The Daily Climb-Sunday, Jan. 15th, 2012

Sunday, Jan. 15th, 2012 – While we’re watching the financial structure making incredibly bad decisions, we should have heard the alarm bells and already been making good decisions. Of course, most people never pay any attention to these things. This time around, going with the flow and hoping for the best will take millions of people over the falls, without a barrel. Europe is just a practice run for the United States. People just do not see that they must change their commercial actions, before it is too late.  Unfortunately, people aren’t stirred to action until jobs are gone, savings wiped out, and life out in the streets is very real and uncomfortable. There are a lot of people, talking about what they used to have..

As the headlines state each day, people are not happy with the way the world is being reconstructed. The problem is that everything that is good and right is being dismantled, in the process. People are not idiots, regardless of what social engineers in their Ivory Towers may think.


Legal Reality Newsletter 01/15/ A. D. 2012

15 January A.D. 2012

There may be more to the litigation, and if so, we’ll be able to match these concepts with that “final” ruling on the matter.

The 10th Circuit’s ruling is 100% consistent with our present legal reality.

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Interesting quote from Krugman. I would also recommend “Catcher In The Rye”. It opened so many moral cans of worms for me, when I was trying to figure out the commercial nature of the world. On the present debt crisis, we see that the Euro will take a beating, sp[aring failed fiscal policies the punishment they deserve.


Yes, Ayn Rand had many things right. Government is a very strange animal. All it knows is control. It’s like going shopping and being able to find nothing but left shoes. You were looking for bread and butter. Do you settle for what you can get?


We are reaping the rewards of government programs. I have always believed that government programs subsidize inflation. It turns ouit that infl;ating the housing bubble wasn’t such a good idea.


The Occupy movement is nothing new. I saw it for what it is. People assemble themselves in internment camps of their own making, and wait for the guards to come beat them. I go to the root of the problem. The currency itself is both a debilitating drug, and the lock on the prison gate. Protest always returns to beg for more of the same.


In 2009, I wrote a blog post on the importance of local relationships. My point was that, in a crisis, all we have aer the people immediately around us. I continued to point out that modern commercial society is isolationist and contrary to Biblical principles. The structure requires that expressions of charity and compassion be impersonal and anonymous.


The constant in homelessness is the nagging thought that there is no where to go. The limitations on civilized normalcy make us outcasts. We see perception change when insensitive people face homelessness, themselves.


This is reality.; My homeless experiences, over the last 30 years, remind me that I am never far from the street. The exposure to the elements and isolation from people does things. As much as I would want to put it all behind me, I know that the real world never goes away.


Life gets very basic, when someone is homeless. Shelter from the elements can become a matter of life and death. These statistics point out the dangers of the urban environment. Encountering the wrong “occupants” could be the end of the road.


From everything I’ve been told, by people who have been homeless in Las Vegas, it is a very dangerous place to be vulnerable. I’ve heard all the stories of assault, of being stripped of possessions, of life threatening confrontations. I was right for the last 30 years. Get away from the cities, while you still can.


Ok. I confess. I had the “Freak Out” album on 8 – Track. That doesn’t detract from the validity of the concepts presented. The time period itself is a very telling commentary on the present5 day. We weren’t happy back then. We recognize3d these Wars of Corporate Conquest for what they were. The general mood was very resentful toward the war machine. The experience is the foundation of everything I’ve written. Extra motivation comes from knowing that I was fed lies throughout my entire working life.


An exit from the Euro, by one country or many, still leaves the original problem. It would mean that the money didn’t exist to keep the Euro afloat. A new, common currency would be completely out of the question. As for countries rowing their own boat, it’s an adventure.


Over the past 8 years, the pattern of deep earthquakes ringing the globe around the equator area, followed by moderate earthquakes closer to the poles, signals something big coming. It just grabs my attention, when I see it.


However fiat currency / liquidity / credit / debt, is judged. the finite total of purchasing power can’t be dismissed. The proof is in the outcome. A crunch in one area is felt in the rest of the economy. I agree with your point. We will see this play out with the European crisis, spreading to other markets.


When you have 2 things, both going in the wrong direction, they can’t possibly work. Disappearing jobs and increasing the retirement age is just the system’s way of saying that it doesn’t pay off to mooks. People are starting to wise up. We’ve seen 30 years of people left high and dry by pension plans. The general consensus is don’t count on Social Security. Again, Socialism comes up a day late, and dollar short.


We are failing to learn the lessons of history. The events of the last 20 years find so many parallels with the pre – WW II years. We could know so much about what we are seeing, and most people are blind to it. It’s all there. Civil unrest, economic collapse, political intrigue, false flag events, and soap opera politics. If we could just see that, we would also know the end of it.


The shadow economy, classically known as the Black Market, is the oldest form of insider trading. That is a world notorious for it’s Black Ops and cast of Spooks. 40 years ago, it was common knowledge that the biggest trafficker of contraband in the world, is the U. S. government and it’s agents, official or otherwise.

I’m sure there’s a paper trail on everything that happens, in the world. Given the commercial aspects of the oil trade, it’s obvious that FDR was right. Everything in the world happens the way it does, because it was planned that way.


I just can not think of any rational reason why a manufacturer would, knowingly and deliberately, put a radioactive isotope in a home consumer product.


The push for digital and biometric ID has been going on, for a long time. The list of facilities with huge database capacities weren’t built to keep track of bingo games. One of the prerequisites for liberty is anonymity. That is becoming in short supply.


I had said that loyalty in Corporatism was measured by who an individual would lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for. I may have underestimated human nature. The field of battle is now expanded to civility.


As much as I hate to admit it, they can’t be stopped from hurting themselves. The best they can come up with is debt restructuring or another bailout. The inevitable failure of either just takes the economy down, another level. This is turning into a track meet, across quicksand.



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