The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Dec. 28th, 2011

Wednesday, Dec. 28th, 2011 – The world we knew is passing away before our eyes. We never got to know life in America. The Federal corporation conquered the States in 1867, and now claims everyone as 14th Amendment property. We have government of the Corporation, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks. Our inalienable rights are supposed to be protected under our State Constitutions. We are betrayed by a corporate structure that knows no law but it’s own decrees. At this point, asserting our State Nationality is ignored.  The United States is a corporate internment camp. We are seeing legislation passed that enables a tyrant. NDAA was a shock, but if you study history from 1920 to the present, you will see that we are reliving the 1930s. The difference is that the objective is here in the U. S., not in Western Europe.

I have a new invention. I’m going to call it the Ponzi stick. It goes up, once. When it comes down, it suffers a catastrophic structural failure. The user is left feeling betrayed and violated. There is no warranty. If you want a refund or free replacement, you have to ask Jon Corzine. He will refer you to JP Morgan. The check is probably not in the mail.


I tell people, if they are holding physical gold and silver, they are the bank. If someone wants to buy it, demand double spot price. The response is usually that no one would pay that price. My response is that someone is offering worthless paper for real money. You should never be in a position of having to sell your gold and silver.


The answer to the poverty and debt question is that we are being “Ponzi” – ed into oblivion. Congress is unaccountable to us because they are there to manage us to the maximum benefit of the Federal corporation. For everything else, picture two sunny side up eggs, sizzling in a skillet. This is the human brain on fiat currency.


A decade ago or more, we were saying that this was coming. Now it’s here. We’re not kooks or tin foil hats, any more.


Yes, the news is very negative. Yes, the legislation is bad. We are reliving the 1930s. Dictators don’t happen overnight. It takes a decade , or more. It remains to be seen, how much of that time we have wasted away.


Yes, the game is afoot. They’ve been playing Ponzi Ball for 99 years.


The only answer in the short term is to stop sending people to Washington,      D. C. and turn Federal government over to the State governments. If those seats were filled on a rotating basis, no individual would have a uninterrupted term in that seat, and they would stay a lot closer to home.


As historical background, Japan was under a blockade and embargo preventing shipments of oil into Japanese waters, at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. War is a commercial action. The jingling we hear is not pocket change. Regardless of who throws the first punch, it’s still a fight.


I know that is a lot harder than it reads. 15 miles in the forest is a lot different than 15 miles on a road. I did like the concentration on awareness of surroundings. It immediately brought to mind everything I’ve read about dangerous environments.


Very good post. There are a number of good carbon block filters on the market. I have had a lot of experience3 with one of them. I once filtered water from a lake through it. When I bent down to scoop a bucket of water to filter, I could smell sulfur. The filtered water was clear, clean and refreshing. Water filtration is important. There are 5,000 parasites that thrive in and on the human body. We don’t want to be drinking them.


In every book on survival that I ever read, everything begins with a list. Some build a list from scratch, by assessing priorities. Since most of us have little or no experience with survival situations, other than what we’ve seen on TV or read, most of us aren’t qualified to know what we need. Thank you for this post. Everyone has to start with something. A time tested list is better than what we can come up with, on our own.


The future problem is bigger than the present one. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street.As the currency continues to inflate, the depth of it’s collapse will be deeper. The damage will be more severe. Debt expansion didn’t ease the Great Depression. It is production and employment that ends economic decline.


The numbers are shocking. This is only the beginning. As the currency further collapses under the weight of increasing debt, so to does economic activity. Lower production, fewer jobs. More unemployment, more homelessness.


Slavery has always been the preferred business model of central banks. They have zero tolerance for dissent or opposition. People are in there positions, only as long as the central banks allow them to be there. They will either vserve the interests ofr the banks, or they will be gone.


We don’t owe it to ourselves. The debt is owed to a private central bank, the Federal Reserve. The Fed will collect the debt, by whatever means necessary.


