The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 2012 – So far, the new year is filled with unknowns. The headlines are just maybes and what – ifs. The old advice , is still the best advice. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Do what is right in front of you. Do things that work. There is so much speculation about the next few months. Will there be war? What will happen with fuel prices?  Even, who will win the Super Bowl? None of those things  have anything to do with what you have to do, right now, today. If we could change the things we worry about, we would just find new things to worry about. If we just take care of what we can do, I’m sure that there’s enough for the rest of the world to deal with.


Let us not forget that governments and their friends, corporations create these problems. The privileged few reap the rewards of the working poor.

Ted was never one to stutter. He gets the point across.

Ah, yes. The 14th Amendment. The centerpiece of Reconstruction. It’s right up there with the Treaty of Versailles in the world of Corporate conquest. This marked the end of the form of government upon which this nation was founded. All of the warnings given by the Founding Fathers have been ignored. the Federal corporation claims right of conquest and absorbs everyone into the indentured servitude of U. S. citizenship. Are our chains resting lightly upon us?

More money is what is needed, not more paper. Since the Fed is obviously set on printing, this is obviously a series of trial balloons, measuring the markets for acceptance. The stock markets will love it, the people in the supermarkets, not so much.

People know that everything costs more than it use to. Some people see that the price of gas has come own a little bit, but they now don’t have a job and a paycheck to buy any gas. Millions of people are on the edge of learning to live on zero dollars. Fortunately, the prices at the food bank have stayed stable.

That sentiment is consistent with the belief that central banks can print their way out of any crisis. That belies the bias. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things Populations get worthless paper.

That’s a bad sign. When the pharmaceutical companies stop trying to flood a market with prescription drugs, the future health of that market has been written off. This displays the real character, or lack thereof, of the pharmaceutical industry.

However inflation is perceived, measured, balanced or accounted for, one fact remains. Fiat paper currency is not money. It can’t do the things that money does. It is remarkable that people give us real things in exchange for paper and it’s digital representations.

Making anything illegal doesn’t change anything. People are very short sighted. They never consider that they could en up homeless, an targets of the laws they supported.

It’s happening, everywhere. We are watching the collapse of currencies. It is taking the basis for a productive economy out from under all of us

In the last 3 years, we are also seeing people just crowded out of the economy. I’ve seen many formerly working and independent people, women and men, suddenly out of jobs, out of money, and out in the streets. It can happen to anyone.

They never stop to consider that they could be next. Municipal budgets aren’t getting any better, an the property tax future will get very grim. We could see public services turn more predator than servant. There are only so many lifeboats to go around. The choice may come down to homeless in the city, or a shack out in the country. The prime example is that New York City an New York State each lost 1 million in population, in the last decade. People don’t hold still for being gouged.

Usually, this means a scandal brewing. Yhe taxpayers? We on’t hear the taxpayers mentioned until just before a scandal breaks. They wouldn’t do any funny business with all of that bailout money, would they?

Although it is very pleasant to see giant central banks have to settle for half a loaf, never forget that they are masters at turning the tables. The hedge funds that win this round will have to constantly be on guard. Central banks don’t like the taste of their own medicine.

Last week, the cycle of deep earthquakes around the globe set off my alarm bells. I’ve seen enough over the last 8 years, to suspect that something big was waiting in the wings.

It has been clearly demonstrated that the biological attacks of recent years all originate in government bioweapons labs. To complete the agenda of unwarranted home invasion and de facto martial law, these biotoxins find their way into the general population. Governments create emergencies as a pretext for increased “security” measures.

The sinking of the Maine, the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin,… the list is endless. When the facts come to light, we discover that it didn’t happen the way wee were told, at all.

I doubt that you can find even one American among those arrested. United States citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, and property of the Federal corporation.

The United States is a corporation, chartered by the several sovereign States. It is not a Country. The Federal corporation conquered the States, abolished them, replacing them with subsidiary corporations. United States citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons and aliens in the state they legally reside. They are a legal trust, a creation of the will of man, and have the legal status of a dead thing.

This is just a new ear tag for the livestock. United States citizens are a legal trust, a dead thing, and the property of a dead thing, a corporation.

Maybe someday, people will understand United States citizenship, better than they do, today. U. S. citizenship is a legal trust, legally a dead thing. A legal trust can be voided, or “killed” without consequence. All it takes is a decree from the sanctioning body, i. e., the United States, or agency thereof. United States citizens are not Americans. They have privileges granted by the State, not inalienable rights, from God. The United States is the god they chose to serve.

A year ago was probably a good time to get out of Dodge, in this case, Athens. It’s pretty clear that Greece has a simple choice. They either get out of the Euro while the getting is good, or submit to debt slavery.

ZH is indeed unique. I’ve found the commentary an conversation to be wide ranging an energetic. I even get to air out my moods. Whatever happens in 2012, we will have at it. Thank you for keeping it together and putting out a steady stream of expression to counter the nonsense.

This is already not the America I grew up in. That’s why I look for stories of people, doing things that work. Everything in this post was common sense, 70 years ago. Now, it’s considered extreme, by most people. The fact is, it won’t be extreme.

That is an idea that works. The homeless situation in the United States is so regimented in the bureaucratic system, that the mainstream solutions just do not work. There are a lot of practically skilled people who are homeless. I know an electrician that lives in his truck. I know a doctor who lives in his Lexus. That is what the system has brought us down to.

Yes, and that brings me to my favorite Thomas Jefferson quote:

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. The people shall wake up to find themselves homeless, on the land that their fathers settled.”

This severe and violent weather, at this time of year, is certainly unusual. The question is, what it a fluke, or a new weather pattern?

A week would seem to be the limit. Under the best of circumstances, the supermarket shelves would be empty in 4 days. These days, having a week’s supply of food on hand is frowned upon. We wouldn’t be sufficiently vulnerable to run begging to the government for help. I would qualify the estimate to restrict it to urban areas full of people that believe their’s a phone number to call, in an emergency.


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