The Daily Climb-Thursday, Dec. 29th, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 29th, 2011 – We are counting down the days to 2012. It feels like living in the film, “The Green Mile”. With the developments of 2011, the global economy has to feel like a dead man, walking. Since WW II, we have seen the Corporatist war machine go into high gear. We have seen governments take openly Fascist changes in policy. We have seen Marxist dictators run roughshod over Third World countries. We have seen Socialist indoctrination in the education system eviscerate the industrial nations. We have seen currencies disconnected from reality. Monetary policy is now in a “go for broke” mode. If the central banks continue going in the direction they are going, nations will go broke. For all of the talk of economic interdependence, the proof is there that no policy makers really believe that. The tension in the world stems from leaders proving to each other that they can’t be trusted. There is an obvious agenda in play that persuades people to throw caution to the wind. These are very dangerous times. Each day is uncertain. Yet, we do have hope, if we have the conscience to hear it, and the faith to believe it. All will come to pass, as it is written. The big question for 2012 is, “Where do we put our trust?”.

I’ve seen the rising numbers of homeless and near – homeless double in the places I’ve been, in the last 3 years. As the currency collapse continues, the numbers will continue to rise.

That’s why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fake money has similar effects to drug addiction.

All that, and the delivery system is becoming more unstable. If people can’t grow their own food, they really need to know their local farmers.

There is a growing number of people who never figure into the unemployment numbers. They gave up on the system, long ago. With the continuation of the currency collapse, that group could easily outnumber the officially unemployed.
I’d like to see the numbers for new applications for Social Security Disability benefits.

It’s all the same crowd. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. We must remember that this president has repeatedly made reference to his desire to implement mandatory community service, by a civilian force equal in size to the military. We used to call that forced labor, leading to outright internment camps.

We are seeing push come to shove. There is only one pie, and no one will be satisfied. They all want the whole pie.

The funds are contained in the closed loop of the banks, circulating through the vaults. Debt service is an ever growing part of the Federal budget. Almost none of the stimulus funds reached consumers.

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for at least 8 years. Paper is not money. Gold and silver are money. I tell people that, if they are holding physical gold and/or silver, they are the bank. I get the deer in the headlights look. I tell them, if someone wants to buy their metal with paper, demand double spot price. They respond with no one would pay that price. Then, I get to the punch line. They should never allow themselves to be put in the position of having to sell their metal, at any price. Why should they trade their real money for worthless paper?

So, the economy is a plane that has controls that work backwards, sometimes, or not at all. I’m glad the Fed knows that.

Everything is coming apart. Wildlife die in strange, sometimes unexplained ways. Diseases flare up that investigation sometimes can’t explain. We see corporations like Dow Chemical, petitioning to spray an Agent Orange component on crop land in the U. S. We see Monsanto genetically modifying the food supply. We wonder if there will be anything left, fit to eat. Surely, judgment is coming, and soon.

The central banks play a game of “heads, they win. tails, you lose.” Once they get a purely fiat currency in place, the population is hopelessly behind the debt curve. We now have the most insidious form of slavery in place. The fiat currency ends private property rights, and with them, independence.

The one thing that w8ill remain is the government of a nation is not the people of that nation. Corruption separates the two. We see governments taking actions so injurious to the population, that we must ask how such cruelty and inhumanity could achieve such power. These days that we live in won’t always be this way.

The rats don’t want the ship to sink. They’d rather nor have to jump overboard.

At times, the analysis of central bank moves reads like an account of a game of Bridge or Poker. We watch the balance go back and forth, watching the next card drawn or played. In this game, we don’t know if anyone is going to get a decent hand to play.

From the beginning, the motivation in blogging came from the comments and discussions that arose out of my blog posts. I didn’t set out to be the best blog or the most popular writer. I’m following an increasing number of blogs because I want to read what other people have to say.

Blogging is a tremendous outlet for thoughts that can’[t seem to find expression in other forms of communication. Writers write to be read. That need is the operative force in writing. We can be as inspired as we’ve ever been, but we still need that connection and feedback.

Blogging is a unique environment. If you’re at it every waking moment, as I am most of the time, it can be tiring. Any time away from it re – energizes and the content is there to fill the time available to it.

That is the format that I use in my daily update blog post, “The Daily Climb”. It functions well on many levels. It records my thoughts on stories that I read. It’s an archive of links that is always there. I hope it helps people with those interests in finding other blogs to follow. You should do very well in this format.

When we first begin blogging and following blogs, we see blogs that have 10, 15 or even 25,000 views. When we have months that only get 200 views, we wonder how they did it, and what it took to get there. I just passed 27,000 views and I’ve made good friends along the way. It is those interactions that make blogging what it should be.

Collecting water out of the sky has always been the safest method of gathering water. If water stands for very long, everything grows in it, especially the bad things.

Before there was Fukashima, there was Chernobyl. Safety is a relative concept. In the years to come, measuring risk will have different parameters. Commercial factors can not be allowed to rule decision making in the area of nuclear power.

Since the Great Depression, there has been no global Capitalism. Socialism is the ideology of fiat currencies. The more accurate description for global monetary and economic ideology is Corporatism. We are witnessing the corporate consolidationj of the world.

We have watched local police shift view toward military confrontation and away from protecting anyone’s rights. It always made me nervous 40 years ago, when I saw an increased emphasis placed on prior military experience in police recruiting policies.

Yes, what he said. With the rampant lawlessness in the land, we don’t own anything we can’t carry, and we don’t have any rights that we are unwilling to personally defend. The objective of commerce is always conquest. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.

I can’t see how these reports are anything but whistling past the graveyard, at midnight. The official figures are always revised negatively, within a few months of the initial report. This process will continue only as long as the markets respond favorably to the reports. I see this disconnecting in 2012. It isn’t that the smart money is all that smart. The smart money just isn’t ignorant.

This is one of the marks of fiat currency. The official reports say one thing, and reality says the opposite. The plain and simple fact is that the money is just not there to support the level of economic activity that the media tries to persuade us is improving.

I have been saying for months that we are reliving the 1930s. All of the social and economic patterns are evidently repeated. As I wrote in the introduction for today’s “The Daily Climb”, we are on the brink of the excesses of Corporatism, Mussolini’s term for Fascism.

This is the Public / Private Partnership, Fascism, in action. Mussolini preferred the term “Corporatism”. That term most accurately describes the structure and activity of central government, today. We are living in the original 1975 film, “Rollerball”.

The tax the rich schemes assume a captive audience scenario. The rich don’t hold still for being robbed, by government or anyone else. People neglect to consider that the Federal government has to compete for revenue. The rich are able to move their wealth and operations out of the United States. Taxation and labor issues have already moved industrial capacity out of the United States. Squeezing the Golden Goose is over with. Now, people are trying to squeeze turnips.

From the time that leakage from Fukashima was acknowleged, the questions concerning the extent of the contamination were being asked. To this point, there have been few answers. It remains to be seen how much responsibility TEPCO will be forced to admit.

The pace of turmoil is increasing, both in world political and economic tension, and in the physical activity, itself.

The general mood in 2008 was that everyone knew their neck was on the block. They just didn’t want to hear that the axe was going to fall, right now. Atthe time, China’s exports would indicate that they had no problem. I never gave any thought to their economy coming apart, internally. As it turns out, the present situation proves my point. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. We know that there will be plenty to write about, in 2012.


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