The Daily Climb-Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2012

Thursday, Jan 5th, 2012 – What do you think the (fill in the blank) will do in the playoffs? Does the answer to that question matter to you? If it does, I’m happy for you. You have a distraction that will help you miss the bad things in the news. In the meantime, the things that affect whether people have a job or a home will continue to be posted, here.  The encouraging thing is that people are seriously searching for answers about what matters to them, in life. You can see it in blog posts in just about every category. People want things that work. They want to see that the product of their effort will be there, when they need it. To that purpose, may you all win something, this day.


When the printing presses go to work, we will see the inflation dog chase it’s tail. There’s no one left to export the debt to.

With the fallback position that fractional banking provides, The risk is either magnified or minimized, depending on which end of the Ponzi stick someone is on. Compound that delusion with taxpayer funded bailouts, and you get zero restraint. Let’s not allow Congress and the bureaucracy to escape judgment. Budget deficits should be paid out of their salaries and pensions. That would put a stop to that noise.

I hope millions of people see this film. I post the Daily Bail link for stories with the trailer, every time I see them.

As a footnote to this story, Monsanto’s profits are up. In modern politics, that is Congress doing it’s job. This has to change. We are betrayed by people in a position of trust. They shouldn’t be in that position.

Pharmaceutical companies get away with paying pocket change fines for damaging and killing people, all the time. They are involved in suppressing negative clinical trials to get drugs into the market and end up with huge profits from their activities. They should have to pay double their profits, in fines.

Failing to keep people medicated into happy go lucky land will get ugly when people get the notice that the food stamps aren’t in the mail.

A Trillion just doesn’t go as far as it used to. In fact, the currency is so worthless that the government has to lie about it. The original bailout in 2008 of $700 Billion turned out to be $16 Trillion, a third of which will never be repaid. The lies are catching up with the Federal Reserve system.

There’s no way that the funny math with the funny money can make this go away. The debt crisis is coming right back up the pipeline, and soon.

Of course any government refi plan should be downplayed. They can’t answer the question. “Who’s going to pay for it?” The taxpayers are way too fed up with the nonsense to get stuck with the bill. That kind of Bait-And-Switch would have politicians selling apples and pencils on street corners. the other option would require the banks to bite the bullet and back off the throttle on the Ponzi train.That’s not likely to happen. As we have seen, there are no bailoutsw for the public, that don’t end up in ther banks balance sheet.

People used to understand the concept of “dirty money”. Money carries a moral consequence that it picks up in it’s travels, before we get it. Since the currency is borrowed into circulation, it is a debt obligation. Calling it money, doesn’t make it money. Until we face that fact, the Federal reserve will print to feed the lie, and seal our destruction.

They will need a much higher level of agreement than has been seen to this point. The bottom line question of who is going to pay for it takes these negotiations apart, every time. We shall see, what we shall see.

People can’t tell the difference between debt and money. When the Federal Reserve purposed to monetize the debt and sell it to other countries, that institutionalized insanity. Debt can’t be transmuted into money by the alchemy of semantics. The people who lived through the Great Depression knew that. Why don’t people understand that, today?

While I’m thinking of it, I have to thank my friends at The O. U. R. Center in Longmont, CO. They make a big difference in people’s lives.

The difference is the dividing line between humanity and bureaucracy. Government herds and tags people like livestock. There are no human attributes in the corporate structure. We can not delegate responsibility to a legally dead thing, a corporation. Every day, we decide which master we will serve.

I really appreciate your efforts, Chris. I have friends who probably slept outdoors on the ground, last night.

In so many instances that we never hear about, many people have a better life because someone gave of themselves. Thank you for your service.

These programs that do real things to help real people get real things done. With the way things are going, it will take all of us to get through it.

Like it or not, entire industries have be3en exported out of the United States. If we continue on this same path, we will all be homeless.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. Dysfunction occurs when commercial identity skews our perception. The priorities are no longer human. We see time and again, that in a crisis, all we have are the people immediately around us. We must recover our humanity.

We are learning the lessons of the Great Depression, over again. We can’t go back the way we came. We have to make the most of life, here and now. Thank God for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs.

I lived on the Front Range of Colorado for 15 years. The last 3 years, I was homeless. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Obviously, something has to change. Either the economy changes for the better, overnight, or homelessness will be the way of life for many millions of people.

It takes on site understanding to find things that work. Making the most of resources that would otherwise be wasted, is something that works. Thank you for setting a good example.

When the Federal Reserve bought into the lie that the debt could monetized and used in trade with other countries, the fate of both the currency and the country was sealed. As long as this delusion persists, we will continue to decline in economic standing. The generation that lived through the Great Depression knows that this is madness. We should learn this lesson now, or learn the hard way.

This is how Corporatism works. Corporations respect no national boundaries and have no national loyalties. Alliances are as expendable and disposable as people. Everything and everyone is defined in “units”. Units are either productive or defective. This is the Brazen New World we have gotten ourselves into.

If it were only Italy, the news wouldn’t last long. As we’ve seen, this disease is contagious. This is going to turn into a barfight at an ice cream social.

Sounds like a plan. Every time I’ve taken a “vacation”, it turned into a move. Wherever you are, the priorities will always be water, food and shelter.

This “who you know” economy is collecting all of the trouble it has sown. The truth be known, the government can’t live on debt, either.

I’ve found that trying to figure out what people want is a distracting effort. After a few years, I had to admit that my blog was all over the place and lacked continuity. Now, I search for blogs to follow that are thinking in the same direction I’m thinking in. There’s still a lot of room for variety in content.

Very good advice. There are things I want to change and I’m sure I’ll make things more accessible.

I don’t have a blogging problem. Since I’m a photographic speed reader and people tell me have a way with words, morning to end of the night is a perfectly normal schedule. It all fits together, and I’m never bored.

Very good advice. Purpose + Discipline = Results. I like it. In my situation, I found that no matter how well I write, I’m a blogger in a Twitter world. Everyone wants to read what the message is, in 140 characters, or less. I found that, even as I approached 150 posts, they weren’t getting much attention. So, with one of my posts, I switched to a daily update format. When I started it on another website, a year ago, it didn’t get much attention. Now that I search for blogs to follow and include their links in the content, “The Daily Climb” does get attention. This is the thing that I’ve always known. You can’t get read, if no one knows you’re there. As things have developed, it’s become very important to me that I see 100 clicks to other links on my blog. When I comment on someone’s post it means that I found something worth reading. Other people should see it, too.


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