The Daily Climb-New Beginning

For a very long time, I’ve wanted “The Daily Climb to be easier to find and to simplify searching for specific dates in the blog. I wanted to locate the access to this blog at the top of the news feed on 

Everything works, now.  I don’t have to scroll forever, to find a link to a story. If I have the date, I can find it. I  hope that the readers have a much easier time with this new format and site. I know that it helped me greatly.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-New Beginning

    • My intro for the 24th doesn’t show on the main page, for some reason. It’s the first post that didn’t go up right. I’ll have to use the direct link for it on my comments. Maybe it will straighten out overnight. I hope so. I want5ed the RSS feed on my other page to pick it up, automatically.

  1. Any post is available by search, in this case, typing “Jan. 24th” in the search box will find it. In the meantime, I will copy and paste the content into the “New Beginning” post, each day.

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