The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Jan. 11th, 2012

Wednesday, Jan. 11th, 2012 – Sometimes, I get tired of being the wet blanket, all the time. It would be nice to write something cheerful, once in a while. But then, I understand my role in life. The thought of those insane Trillions in debt coming due, in the first quarter of this year just won’t go away. With this background of perpetual war, the same ol thing seems about as close to peace as we get. By all news accounts, everything seems to point to April. Between now an then, try to enjoy sanity wherever you fin it. It’s much better than the alternatives.

It follows the pattern of commerce. Blockade and embargo are acts of war. If the Corporatist agenda could go to war, conquer the States and abolish them, and claim dominion by right of conquest, then it follows that no independent entity is safe from being targeted. It may start with Iran, but it won’t end there.


This is appalling. I’ve dealt with being out with nowhere to go, as an adult. I can’t imagine children being in the same situation


Only people that believe that today is different than any other time in history buy into the notion of a bright future. they so easily get on board with this lawless system and ignore the trouble that it brings. I can only say what I have consistently said. They will understand when they get harvested.


On Wednesday, 11 January 2012, this author will be the guest on America in the Balance on Truth in Focus internet radio from 4 – 5 pm Central time.

This is the first time this author will be addressing this particular audience.  Should be a great show.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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Note from georgesblogforum: I’m trying to find a “Listen Live” button on this website. They do have archives of the programming, and last week’s “America In The Balance” program. I expect that this program will be available within 24 hours.


The on demand program “America In The Balance” with Harmon Taylor’s appearance is posted. As soon as I finish listening to “To Free America”, I’m going listen to what Harmon has to say.


I’m listening to “To Free America” with Randy Yarbrough on First Amendment Radio.


This case has been going on, for a long time. The shocking fact is it’s extent, over such a long time period. For whatever reasons given, it is still a very anti – human example of the core principle of Eugenics. Culling the human herd for the purpose of “eliminating undesirable genetic traits” is an abomination.


Interesting name for this operation. Of course, The Great Prophet, the one promised, like unto Moses, is Yeshua ha Maschiach, Jesus the Christ. The prophets in Scripture that spoke of this specific scenario are most notably, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah. I would start out by reading Ezek. 37 thru 39, again. It’s future history.


It is a very strange sound. It is rhythmic, closest thing I can imagine would be a distant jet. It is to intermittent to be helicopter blades. As loud as it’s reportde to be, there would have to be something visual to support a natural cause.


I knew that none of this would work, back in the beginning of the crisis in 2007. If you step in something unpleasant, spreading it on anything you can scrape it off on, won’t work. You have to take your shoes off and clean up the mess. We haven’t seen that done in the financial world, and there appears to be no intention of doing so. There’s a lot more manure in the markets, now. We are still being kept in the dark, The road to poverty is paved with fiat currency. It does stick to shoes.


I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with talk show hosts that I like very much. They make the mainstream hosts look like Global Socialists. Well, in reality, the best known programs are Corporatist in their very souls. I’ve seen an heard, better than that.


I’ve learned in these polarized debates that it is commercial identity speaking. My mistake was in being deceived by appearances. I thought I was speaking with a flesh and blood, human being. In the gun control debate, that is not the case, at all. Now that I understand that, I know that someone who purposes to take liberty and property, eventually intends to take life. There is no reasoning with that mentality, because there are no positive human attributes in it.


After the trade balance in favor of China over the years, who would have imagined the words, “China” an “default” , in the same sentence? Yet, this is what happens when dysfunction in the market cycle occurs. Not only does what goes around, come around, it keeps on going. This can only accelerate the global collapse in currencies. We will see the Euro and USD adjust, accordingly. It won’t be pretty.


In the good old, bad old days, this was called racketeering. I see occasional calls for this kind of thing to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes. It’s a nice idea, ,but it would be like having the bartender from the movie “Goodfellas” for a judge.


It seems like everything in banking communications is vulnerable. Better that people be suspicious than victimized.


This is how you can tell who the real insiders are. They may get caught, but they don’t pay.


Nothing like a good old fashioned trade war among competitors. There is only one pie, an they all want the biggest slice.


There isn’t any sense, because there hasn’t been a free market in this country since 1867. The central banks got the conquest they wanted, through their agent, the Federal corporation. It’s been all downhill, ever since. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper.


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