The Daily Climb-Friday, Jan. 6th, 2012

Friday, Jan. 6th, 2012 – These are the days of history repeating. In Europe, we are watching conquest working through to it’s end. The German position is that they are taking care of their own business, and the rest of the Eurozone can go hang. France plays the role of Vichy partner very well. They’re on the edge of default, and beggars can’t be choosers. The UK has a finger in the pie, because they’re the UK, with a hangover from the empire the sun never sets on. The much speculated, new and improved Eurozone treaty will be the mirror image of the Treaty of Versailles. Germany, France and the UK will conquer Europe . We will then watch the never ending European stage play of betrayal and intrigue.

Plastics contain many chemicals that mimic estrogen and cause autoimmune dysfunction. Everything from fibromyalgia to cancer are suspected as linked to these chemicals.

This is what Color of Law looks like. It used to be that all police officers were required to be bonded, by law. Now that municipalities have chosen to be lawless on that point, everything else falls apart with them.

50 years ago, a vegetable garden was normal. At least it was normal for people who were barely making it. We lived a lot smarter, back then.

We see this most often from people who don’t know the difference between a Sabbataen and a Jew. They don’t know history. They scapegoat anyone of Jewish lineage, and call it good.

If the timeline of the 1930s is used as a template, it doesn’t come out good. People are so naive. They believe that the government has no reason to single them out. They’re breathing. That was enough reason back then, and there’s no reason to believe that today is any different.

This is what government intervention and regulation does. It creates a bureaucratic monopoly. The political well connected get rich, and the people who actually work, go broke.

Interesting that the changes listed weren’t more volatile. It must be that the price is at the point of production. The people actually consuming the food know that the prices are rising.

“The U. S. jobs market improved in December”. Yup. Uh – huh. That’s almost as funny as the money. At least the Euro can give the Federal Reserve note directions. Last one out the employment door, clean the restrooms, before you go.

The State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, has never been rescinded and is still in force, today. In the 1973 Preamble to the Congressional Record, Congress said,

“We acknowledge that most people in the United States, having lived their entire lives under a State of Emergency, have known no other circumstance. We see no distinction between a State of Emergency and a State of War”

The core issue that defines this political struggle is debt. The debtor is servant to the lender. This is why the discussion of politics, everywhere, just goes around in circles.

Acceptance with some people Is a good thing. Complicity with the wrong people is a very bad thing. This is how we learn standards of judgment. Learning is never a failure.

I really appreciate the volunteers in the shelters, food pantries and outreach programs. They make more things possible.

Financial blogs are always fun to follow. I picture a room full of people playing Monopoly, at card tables. Only one problem. By rule, there is a fixed amount of currency in the game. The Federal Reserve would never go for that.

It took me 40 years to unlearn the lies I was taught in school. Fortunately, I’ve had very good teachers, over the last 12 years.

That makes sense for the ECB. Just cut out the middlemen and become a cesspool repository of bad debt, themselves. It’s a brilliant twist on the Shell Game. We’ll see how far this goes, before the Federal Reserve is up to it’s eyeballs in slop.

People have the common sense of a 5 year old when it comes to the election process. They vote for the candidate that promises the most of what they want, and then wonder why the Nanny State doesn’t deliver the goods. People wouldn’t let their children walk off with a stranger, carrying a bag of candy, but they go glassy – eyed over their political choice. They just don’t understand that they gave up something they can never get back, with their vote.

Dependency on automation is teaching us all of the wrong things. Our independence is being crowded out.

Don’t bet on the U. S. decoupling from the global economy. There a ravenous hunger for liquidity, and the future of U. S. exports are tied to the global economy. Now, unless people really believe that it’s possible to print out of this debt crisis, go long on leaf blowers and toilet brushes. Everybody is going to need them for work.

This seems to follow the lava dome formation of post – eruption Mt. St. Helens. With the increases in volcanic activity around the world, any increase in activity bears watching.

Any impact that alters the angular momentum of the solar system is significant. I’ve always wondered what significance the impacts on Jupiter had on solar activity and our weather.

A year ago, this was unthinkable. Now, it’s a certainty. Between now and then, who knows. The behind the scenes paper shuffling has kept the Ponzi scheme going, but bailouts don’t work, and parties in the Eurozone will bail out, to save their own hides

Credit is just access to other people’s money, and that watered down by fractional banking. The problem is that the world has run out of “other people”. Even nations with trade surpluses are holding someone else’s borrowed debt.

6 months ago, I wrote that a cascade failure would begin in the insurance industry. The missing gold from adulterated gold bars would take major underwriters, such as Lloyd’s of London, down. So far, it’s been swept under the rug. We will see a serious hunt for the missing gold. It won’t be found because of the maze of deception in documentation

Right in line with the hot topic of the day, Europe is getting ready for another round of negotiations.

Here it comes. The obvious is becoming reality.


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