We knew the radioactive contamination was leaking from the reactors, without remedy. The question that was raised at the time of the admission as to the leakage, how far would it go? Now, we’re getting the answer to the question.


We’ve known for almost a decade that these facilities, among them WW II prisoner of war camps, closed military bases, etc. , had been renovated for future use. There are lists of their locations and capacities. This is not rumor or conspiracy theory. These facilities are property in Federal inventory and activity in those locations is not consistent with inactive facilities.


The problem is that we are in exile. If we were in the Promised Land, this could and should be done. We are living under the Babylonian system with all of it’s abominations, including a fiat currency that is an unjust weight and measure. I believe that we are in the time of the Second Exodus. We will see the Biblical plagues visited upon the world. We are repeatedly warned of what is coming. We are repeatedly told not to be troubled by these things. If we are obedient and come out of Babylon, we are promised that we will be delivered out of this bondage.


This is an example of the corporate structure measuring how much pressure can be put on the livestock, without causing a stampede. Oops! We have a stampede.


We have to have hope to continue to function. We must also take care that our hope is not held in denial. If we ignore the severity of the debt load ande the history of fiat currencies, our hope is not hope, but delusion.


In the long run, the house always wins. The house won in 1929. The banks got property for pennies on the dollar, and we entered into a system of steady devaluation and loss of purchasing power. The USD now has 2% of the purchasing power it had in 1930. It is now a 40 year old, purely fiat currency. Currency devaluation is the mark of the decline and eventual collapse of any civilization. Yet, the central banks still have us rolling dice, in their house. We are seeing the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world.


Such is the way of the world. It has always been so. It traces back to a basic flaw in human nature. Just as one man seeks to make another an extension of himself, so do nations. Private banks know no allegiance to any nation. They defraud nations out of their wealth with fiat currency. In the process, they play both sides in a conflict against each other, financing their wars. The objective of commerce is always conquest.


We have seen, and continue to see focal points develop in the Corporate Wars of Conquest. This is a continuous process in the consolidation of the world under one authority. It was foretold that we would see this. May we recognize what it is and prepare ourselves, accordingly.


Economic collapse is triggered by Extreme Corporatism. Capitalism requires money. Fiat currency is Socialist in it’s practices and applications Corporatism is the all – inclusive “ism”.


The American Way is about Truth, Justice, Compassion, Ingenuity, Honesty….etc. The United States Way is about eliminating competition, by whatever means necessary. It is Corporatism, the same ideology that made Hitler a dictator and genocidal tyrant.


There is never enough for the greedy. They monetize and harvest everyone and everything. We are watching the corporate consolidation of the world.


The objective of commerce is always conquest. We see that the corporate structure will use anyone, any thing to achieve global conquest. In 1867, the corporate structure began the reconstruction of the United States. Now, it is reconstructing the world.


The Eurozone is going around in the same vicious circles. It’s coming down to all of that liquidity dressed up with nowhere to go. It’s like running out of gas while driving over an oil field.


I just commented on a post dealing with the mathematics of a bank run. It specifically dealt with ECB possible actions in that scenario. These moves in balance sheets are only the beginning. As we have seen, circumstances have teetered on being outside of the capabilities of central banks.


Very informative post. Ir does set the parameters for dealing with solvency issues. It still remains to be seen how deep the shock is, and how long it will last. The fatal flaw is that the currency is not money. It is borrowed debt. The possibility of a cascade failure in liquidity always remains.Hyperinflation is the symptom and fraudulent Ponzi practices such as Fractional Reserve Banking are the cause.


 Legal Reality Newsletter author Harmon Taylor will be the guest on “To Free America with Randy Yarbrough”, this afternoon. Please listen in. I know that you will be better informed about the issues of the day.


When a company is in trouble, the vultures start circling. Goldman just happens to be the lead vulture. Let us not forget that they have their dirty laundry hanging out in the breeze, too.


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