The Daily Climb-Thursday, Jan. 12th, 2012

Thursday, Jan’ 12th, 2012 – It isn’t that the world doesn’t have direction. The problems is that the world is going in too many different directions. Yet, that is the sum total of individual decisions. No one can make those decisions for everyone else. We can disagree. We can criticize. In the end, we just have to let most of it go. We can’t stop it,  In most cases, efforts to reason with people contrary to our sensibilities is fruitless. In all that we see, the wisdom of letting things run their course is borne out in the results. I would rather say that the warning is obvious, and I said it was exactly how it came out. It has nothing to do with persuasiveness or respect. Whether anyone heeds the warning or respects the messenger won’t make any difference. Some will feel their sense of danger stopping them at the brink. Others will just go on their merry way, caught up in the tide of the moment. This is what happens, when expediency overrules time honored standards. The duplicity and lawlessness in the world leaves humanity without excuse.

There are still some things that bare beyond price. This interview is one of the priceless artifacts of history.


Mr. Griffin tells it so well. His presentation is better than I could write it. Oh, that’s right! He did write it. Everyone really should read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. Every once in a while, I take a break and read it, again.


My first thought was, “Who’d they steal it from?”. Then it hit me. The ever expanding list of filing fees and escalating Postal rates. Through the now standard Bait And Switch accounting practices, they paint a rosy picture. If you gear it low enough and put glass packs on it, you can make your riding mower sound like a hot rod. Just remember that sound doesn’t make the wheels turn.


This is an instant replay. When U. S. troops first entered Baghdad, the evening news showed U. S. troops, opening the bank vault and obsoleting the currency by spraying it with red spray paint. The objective of commerce is always conquest. The Wars of Corporate Conquest, continue.


The key term is “Internet ID for Americans”. That is a false term. The legal reality is that this arbitrary regulation is only valid in the case of U’ S. citizens and legal resident aliens. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, and aliens in the place they legally reside. Americans, by contrast, are Citizens of their State. If the recent actions of the Federal corporation haven’t brought people out in assertion of their State Nationality, now is a good time to start.


This is a rats nest of a hair ball. When a media outlet publishes or broadcasts content, that content is a public statement, and continues as fodder for commentary. If a blogger writes an original commentary on that content, the media outlet has no proprietary claim to that commentary. If media outlets choose to make their content available by subscription only, that is their prerogative. They are also free to go out of business for lack of subscriptions. They can experience what the TBTF banks felt in November with the exodus of deposits, headed out their doors to the greener pastures of local banks and credit unions. The response to this media tyranny should be widespread cancellations of present subscriptions and boycotts of advertisers supporting them. The message should be clear. Repression and restriction of fair use of content publicly released, will not be tolerated. More specifically, we must be clear in stating that we will not pay for the fabricated and misleading propaganda of mainstream media.


The acceleration of debt service is a direct result of both fiscal policy and the bailout plans. There are trillions in debt that comes due, just in the first quarter of this year. I trace it back to it’s root. Fractional banking gave thieves a license to steal. They didn’t need any further encouragement.


Most people are shocked to learn that the Magna Carta was not a contract with the common people. They are further shocked to learn that the U. S. Constitution isn’t either. These examples show how a nobility system is institutionalized.


We must be mushrooms. We’re kept in the dark, and fed manure. I think it’s the chicken variety. Nuclear accidents are only one threat. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago. It’s multiple hands around our throats, choking the life out of us.


If the stock market really was a roller coaster, OSHA would shut it down for numerous safety violations and “accident” reports. Without considering the incidents of management malfeasance, the stock market is still a threat to public safety.


Two of my favorite books on the subject are “{The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and “The Coming Battle: The History of Private Banks In America” by M. W. Marbert..Those two books take the timeline from the Founding Era, through the formation of the Federal Reserve.


This really illustrates the difference between real money and fiat paper currency.
Real things hold their value centuries after fiat currencies and the governments that authorized them, are gone. That should tell us something.


The check is in the mail. Ben Bernanke is good for it. Government grants are available for a nominal contribution. Consult your brokerage. Your mileage may vary.


Pretty strong words in that article. Through decades of debate about trickle down economics vs. wealth redistribution, there has been one constant. Something trickles somewhere, and wealth does get redistributed. People get tired of watching politically well connected people stealing from each other, and the public.


There have been a lot of articles over the last 40 years, generally talking about the stock market decoupling from the real economy. The summary of all that is that the purpose and motive for investing has changed. My personal favorite is the Bigger Fool Theory. Whatever the investment is, the theory says that there is always someone ready to buy something that you had doubts about buying, in the first place. It used to be that the motive in investment was about building something real. No more, apparently. Today it’s more about building numbers on a balance sheet.


With so many reports of unseasonably warm weather, there is always the possibility of damaging and violent weather. All we can do is pay attention and get out of the way.


I’ve seen this before. At one time, the largest employer in Auburn, NY was Alco Power. They went from a peak of over 12,000 employees, down to 254. By 1983, after two re-negotiations of the pension fund, there were people who had worked there for 30 years, and got nothing for a pension.


Wherever you are, you go with what you know. Being trapped by circumstances, in a strange place, is not fun. It’s worse if the circumstances make you vulnerable to whatever and whoever comes along. Hard choices are coming, for everyone. There is no thing more insecure than the promise of a politician.


People get agitated when confronted with critical thinking. The conversation goes like this. I’ve gone through it many times.

Pull Federal Reserve notes out of your pocket. Ask someone, “Is this money?” . After the usual round of substitutional semantics, the exasperated individual says, “Well if you don’t think it’s money, just give it to me.” The smile on their face is quickly wiped away when they hear, “You need to go and read Black’s Law Dictionary. One of the requirements for binding agreement is equity in exchange. What are you offering to give me for this fake money?”

The illusion breaks down. People are always mortified when they realize that they have to give up real things, to get worthless paper.


I mercifully missed the speech. I don’t have to dignify it with a comment. We can sit back and watch history judge it.


All I could think of was one of those MLM sales pitches in a motel. The MLMs have better products.


The rules were tossed out, a long time ago. This is one of the incongruities that will persist, as long as the fantasy of fiat currency holds out. The world will eventually have to give up this cruel experiment of money by governmental edict. The very conditions that produce these temporary conditions will come back to bite everyone.


This is exactly the type of story that I look for. In many places, homeless people are hunted like animals, rounded up, prosecuted and fined. None of those things address any problems. They merely target and persecute. This story is a good example of people doing things to actually accomplish solutions. Municipalities should be paying attention. Class is in session.


Definitions are like budgets. When either gets in the way of an agenda, it gets discarded. “No” becomes “Yes”. The little tantrum gets the candy bar, anyway.


This is why they can’t come up with a plan that works. The size of the problem can’t be contained within the financial limits of the plan.


No, it’s not all good. Calling evil good, accommodating practices that are clearly abominations, and giving place to them is not good. While the world watches details filled in that were clearly written and recorded, thousands of years ago, the world still embraces rebellion.


They’re just being good little corporate widgets. Their job is to sell people the “benefits” of the Company Store Business model. After the past 3 years, they could probably sell manure as health food, and people would say that it tastes good.


     2012 will not be a drill. We have hard choices in front of us. It’s not about philosophy. It’s not about political ideology or affiliation. We know what is coming. Just as it was written, so it shall come to pass.

We are definitely not in America, anymore.

“Wage Slave 2012 Update 12/26/2011


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