The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 2012

Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 2012 – The world is a simmering pot of oatmeal. It may not even be real oatmeal, but just a perverted, genetically modified substitute. The results are horrendous. We are watching the body of humanity, turning on itself. Populations are being devoured financially, yet they keep coming back for more. People are less concerned with how the economy comes to an end, than when. If a continent were destroyed by a meteor impact, people would need no explanation. Yet, they are oblivious to the impact of fake money, fractional reserve banking and the Socialist, something-for-nothing monetary policies of the world. They go on their merry way, believing that everything is good and right, as long as they can go places and buy things.  The whole world doesn’t have to move to Greece. The Debt Monster is roaming the earth, unhindered.

Spectacular video. It’s a reminder that the world can change, very abruptly.

The problem with the Fed is that it is institutionalized corruption. It is the foundationm of the Public / Private partnership, Fascism. We now have government of the corporations, by ther attorneys and for the banks. There is no independent oversight in Corporatism.

All good questions. I’ve asked them of myself, many times in the last 40 years. The advice works in any age, in every circumstance. Get away from the cities. Secure a safe and secure source of water. Grow your own food.

The Euro was never an equitable arrangement, to begin with. When the pros and cons of a common currency were being debated, the very situation that is taking it apart today, was a major objection, back then. The critics were right. Europe is reduced to peon status by the UK, Germany and France. It is only a matter of time before those three betray each other, repeating European history.

Wonderful. Now we have Frankenmeat. How much genetic damage will this do to humanity, before it runs it’s course.Sometimes, science is a disease.

Budget debates are becoming meaningless. All the back and forth about what the numbers mean is just a distraction. Since the house of cards depends on everyone participating in the same crime. debt reduction is a symptom in itself, not a cure. This is the parallel with the end stages of drug addiction. Any mention of reducing the dole creates panic attacks, withdrawal symptoms and hallucination. Greece is in the shakes and chills, now.; China may resort to that special form of global burglary, the trade war that everyone fears. The U. S. is the longest running Ponzi scheme, in the world. All of the foreign investors are discovering that they were cheated. The mess that Nixon tried to wriggle out of in 1972, is coming back to haunt us. The Federal Reserve didn’t promise to make good on it. U. S. taxpayers did.

I wish I had read this before I wrote the “War Of The Money Worlds” Update, yesterday. The boys could have asked Bernanke who his retirement planner is.

There are two critical facts that demand the response of conscience. First, we have inherited lies from our fathers. It’s not their fault. We couldn’t have been taught better than they were. Second, we are the future that gets stuck with paying the bill. Kicking the can down the road is just abdication of responsibility. It just won’t stay kicked.

Derivatives work just like pari – mutual betting. Money on both sides of a point, then the banks take the percentage of the handle. Gamblers just can’t leave board games in the box.


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