currency manipulation, the markets would reflect real value. Every day, we see the speculation on when the flood gates will open on more paper. If the answer to that daily question drives the market, everyone is in bad trouble.

The cost of making real things exposes the fraud of the fiat system. They can’t even manufacture the slag coinage, as cheaply as they used to.

Corporatism is an interlocking system of commercial relationships. It’s growth through two world wars and many military actions brings the world back to the developments of the 1930s. The patterns repeated draw the world into managed debt servitude. We know where it is going, by the evidence of where it has been.

A paradox of the fiat money system is that, for the Ponzi scheme to continue, politicians have to keep their promises. Failure to deliver brings the whole thing down.

Fiat currency is a fantasy, gold and silver are reality. The fiction of the fiat markets is blowing away like smoke on the wind. 2012 will be a year of currency collapse.

Shelter is both a physical separation from the elements and a calm place in the eye of the emotional storm. Every day, we are all searching for that refuge, in some form.

This is a good example of someone getting something done, instead of just planning it.

I like things that work. Homeless people can be just as functional and expressive as anyone else.

We’ll see how long this lasts, or even if it gets off the ground. The history of trade restrictions is that the terms are violated as quickly as they are implemented. Remember that nations agreeing on anything start in mistrust. They end up in dissolution. The current Euro crisis proves that.

Bureaucracy has always had a distaste for independence. It has a hunger for other people’s money. The best way to get their hands on it is to tax people into poverty, and then offer to help with the resources it extorted.

The earth has become much more active, over the past decade. We are still learning when and how to get out of the way.

Looks like the housing market hasn’t learned it’s lesson. If they build it, somebody will default.

When I saw a documentary about GMO food that openly admitted that modern chemical farming was developed in Nazi Germany, I instantly understood where GMO crops fit into the population control agenda. This is genocide. It is a holocaust without the barbed wire and gas chambers.

These videos contain the documentation for everything that I’ve been writing. The paper trail details how world history has been shaped, since 1934. The videos are well worth the hour that it takes to watch them.

This is a lot better than watching football. It is interesting that the ESF coincides with the State of Emergency in Agriculture. 1934 is an important year in history. The Federal corporation took dictatorial control of the economy. That State of Emergency has never been rescinded and is in force, today. It’s purpose has been stated in the Preamble to the Congressional Record in 1953 and 1973.

‎These videos confirmed everything I knew, and more. I knew that American pilots, in American planes were flying combat missions against Japan, in 1939. I just didn’t know that the operation was funded by the U. S. Treasury since 1934. I’m keeping the link to the Zero Hedge posting, along with this one, current in “The Daily Climb”.


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