The Daily Climb-Thursday, Jan. 19th, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 19th, 2012 – Class has been in session for so long, that people are expecting exams, at least for this semester. Wait no more. Most of the world is late for the test. Maybe the memo didn’t go out, on the nightly news. Maybe it was one of those strange commercials, during a football game. Nevertheless, you snooze, you lose. No one will be graded on the curve. A passing grade is evidenced in survival. A failing grade is evidenced by crushing poverty. One man’s employment is another man’s slavery.This is the test. How do people answer to debt that can not possibly be repaid? It is a lockbox snare that has been sprung. Before the debt could be repaid, there would be no currency in  circulation. Is it possible to live comfortably on zero dollars? That is the life lesson that is being taught. If people can manage to step out of commercial identity,they would see a completely different world. There was life before the Federal Reserve.


Entire civilizations have come and gone, long before there was a United States Treasury. They all have the same thing in common. They lost sight of the definition of money. They believed they had a better idea,  By the wisdom of their own understanding, they became fools. Those who sow in debt, shall reap poverty.

The warnings have been coming for a long time. The developments of the last 40 years came together for me. when I wrote “Cancer Of The Wallet”. It’s as obvious as a 2 X 4, between the eyes.


The world has cancer of the wallet. It is now spreading to the body. There once were protections that stopped it from touching us, but the malignancy has gotten past the world’s immune system. The central banks have determined that the treatment should be more of the same poison that turned the cancer loose, in the first place.

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‎In the fiat economy, the cycle of collapse and bailout is akin to trying to fly an airplane, sideways. Fiat currency isn’t designed or intended to do what money does. Money accumulates, producing prosperity and increased buying power. Fiat currency also increases, but in the opposite direction. Debt piles up, until depression and debt overwhelms the economy. Poverty overtakes all who depend on the debt system. Do the banks worry about that? No. They don’t get stuck with the worthless paper.


The proof is in the prices. The inflation figures are manipulated by substitutions with items that people don’t buy. For people who live and work in the real economy, Inflation is very real. People are being squeezed out of the economy.


Food can be found just about everywhere, if you know what you’re looking for.


Way back in 1980, that verse was a very sobering thought. Since then, after so much experience with that circumstance, I say that everyone in the world is homeless. Most people don’t know that, yet.


That is the conflict that concerns everyone who is trying to keep things going. Do people pay for fuel to get to work, or buy food to keep themselves able to work? Housing makes the conflict more complicated.


A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. The reality is, that in a crisis, all we have is the people immediately around us. No one is going to build the future for us.


The balance between technology and functional minimalism has never existed. We like to think that living off the grid is easier now, aided by advances in technology.The fact is that maintenance will always drag us out of wilderness.


People in Rhode Island had better assert their State Nationality. United States citizens are property of the Federal corporation. For them, there is no defense against NDAA.


There is nothing American about Socialism. The conquest and reconstruction that began in 1860 is now coming to it’s conclusion. The pie in the sky nonsense about wealth redistribution and sustainable debt management is a bare-faced lie. The wars of corporate consolidation continue.


Ever get the feeling that the world is passing the United States by? There is always a buyer for crude oil. There is always someone ready to make the deal that another drops the ball on. There’s a lot of snoozing and losing, going on.


Contrary to what we have been taught for 50 years, the debt is owed to private central banks. They have cheated nations out of their wealth and independence with worthless paper. Now, they will take possession of their property, by bforce if necessary.


Changes in debt status do not happen in a vacuum. In a situation in which so much debt is expected to be swept aside, the investment environment would respond, accordingly. This is how nations become beggars. They have nothing left to bargain with.


The dirty little secret is that nothing will fix the debt problem. Banks are in the wealth transfer business. They want currency collapse. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper. People are so addicted to debt that they are now crippled.


This deal smells bad. The only logic in it is that there must be a government bailout in the wings, ready to stick the taxpayers for this.


It isn’t just Detroit. Municipal and state debt will be huge stories, in 2012. The combination of decreased revenue and increased expectations for services will combine to create impossible situations. Money leaves places where taxes grow.


Government debt should always be on the front burner. When people consent to allow a corporation to write bad checks in their name, it will adversely affect their lives. Government doesn’t pay for anything. Taxpayers do.


Control and power form a unique and insidious attraction for the dark side of human nature. There is an edge there, the event horizon for corruption and genocide. That edge is the border with an anti – human, alternative reality.


Whatever names that Globalization has gone by in history, it is Fascism. The all – inclusive term is Mussolimi’s word for it, “Corporatism”. The common thread is that the objective of commerce is always conquest.


I seriously doubt the figures. Homeless statistics are no more valid than unemployment figures. Manipulative statistical criteria are skewed by political agenda. I know of many places where homelessness has more than doubled, in the same time period.


“All game pieces, including tokens, currency, Houses, Hotels, Deeds and the Game Board are property of the Bank. At the conclusion of the game, a winner is determined and all game apparatus is returned to the box.” In this real life fraud, “returned to the box” has a very sinister meaning.


After the last 40 years of banking corruption, people surely must know that the Public / Private partnership is bad for financial health. The protection provided by government for injury to property rights is the key to public treasury. Once the boundaries of law are breached, nothing is safe. The fraud that afflicts us is now institutionalized. This is what happens when corporations dictate public policy.


It hasn’t mattered who the president was, since 1867. The War of Corporate Conquest took care of that. America was pronounced conquered by Congress, in that year. The States were abolished and replaced by subsidiary corporations.


This is how the debt game worked in Africa and South America, for the past 50 years. Countries end up with nothing left to sell. In the world of monetized debt, everything and everyone is for sale.


Why would the Fed launch QE 3?  For the same reason that a quarterback runs for his life. to escape being sacked.

There is one, seemingly picayune, but intensely critical point in the grammar employed in the text of any legislation. It only appears to be terrible grammar. In reality, the legal definitions of the terms used make it so. You may feel moved to correct their bad grammar. Please understand that you will not correct the legal context. Every word is carefully chosen for it’s legal meaning.

Yes, of course. It’s always the other guy’s fault. This is quite a little stage play, in itself. Pipelines and free trade corridors are the backdoor implementation of United Nations plans to dismantle and part out the United States. It is interesting to see the bickering over which country gets what.

Enough is enough. Dictatorial regimentation is not a social virtue. This must be stopped, here. These injurious acts do not end when the slave masters are satisfied. They are never satisfied.



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