The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012 – It’s a very uneasy atmosphere in the world, this week. With all of the bad financial news and the threat of war, it seems that people are conditioned to expect nothing to happen. While it does help my peace of mind to not worry about things that haven’t happened, I also have one I eye open to the possibility of sudden changes. I see the important plan is to have a plan. Everything doesn’t go the way it was planned. This is where understanding Biblical principles and the lessons of history are important. In that regard, we are all still in school. We have a lot to learn, and we need instruction. We have seen enough to know that dependency is a problem. If we are cut off from necessities, we are vulnerable. Sometimes, people approach their worst enemies for help. It is a very dangerous thing to be at the mercy of human nature.

I dislike Timeline. It doesn’t fit what I do. If I do not have the option to decline a change to Timeline, I will delete my Facebook account.

We have had government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys and for the Banks, since 1867. It’s no surprise that the Federal corporation would rule in that direction.

The world behind cultural facade is always very different than we were taught. The Prussian Education Model turns out good little corporate widgets. Reality is skewed by commercial bias.

If Monsanto and their buddies at Dow Chemical get their way, there won’t be anything fit to eat, left on the planet.

The history of contraband is fascinating. We get tired of the nonsense fantasy that we are fed in education. We have to search everything out for ourselves.

Central banks and their agents always profit from every form of debt slavery. People are drawn to the lie that is “free money” like moths to a flame.

I would expect convoluted and contradictory content from Krugman. This is the basic rule of economic duplicity. If an economist can’t baffle the world with logic, then just bury everyone in manure.

As the U. S. Supreme Court understood in the v1880s, “The power to tax is the power to destroy”. We should understand that taxation is a weapon of war. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Germany already has a plan, and it doesn’t involve bailing out the rest of the EU. The schism is so wide that trade wars and retaliatory trade sanctions are inevitable.

We can always count on the Globalists to show the world how to run a Police State. Chicago won’t be a good place to be near.

Iceland has been going in the right direction, all along. Refusing bailout funds and rowing their own boat is gaining them independence. We see how debt slavery is working for the rest of the EU nations.

Is National Lampoon writing the script for this State of the Union Address? I want to know where the money is coming from, after the retirement funds run out.

The markets have been following borrowed debt, for 40 years. Riding out the bust to get to the boom just ends up in a deeper hole. Hundreds of Trillions in “money” that never existed, just brings home a gigantic lie. The markets have no sense of direction, because down is the new up.

Run low to the ground, in a zig-zg pattern. Use available cover, such as parked cars, dumpsters and innocent bystanders, for cover. Stock up on duct tape and plastic sheet. Borrow money to go to Disney World. Use nothing but 2-Ply toilet tissue. Did I forget anything?

That’s how Corporatism works. This is how people find out who runs Barter Town.The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Hedge funds can smell where the government money is going. With the rumors of pension funds being raided to settle the foreclosure mess, I’m sure that very smart people will figure out a way to get their hands on some “free” money.

The internal security checkpoints and warrant-less searches and seizures are proof that America is a conquered and occupied country. It should be noted that the original designation for the Zip Code was “Federal Occupation Zone”. America is occupied by an army of bureaucrats and their standing army of enforcers.

It isn’t right, but it does make sense. We have some good, old-fashioned racketeering and extortion. They should be able to cut a deal with the Mafia in Italy.

Blockade and embargo is an act of war. It works in the financial world, the same as it does geographically. This war is waged with pens.

Bureaucracy will help you out, but it has to steal the money from you and your neighbors, first. People get all of the regulation they can pay for.

Earthquake and volcanic activity is also ramping up. We’ll see what happens, this week.

The currency is defective. It’s borrowed debt and starts out behind on the debt curve. How many holes can you poke in the fuel tank of your car, and still drive anywhere?

They’ve obviously picked up on the modus operandi of the U. S. Congress. This must be their Financial Patriot Act. The Pelosi will hit the fan, now.

No amount of financial easing is ever enough. No nation or currency can Ponzi it’s way to prosperity. Either the world is running out of rich, gullible people, or they’re all going broke.

Maybe the financial police just wanted a second opinion. Ok, Italian bonds stink AND they didn’t invent spaghetti. OR pizza. There, now they have a third opinion.

Not surprising. With weeks of rumors that such meetings were taking place, I expected some admission that there was substance to them.

They should know that they can’t get away with painting their Mojo gold and silver. As George Forman used to say, “What the world wants is the real ice cream.”

Even without drug addiction or alcoholism, there is a clearly defined tribal mentality in the streets. You are right about meth. I can think of times when I was greatly relieved to hear of someone being locked up. The deeper the addiction, the less human people become.


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