The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 17th, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 17th, 2012 – They came out swinging and firing, this week. The European debt crisis is turning into a good,  old – fashioned cattle drive. The weak and slow are being separated out of the herd. It’s like watching a pride of lions, on the hunt. We are about to see Greece tumble in a cloud of dust, This is the sideshow. France is on the front burner, this week. They aren’t the power that they thought they were. That leaves the UK and Germany to divvy up Europe. The sparring match between now and April will teach us many valuable lessons. The shifting alliances, pushed and pulled by private agendas, will create the headlines of  the coming months. Of course, most of the world will be too busy with more immediate trouble, to pay much attention to the currency wars. It will be interesting to see who notices that foreign trouble becomes domestic trouble.

When we last checked in on the boys, it was a little tense. You can’t blame them. Anyone would be stressed by the inconsistencies and contradictions in the economy. Not to worry ! Today, our little lunch group is graced with the presence of the Silver Tongued Devil, himself. Yes, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doles out a little of his regal and condescending insight for the benefit of ……. well, we’ll see who it benefits.

This is the decline of our society. We now have agents operating under Color of Law, preying on the most vulnerable people. The headlines out of the cities prove that there is no safety in numbers.

This is the result of the infighting among central banks and the politicians who serve them. Populations are caught in the middle. People don’t like being trapped.

This is a basic fact of life. Where there is wealth, thieves and corruption infest. It’s the same everywhere. The politicians and bankers separate the people from their land and wealth.

The history books record that the administration of Ulysses S. Grant in the 1800′s was rife with graft and bribery, patronage and nepotism. The last 20 years shows that nothing in government ever changes. People still strive to gain access to the public treasury.

Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. After they’ve been fleeced, people are just legally naked, poor people.

This is one of those stories that everyone knows about, yet think that it just goes away. Very often, discovery only leads to more elaborate cloaking methods. When we see the same areas caught in the same activity, it is evidence that human trafficking has a lot of help, in high places.

Sounds like a “made for TV” movie. There are so many unethical threads in this story. It should be the template for the “don’t do that” file.

Unfortunately, taxes and corruption are a natural fit. Those who take wealth by force of government find more opportunity to lie, cheat and steal.

I write about this, all the time. People are very clear in their statements that they must stay on the right side of wrong, to protect their jobs and income. The choice of money is the first choice of law. Choosing fiat paper currency is to choose to side with the lawless.

Promises of no job losses are about as reliable as “no new taxes”. Greece is a blueprint for 2012. There is no thing more insecure than the promise of a politician.

This is like the Titanic hitting two icebergs. How many times does someone’s investment “vehicle” get dinged, before they park it in a different “lot”?

These stories are popping up, more frequently. There is a site that maps these reports.

Map of the strange sound phenomenon heard around the world., page 1

Most of us have never needed to know how hard life can be. The veneer of civilization is literally paper currency thin

If the banks weren’t devouring an entire country, we could say, “It’s only paper”. Unfortunately, when countries leave themselves open to such assault, there is little that can be done. At some point, the United States won’t be watching from afar. The rest of the world will be watching, to see how we walk in their shoes.

Here’s just a sample of what the global elite had to say about depopulation and eliminating the “useless eaters”: “Society has no business to permit degenera…

Depopulation & Eugenics In America With Forced Sterilization

Memorandum to Bernard Berelson (President, Population Council) found in “Activities
Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S.” 3/11/69 by Frederick S. Jaffe (Vicepresident
of Planned Parenthood – World Population).

Read it for yourself. Yes, they are serious, and always have been.

It’s always more of the same, only bigger. We are reliving the 1930s. All of the conditions and events are there, in the daily news headlines. We have civil unrest, economic turmoil and big – talking politicians. There is only one sane course of action. Recognize that we have inherited lies from our fathers. We were taught wrong, as they were. We have to retrace our steps, and repair the damage that was done.

Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. Since corporations are created by man, they are legally dead things. They produce in kind, dehumanizing and killing everything they touch. Slavery, the living death, is the product of social incorporation.

Business schools could improve the practical application of modern business education by opening internship programs in brothels and casinos. There is long precedent for a successful program. Jockeys and paddock workers have always had more business common sense than anyone on Wall St.

Considering that most people in the United States have no clue about what they are, hypocrisy is the inevitable result.

At this point, I think the world just wants to see this circus act cut to the chase.The end of this noise is a consolidation of interests into one dominant banking monopoly. the Uk, France and Germany all want it. The problem is that none of them want to include each other in the control structure. This standoff usually results in currency and trade wars. Europe could have much bigger problems than an unstable currency, before this is over.

Of course, this is only in use on “legal” border crossings. They might need an environmental impact study to set up random checkpoints, out in the desert. Can’t be irradiating the wildlife, now can we?

So, now Germany issues thunderous pronouncements from the Throne of Hypocrisy. No, the ECB can’t just print currency and undermine the “stable currency”. No, it’s better yet to just let the Federal Reserve do the printing and just send over a Trillion, or so. The ECB won’t print the dirty fake money itself, but it isn’t beneath them to grab a double handful of corruption from across the sea. This is a whole new level of chutzpah.


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