The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2012 – There’s no point to speculation about the end of the new year. Our only option is to pick up what we know, and go with it. I see a theme that will come to the forefront, in 2012. It is expressed, always has been expressed, as presumption of commercial activity. That should make us uncomfortable. The presumption has always been there, we just haven’t recognized it.  The discomfort is in knowing that commercial perception is completely materialistic. It is incapable of seeing anything or anyone, as anything but property.  In that context, the incentives in the structure are moving society toward regimentation of the population in forced labor. In history, it’s been called many things. Internment camps, labor camps, public works projects, etc. In every case, they all displace people from the land. In retrospect, the circular arguments in “War Of The Money Worlds” illustrate this concept. The participants may be friends. The go back and forth in civil conversation. However, their commercial identities lock them into roles that are opposed to each other. This is the commercial environment that the present debt crisis will play out in. There is no resolution within the system. The announcements and proposals will go around without end, until currency collapses, government and bank failures and political affiliations  run their course.

Not surprising. It has the stink of U. N. Agenda 21 ripening in the sun. This ties in with many articles, from many sources, touting war as a population control option.


We will see the difference between fiat currency and money, in 2012.


Purely fiat currencies have an existence of about 40 years, on average. There are many theories on this. The best that I’ve heard is, that is the amount of time required for the foolish generation that allowed weights and measures to be so adulterated in this manner. The generation that replaces them lives with the consequences of their parents actions.


People thought that they were getting on a train to move on to a better life, in another place. That was the history of the pogroms, all over Europe. People held on to false hope, trusting men to respect life. We should not be so foolish, in the future.


The IMF has done it’s job, gloriously. It has spread debt slavery into every Third World country. Corporations have followed the IMF in and raped nations, walking off with land that populations were displaced from, natural resources having been pillaged out from under them. We won’t see the IMF change it’s objectives, in the least.


2011 was an admission that the Welfare Nanny State was in too deep, to back out, now. The debtor shall be servant to the lender in 2012. It as always been so. Now, people will have to admit it.


The fact is that the Federal Debt Plantation is fighting to stay in business. It’s only product is debt. The United States has been exporting debt for 77 years. Whether their is an admission of insolvency or not, the debt is coming home.


Fiat currencies are borrowed debt. They mortgage the future, to pay for today. We are going to see the difference between fiat currency and money, in 2012.


Quoting someone is remembering his words. I quote Thomas Jefferson, very often.

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. The people shall find themselves homeless on the land that their fathers settled.”


The standards of conduct have been established before man was created. This fallen world is following it’s nature to it’s destruction. We must turn back to the ways that we were instructed to go.


This system of unjust weights and measures does have it’s back against the wall. All who have ears to hear, are called to come out of it.


Homelessness is the collateral damage of the wealth transfer system. The fundamental weapon of mass destruction is poverty. Central banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.


The central banks have been taking “coordinated actions” since 1934. It’s amazing that they could keep a Ponzi scheme going, this long.


Plan B is to pack briefcases with currency and have the plane ready on the tarmac. Seriously, there is no Plan B for when this unimaginable debt bubble pops. The exported debt is coming home to roost.


It is shocking, how deep this financial hole goes. After watching a video on the history of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, all of my suspicions were confirmed. The documentation corroborates what was common knowledge on the street, for 40 years.


I wouldn’t say that putting the fox in charge of the hen house, Franklin Roosevelt by name, would solve anything. It was his administration that took gold out of circulation and set us on this path to fiat currency poverty. He was in this corruption, up to his eyeballs.


The Roman coinage was an adulterated currency. There was no standard weight and measure. Metal could be shaved off of the coins. In both cases, financing the military advances of the empire stretched the funding until it broke.


The beat goes on. Paper money is comparatively easy money. All of the cheating tricks that kids learn, playing board games, work in the real world. These days, they still work, after people get caught.


