The Daily Climb-Monday, Jan. 9th, 2012

Monday, Jan. 9th, 2012 – The stage is set, it’s obvious that decisions have been made. In Economic, Political and Military terms, intentions are obvious. In all things, we understand that it is commercial identity speaking, not conscience. In the Economic arena, we will hear governments and central banks speak of circumstances, beyond their control. As commercial identity sees it’s purpose, the statements speak to the core reason for the existence of government and banking, that of control. In the coming months, the best you will hear is, “I’m sorry”, or a variation thereof.  Of course, populations will take the blame and suffer the consequences. New rounds of austerity measures and taxes will burden the common people who believe they are free, in corporate debt slavery. 2012 is already seeing a level of regimentation and militarization, not seen since 1933.

It reads just like the recommendations in the Report From Iron Mountain. Destruction of GNP and the 18 to 25 age group. That’s the stable society that the central banks want.

We are trained to be good, little corporate widgets, never questioning the validity of the currency or the economic system for which it stands. If anyone asks, we are to say that the USD is money. If anyone insists otherwise, it is war. We are to isolate and ostracize currency heretics. At all costs, the people may perish, but the currency and the Federal Reserve stands. If that isn’t perverted patriotism, then government school indoctrination has done it’s job, because people don’t see it. When the currency collapse comes, they won’t believe that it ever happened.

This is one of the encouraging activities. We do know that there are people that keep themselves beyond help. There is anything you can do about that. These people, who get out there and participate in this Sunday program, are doing the best they can. They are making the most of it.

‎That does structurally prepare for the worst physical threat, a nuclear detonation. Much in this plan also applies to dealing with civil disorder, societal breakdown, and threat from the immediate surroundings. Good post, for a good start on assessing local possible threats to personal and family security.

A few days ago, I read a blog post about converting shipping containers into housing. It was interesting, on several fronts. There are thousands upon thousands of containers that aren’t going back to China. they are durable, and spacious, compared to a tent. The link to the blog is in “The Daily Climb”.

100 years ago, “preppers” were normal, mainstream people. They were called farmers. They didn’t waste anything, and they saved of their resources for “a rainy day”. They didn’t borrow money, unless there was no other option. When government subsidies took the family farms into debt slavery, we lost the way of life that kept us prepared. We have to regain that independence.

This is why I say that I would not want to be my son’s age, today. he world was hard enough to figure out, 40 years ago. For people of any age, we must recover our own independence. Learn to grow our own food, secure our own water and shelter. The structure of society is failing.

Gold and silver are money. Paper not redeemable in gold and silver, is not money. The central banks have been working the Bait And Switch and the Shell Game, for centuries.

We’ll see how long this lasts. In Socialism, rules are made to be broken, by the privileged few.

This is one of the marks of the 1930s, and every Marxist takeover of a country. Since then people are targeted and contained, it ends with genocide.

Robby Noel knows whereof he speaks. He’s seen two countries shot out from under him. I call that, practical experience.

Another consideration is that we aren’t always in the wilderness. In urban environments, portability and stealth may be serious considerations. Some municipalities prosecute camping.

The corporate structure has never had much tolerance for dissent. The corporations give themselves a mandate through government regulation, to manage the livestock. Of course, government is more than willing to enforce the corporate will. The Public / Private Partnership gives people the “right” to do as they are told.

This is Corporatism at it’s most blatant and unhindered worst. This is a continuation of biological and chemical experimentation that was condemned, 60 years ago. What we are seeing today is the product of importation of war criminals into the corporate structure.

We can see very clearly that the objective of commerce is always conquest. This ties in to the documentation of the activities of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Can’t identify the players without a scorecard. This is a strange and twisted game of Monopoly.

Shifting structures and market objectives don’t always come out as planned. Nothing in the global market is carved in stone.

The Euro may be past the warning stage. It looks like the Eurozone countries kave on foot in the lifeboats, already.

There just is no good opening for the Euro. Whatever has been proposed as a solution has been swallowed by the debt. Maturing debt will swamp the Euro.

Isn’t this a peachy deal? The banks get all the real stuff and we get fancy rag paper bathroom tissue and wallpaper.

Oh, yes. Tenements on Tobacco Road for everyone. Turn the country into one, big Section 8 slum, from sea to shining sea. This proposal would be more subsidized poverty.

There may not be much left to enjoy. Monetizing debt and selling it to other countries is over. Debt swaps and other chicanery come up with funny numbers to support the funny money, but the fact is, U. S. debt is being dumped on the market. The Federal Reserve doesn’t have enough fingers to plug the holes in the dike.

The world keeps saying, “Bailout! Liquidity! Quantitative Easing! Monetize!” . I keep asking, “What about the debt?”.

At some point, somebody is goinmg to turn on the lights, and the cockroaches scatter. With each passing week, it looks like print or go home. The central banks are looking at finding the right time to do something drastic, even if it’s wrong.

I was hoping you would mention methane trapped in the ocean floor. Hate disappoint you, but none of the ’60s musclecar engines would ever get a sniff of 15,000 rpm. They would run out of breath, before they turned into shrapnel.

So, the fiat disease was officially spread farther than Europe. This will come out very badly.


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