the Daily Climb-Monday, Jan. 16th, 2012

Monday, Jan. 16th, 2012 –  What to do? It is obvious to most people that the next step down in the currency collapse is upon us. Everyone wants to know what they should do tom protect their futures. There is no one solution that fits everyone’s situation.  You just can’t tell people to dump everything and hole up in a cabin, somewhere. That just doesn’t work for everyone. The measuring stick is independence. At this point, people understand the importance of eliminating monthly bills. Homeless people understand that, because they’ve been forced into it.  Many people get down to their cell phone, and not much else. The hardship of having nothing more than what can be carried or safely stored is a very harsh learning experience. People are naturally resilient and do adapt to changing priorities. Only the individual can assess the balance between need and luxury. Eventually, the ever increasing restriction of mobility and activity brings a new set of priorities to the surface. Eventually, people want to get off the bureaucratic treadmill. I certainly hope that people are mindful about deciding in favor of future independence.

That’s the difference between a swindler and a thief. A swindler puts up all the decorations and window dressing, to make it look good. A thief just grabs and runs.

From the beginning, the debt crisis has been about the gold. Gold is money. Gold is independence. Paper is debt and slavery.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, said the same thing. He said that people who work with their hands and make things, have no future. That’s how it’s come out, almost 20 years later.

The currency is rapidly going from being fancy pieces of rag paper, to entries in a digital ledger. It is completely disconnected from anything real. If we truly understand fiat currency, we know that it is designed and intended to fail. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

They sell debt, as though it were a vital commodity. The truth is that the next batch of liquidity is the junkie’s next “fix”. It has reached the point at which the whole world is begging for the needle.

Argentina isn’t the lone stranger. In the U. S. , the government just lies about inflation, saying it is under control.

Homeless numbers more accurately describe the economy than politicized unemployment figures. It’s a completely different environment that doesn’t entirely comply with government statistical analysis. One reason is that anonymity is more highly regarded among homeless people.

Economics becomes one big Catch – 22, when decision makers hear the siren song of playing funny games with funny money. The mask comes off, and populations find themselves in debt slavery. The cruel joke gets played when they learn that they sold their children, for this.

I used to think that having 5,000 Friends on Facebook was a big deal. I found out that it didn’t work at all, like I thought it did. It took me back to square one. I was looking for interaction and discussion, to begin with. It really has called for some restructuring and definition of purpose.

Furthermore, selective enforcement has been as natural as breathing, in this corporate structure, for at least 150 years. There have been so many incidents of political enemies lists, professional blacklisting, and unspoken threats of retaliation. Why would today be any different than Abraham Lincoln shutting down 200 newspapers and jailing the editors? Yes, a Fascist takeover did occur, but just a lot earlier than most people think.

It just happens. You get the right posts in front of the right crowd, and BANG! On Nov. 29th, I woke up to see 502 views, and finished the day with 920. I wish every day was like that.

I follow the Relevant Content Rule. Since things like celebrity gossip and sports scores aren’t relevant to the theme that I present, I don’t refer people to such content. That keeps my content consistent.

Yes, we are repeating 1933. It does take the combination of greed and short memory, to repeat history. So, this president wants to make government more efficient. Hitler made government more efficient. Efficiency is not humanity.

What would be expected of a society in which people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain? That’s how government programs work, in the United States, and in every other Socialist structure. By giving their consent in their citizenship status, U. S. citizens are party to all that is offensive in this incident, and worse.


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