The depth of this EQ is the only good news. The pattern I’ve seen over the past 7 years is that deep earthquakes circle the globe, followed by shallower earthquakes. The next few weeks will be interesting.


Many times I’ve asked people what they’ll do, when the banks don’t open, the cash registers and ATMs don’t work and the supermarket shelves are empty. Most think that the government will do something. They would do better to learn how to grow their own food.


Economists are completely disconnected from the real world. They’ve lived in a fiat universe for so long, they believe that there’s a paper solution to everything. The fiat currency bubble is about to burst, while it’s being inflated.


That is interesting. I saw a documentary on a similar facility in Washington,     D . C.  Of course the ongoing speculation about Denver International Airport has never been explained away.


People have short memories. They don’t study history. If they did, they would understand how fiat currency takes a nation apart. For the Federal Reserve, it only took 99 years to dismantle and part out America. U. S. citizens are repaying the debt on funny money twice, at interest. Central banks are masters of the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game.


I’ve seen it expressed in many forms, in the past 40 years. It condenses into the fact that Right and Left have no meaning, when spun around by civil unrest. Both ideologies are now absorbed into Corporatism. That was Mussolini’s word for Fascism.


Preparation avoids suffering and confusion. Taking the time to think things through, before a crisis, setting up emergency options and having viable alternatives is just good common sense.


Weaning away from civilized convenience isn’t always pleasant, but it is a valuable learning experience. Having been homeless 7 times and lived in vehicles a few other times, I can say that it is an education in independence. As circumstances are developing, millions of people will have to learn these lessons.


That would be quite a confrontation. Even so, the subtleties of perception shift without public notice. World perception is being skewed in rebellion. The outcome seems to be inevitable. We must avoid being caught up in it. We are reliving the 1930s.


That’s a way of life now. I look back at the videos I’ve done and the things I’ve written. The lesson is that commercial success is a trap, not a desirable priority. To be successful, as the world measures success, I would have to betray my principles and embrace everything I write against. The world won’t always be this way. For many, it won’t be as good as it is, right now. The damage was done, long before we were born.


Homelessness touches everyone. I slept outdoors, in a sleeping bag, last winter. I know a doctor who sleeps in his Lexus, because his medical license and malpractice insurance lapsed, while he was doing volunteer work, in India. I can tell you, it gets cold, down by the river.


Making sense of confusion is the human condition. Mixed signals are the new normal. We need a different standard of measurement than the world has devised. Obviously, the world standard is devised to defraud and rob. You don’t want to catch the train to the next MF Global. The currency is not money. Gold and silver are money. Paper is not money. The disconnect is the seed of lawlessness that has sprouted and infested the world. The standard by which the world is really measured is older than any nation or central bank. We have been weighed in the balance, and found wanting.


It is interesting that he chose the same actions that are taking the system apart. He chooses default in protest, takes the money that is due the obligation, and takes up gambling as a vocation. Not surprising. In a lawless society, he has chosen to be lawless. This defines the cascade failure that is coming, in the commercial world.


The points of argument between Capitalism and Socialism are now moot. Without real money, there is no pure form of Capitalism. Because of the innate nature of human commercial interaction, there has never been a form of Socialism consistent with it’s stated objectives. Both ideologies have been absorbed in Corporatism. Now it’s easier to understand, than live with. An Elite Corporate Oligarchy is now the structure of the world. No matter how Capitalist or Socialist a nation claims to be, they are all administered by the agencies of the Privileged Few.


Currencies rise and fall with the fortunes of the nations that sanction them. The shifting alliances that we see emphasize that point. This is another Plan ‘B’, just a potential out, covering the possibility of the end of the Euro damaging the USD.


These indicators are factoring in hope of recovery. The reality is not as good as the numbers say the situation is. The currency itself is a system of debt slavery. Currency collapse and depression is the more likely outcome.


I like what I see here. There is a lot of room for discussion. On the issue of land owner rights, we see a very tangled mess, today. There is far too much to deal with in a comment.


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