The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 8th, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 8th, 2012 – Just a week into 2012, and it’s surreal. I see so many examples of why we are reliving the 1930s. The media calls militarized checkpoints and random searches, “routine”. This activity would be “routine” in 1930′s Germany. Tyranny has shifted up a notch. There is nothing American about this activity. It is obvious that the dovernment is more fearful than the fear that it publicly promotes. The perpetual state of war isn’t selling well abroad, so now the war effort is coming home to gradually impose such restriction on travel and commercial activity, that the economy will collapse.  Apparently, that doesn’t matter. It is obvious that the days of the dollar are numbered. Currency devaluation is the end result of present administration policy.  With the passage of NDAA 2012, we are quickly seeing the implementation of it’s most Draconian provisions. The United States is now a lawless corporation. Thefts of investor funds and confiscation of property by foreclosure fraud are the new normal. No economy can survive this.

Legal Reality: Fwd: Eric Holder, Time to Pay Your Trentadues?

This is really fascinating. It’s so much more detailed than the usual news and photos on volcanic activity.

It took me 40 years to unlearn the lies I was taught in school. Today, we are bombarded with lies.

With the way things are developing, every shelter, food pantry and outreach program counts. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Thank you for your service.

I’ve had years where my vehicle was my home. The doors seal better than a house, and it beats sleeping outdoors.

There are many people with medical conditions that should be indoors and treated. Homelessness is hard enough, when you’re healthy. These are impossible conditions.

Yes, these papers are in many cities. They are a valuable forum for people to express the reality of dealing with homelessness. People are not nameless faces.

There are a growing number of people physically and emotionally unable to cope with their circumstances. Homelessness is hard. I have friends who are sleeping outdoors. I’m indoors now, but it’s been a hard three years. With what is coming in the debt crisis, it will only get worse.

The things that didn’t work in the late ’70s, don’t work now. Apparently, the Fed is holding out for the last second, before printing a run for the door. The crisis is stronger and deeper, now. We don’t have the manufacturing and exports we had, 30 years ago.

They can’t have a stampede out the door, so orderly that no one notices. The major players have been making backup plans for exiting the Euro. The well has run dry. It may be quiet now, but’s going to turn into a bucket of marbles, bouncing down the stairs.

‎”Coercive”? Does that mean brass knuckles and rubber hoses? You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. This signals the end of the Euro, no matter what happens with Greece. They will have to admit that there just isn’t any more resources to feed the debt.

It won’t take three or for decades to assess the extent of the radioactive contamination. Whether the public would ever know that information, is a separate question.

The Masters of the Bait And Switch, the Shell Game, and the various forms of statistical manipulation continue the deception. The holes get filled with more and bigger lies. The Consumer Price Index is a myth. People know that everything costs more than they used to pay. The other pincer in this squeeze in loss of purchasing power. It’s only a dwindling time before the lies catch up with the liars.

In this situation, an attack by anyone is a negative. The imperative for an attack comes from the corporations that would gain from it. The media is scratching hard to promote an attack, ignoring what populations say about it. If a shooting war breaks out, everyone except defense contractors lose.

“Routine?” Since when? This isn’t routine in the United States. It would be routine in 1930′s Germany. This is de facto martial law.

There’s a liquidity crunch coming. 2012 won’t be a good year to get caught shallow in the pockets.

I would say, yes. By crisis, government is imposed, without consent. I wouldn’t feel too comfortable. The same Draconian impositions are being done, here in the United States.

Recent developments, such as the Monsanto and Dow petition to allow spraying a component of Agent Orange on American Crop land add credibility to this article. there is no question of an anti – human agenda, here.

We are reliving the 1930s. Corporate Tyranny got into high gear, in 1933. In a decade, genocide was the law of the land. Laying the timeline of the 1930s over today, we see that it fits. The United States is now a Fascist threat to civilization.


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