The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 22nd, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 22nd, 2012 – I gather from the stories I’ve read in the past 48 hours that people would like to see life move in a better direction. Everyone is tired of hearing about imminent financial collapse, the constant threat of war, the wrestling with budget priorities, and the ballooning of debt beyond the ability of the world to repay it. I would like  to see the trouble evaporate into mist, and blow away. That’s just not going to happen. The world pleads for money, when there has been no money in general circulation, in 40 years.  The world wants the politics and confrontation of war to go away, and leave people in peace. The corporate consolidation of the world doesn’t allow for that. Theirs “money” to be made, resources to be seized, and the ever illusive profit to be made. Combine that with the unplanned and unforeseen, and it is a dismal picture of the future. What is the alternative? Water, food and shelter are the priorities. The more independent people become in these areas, the more stable life becomes. Don’t give the corporate structure opportunity to invade you.

I expect that the Teleprompter in Chief will dust off one of Krushchev’s speeches and shine it up a bit. It will be great entertainment if he bangs his shoe on the podium.

It’s always been about real money, gold and silver, and what it can buy. The parallel fantasy world of fiat currency has so skewed public perception about value and purchasing power, that no economic recovery is possible. The seeds of destruction have sprouted.

50 years ago, it was very common for people, especially in rural areas, to can friuits and veggies. It worked then, it works now.

I describe the debt crisis as panhandlers, sitting at the highway exits, holding signs that say “Will work for cocaine.”

The immunity boost that infants get from mother’s milk must be putting up too much of a fight against the mercury and viruses that the CDC advocates injecting into people. I call the vaccine agenda what it is : Post-natal abortion.

I don’t know that “love” is the proper term. There is no crying in baseball, and no love in Corporatism. The same mentality that dooms millions of people to starvation, also sends combat troops around the world. The Wars of Corporate Conquest, continue. Don’t mistake sympathetic ideological tenets for love. A dog doesn’t smile because he likes you.

The faith to believe a lie is powerful delusion. Faith in things that will be destroyed is self-destructive. Every train wreck eventually comes to a halt.

The investment philosophy in America has also changed. Investment used to be about building something real. Now investment is about balance sheets that measure fake money in a perverse game of Monopoly.

The implications of experimenting with historically deadly diseases is irresponsible, at best. At worst, ignoring the risk is genocidal.

If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, seeking restitution of damages, is there a crime?

As with all successful Ponzi schemes, the Fed will present the illusion of money as a plausible and easy to swallow scenario. Reality will be portrayed as a confusing side issue.

It is the Privileged Elite that put tyrants in power. Their literal and ideological descendants do the same thing, today. The same names that duped the United States into debt slavery with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 are moving the legal system into Fascism today. I prefer Mussolini’s word for it, “Corporatism”.

If we study history, the way it really happened, we learn things that we were never taught. We were indoctrinated into lies. There are no rights in Corporatism. If we do learn the lessons of history, we know that we don’t want to participate in the corporate consolidation of the world. We can make better, more independent choices.

The beginning is the important part. A world of uncertainty and discomfort is alleviated because someone took the first step.

People don’t know the value of a place, safe from municipal harassment. The predatory behavior of police departments and municipal courts is common in many cities. The solution is land and room to grow food.

The 14th Amendment made Federal property of everyone. The Doctrine of Presumption, established by the Supreme Court in 1873, makes it difficult fort people to insist that they are not U. S. citizens. The Federal corporation claims right of conquest.

Homeless people are very uncomfortable with the registration and internment practices of the system. I have friends that call the social services system t”The Meat Grinder”. They’re much too polite and diplomatic. I have other names for the system.

I know from experience that people are economically disenfranchised. Their commercial independence is instantly severed when employment ends. The key is independence. Government benefits require them to present themselves as property, wards of the state.

That reads like a bad waking dream that I wrote about, once.


Over time, it gets more difficult to present a consistent view, when the same old nonsense is repeated. If people hear the same message repeated, they are less likely to respond with constructive action. The tide of injustice and hypocrisy just keeps coming. Yet, when the things that people have lost become obvious to them, they can’t understand how they allowed it to happen. This is how people end up on the wrong side of the barbed wire.


A lot of people have heard of Operation Paperclip, but not in this detail. This is the skewed morality of Corporatism. Those in favor with the corporate structure are above the law. Those out of favor are guilty until proven innocent.


Medical, biological and chemical testing on troops has been admitted for decades. Experimentation on civilian populations has been proven in the United States. When will people be fed up with being livestock?


Don’t be surprised if this comes out to be a failed prosecution, because existing laws are “inadequate.” It would set the stage for a renewed push for SOPA / PIPA.


This mess is like trying to sell a car, with a big hole in the side of the engine block. Greece is camping in a tow away zone. They’re quickly moving out of a Winnebago, into a Yugo.


The corporate structure recognizes only property. Everything is measured for commercial utility. We are trained to monetize and harvest other people. I can’t live like that.


Public perception is skewed by affluence. Living outdoors is hard work. Carrying everything you don’t want to lose, everywhere, is hard work. Getting from place to place is hard work. People don’t understand why getting to a place 2 miles away is a problem. They drive, you don’t. They’re not carrying a 60 Lb. pack.


I’ve learned from 30 years of good and bad times, that everyone was successful at some point, in life. Homeless people see a phase of life end, and the transition is hard. Whatever the circumstance that took their lives apart, they are still human beings.


Having been homeless for most of the last 3 years, on the Front Range of Colorado, I’m familiar with many ministries and shelters. It jumped out at me that you have a vision for growing food in unconventional urban environments.


Many times, the systems to deal with social and economic conditions degenerate into another layer of government. We get herded like livestock. The new boss is always the same as the old boss. The corporate structure only recognizes property


Here it comes. The same process that is splitting Europe, now comes to the United States. We are watching the Balkanization of the United States. Divide and conquer. The objective of commerce is always conquest.


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