The Daily Climb-Friday, Jan. 13th, 2012

Friday, Jan. 13th, 2012 – Good thing I’m not superstitious. We’ve reached Friday the 13th. For me, it’s coming to the end of the week, and a welcome rest. I fully intend to enjoy it. Over the weekend, while I have pause for contemplation.  I realize that we have something in common with everyone else. We all have to make up our minds about what we want, before we can do anything. I would hope to have the wisdom to make better choices in that area. We all have to deal with the conditions around us.  For all of the threatening things in the news, we have more immediate concerns. Yes, we know that the currency wouldn’t make good paper towel. We know that there are people that aren’t happy unless they’re expending ordnance and killing people. We know that there are people betraying the public trust with impunity. In all off this, our concern is with our own conduct. May we all be mindful of the rules and desire to walk in blessing. We only have one chance to do this life. I want it to mean something, beyond my years.

The lure of the fast buck and life in the fast lane takes in more the the privileged few. The whole country bought into the Federal Reserve in 1913. If anything is subprime, it begins with the currency, and fractional banking.


It is curious that environmental groups aren’t suing Monsanto into oblivion, for ecological damage. It must be some kind of corrupted agenda.


It’s more like power bases in the commercial structure are trying to choke each other with debt. If they think the last one out pays the tab, they will be sorely mistaken.


It’s more like parts are falling off the plane. Why settle for bombs, when you can have the whole aircraft, One Piece At A Time. Oh, I’m sorry. Johnny Cash already did that.

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – One Piece At A Time


From the U. S. Treasury viewpoint. all wars are for the purpose of forcing countries into the USD. The objective of commerce is always conquest.


Football bats and Ponzi sticks won’t fix this mess. We’re at the point at which only delusion has terms to describe delusion. If you try to de4scribe delusion with reality, you get a bar fight. Somebody wakes up with a shiner, the next morning. Drink lots of tomato juice.


Well, in that case, they must know that we have no interest in participating in their commercial activity.


Knowing Charlotte as I do, from working in talk radio, there were no surprises, here. At least I feel better that I never fit in the classroom environment. At least I know why I never wanted to be there. Now I understand why it was important that I never got into the position of having too much to lose. I would have been as pinned down and clueless as most of the people around me.


But Reggie, the Prussian Education Model sorts out the livestock, so well. It even identifies which ones to slip through the cracks. Some of us are fortunate to escape the plantation with 40 years left, to heal the damage. The “American” education system is doing exactly what it was intended for. Today, it turns out grunts for the current War On Whatever. People are still in line to bring their boy (or girl) home in a box. The education system has functioned flawlessly.


Here’s another story that contradicts the official line that there’s a recovery coming. The reports say that retail sales were up, in 2011. You can’t prove it by Sears / Kmart. The money just isn’t there. This is going to happen with a lot of famous brands. People won’t even be able to buy Twinkies and Ho Hos at Kmart, anymore.


These days, the word “auction” is like asking your buddies to give up their weekend plans, to help you paint your house. They have wives, they promised the kids a trip, they have to work overtime, excuse of the week club meeting, etc. The house of cards bond market will just have to fall in the basement.


Ok. Hold the phone. This looks like different strokes for different folks. Some reports say that 2011 was an up year for retail sales. Perhaps it could be a difference in perception and actual performance in different businesses. Based on past performance, I’m not inclined to give the banking crowd the benefit of the doubt. Their word is no good. With all this push for more QE, it just looks liketheir begging for a worse beating. I think we are really waiting for the Fed to foreclose on the Capitol Building and the White House.


It should be noted that the parent company of Bayer, I. G. Farben is very experienced in killing by poison. They manufactured the Zyklon – B cyanide that was used in the gas chambers of the Nazi camps.


For the past 8 years of watching the USGS map, I’ve referred to that area near Trinidad, CO and Raton, NM as “The Same Old Place”. If there’s an earthquake in CO, that’s probably where it is. There have also been earthquakes near Gunnison, and over by Grand Junction.


Everything swept under the rug is starting to smell. If they had a crazy uncle who believed that he was Teddy Roosevelt and that Panama was in the basement, they could have just buried the bodies of evidence in the basement. Now it’s to late. Cousin Johnnie is about to show up in the form of inflation. Peter Lorre is perfect, in this scene …..”Oh, nooooo….. Johnny! Not the printing press!! There isn’t time. We have to get out of here!”



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